Jillian Michaels Plans To Adopt

Is TV trainer Jillian Michaels ready to take time out for motherhood?

The 36-year-old star of The Biggest Loser tells Women’s Health magazine that she definitely wants to be a mom – though she’s not too eager to be pregnant.

“I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body,” she says, adding, “Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”

For now she has another project to focus on: Her new daytime show, Losing It With Jillian. She’ll be traveling the country, helping families find ways to be healthier and happier.

“It’s about rebooting your life,” she explains. “The more people are able to see a truer picture, the easier it will be to get a message across”

Jillian doesn’t have kids of her own just yet, but she is godmother to her friend Vanessa Marcil‘s 8-year-old son Kassius Marcil-Green.

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  1. Anonymous

    “I can’t handle doing that to my body”???????? It seem this woman has some issues…

  2. Anna

    She sounds very stupid and yes she must have some serious issues.

    “I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body,” she says, adding, “Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”

    There is so much wrong with this quote….

    • Anonymous

      YES!!! I so agree.. SomeTHING? Like an ‘it’ or an object? This perfectly exemplifies the ego based motivations for some (not all) of these celeb high profile adoptions.. so pathological. Again.. not ALL… but this phrasing is very revealing indeed. From her own mouth.

      I think the battle scars of motherhood are FINE. If you cannot forfeit sheer vanity for 9 months then good luck with motherhood… it’s about the child first.. not to say you cannot take pride in your appearance but such total immaturity regarding ‘oh no i ‘ll LOOK bad’ makes me roll my eyes.

  3. Anonymous

    “Doing THAT to my body”! Oh man.

  4. Solène

    Even though I don’t agree with her, I understand why she says that. Jillian was an overweight teen, and when she began to drop the pounds, I guess she began to be obsessed about having a perfect body. So I get it, and I respect her choice.

    Of course, adopting isn’t about rescuing, and she’s wrong, but it doesn’t mean she won’t be a good mother to an adopted child.

  5. Anonymous

    Those may be the two worst reasons to adopt I’ve ever heard. Even if she felt them, she should have known better than to barf them out to the world. One day her adopted child will know she/he was adopted because Mommy didn’t want to get fat and because Mommy wanted to rescue something to fix a part of herself. If she has these kinds of issues, she should just adopt a pet. Or she needs to mature way more so that when she does adopt, she can focus her energy on the child’s needs and not her own insecurities.

  6. Anonymous

    Of course it might also have a lot to do with the fact that she’s rumored to be gay (but as far as I know, has not come out publicly), and although it’s easier for a gay woman to have a biological baby than it is for a gay man, it’s not necessarily ideal. Many gay women prefer to adopt rather than give birth (but if she’s not out, she’s certainly not going to say that).

  7. Theresa

    wow! so not reasons to adopt…a) not wanting to get fat and b) rescuing something!!!!! please please tell me the social worker she goes to reads this and deals with these issues before allowing her to adopt!!!!!!!!!! yikes!!!! these are not small issues and need to be dealt with before any child is exposed to such stupidity!!!

  8. Anonymous

    One day her adopted child will know she/he was adopted because Mommy didn’t want to get fat and because Mommy wanted to rescue something to fix a part of herself. If she has these kinds of issues, she should just adopt a pet.watch americas-next-top-model online

  9. Claire

    Same here! “I can’t handle doing that to my body”??? I lost all respect for her and her training.

  10. Anonymous

    she doesn’t want to do that to her body is her way of saying she’s not into guys.

  11. Anonymous

    “I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body,” she says, adding, “Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”
    As an adoptive parent due to infertility…I am appalled at the idea of adoption as “rescuing” something. Especially when the “something” she is referring to is a child…it’s not like going to the animal shelter and rescuing a dog. Blah…her whole quote makes me want to vomit.

  12. Anonymous

    and it’s much more interesting to report on actual celebs who have BABIES not this speculation crap, once again.. there should be no need to fill out a slow news day with this stuff. Stupid quotes from someone with no kids… why bother

  13. take him for his cash, Ginny

    as an adoptive parent, i understand what she is saying. if you adopt due to infertility, isn’t that also in a sense ‘rescuing yourself’? couples go through a lot of drama and depression due to infertility and then turn to adoption as a way to cure that pain. doesn’t sound all that different to me.

    as far as not wanting to do that to your body, i get that statement, too. she is a trainer, it’s her livelihood we are talking about. what if she couldn’t get back into shape. not likely, but what if? not that one should adopt to keep a perfect body, but if adoption will keep her job i kind of understand. it’s like doing an adoption instead of infertility because in the end you are pretty much guaranteed a child whereas you could spend $200,000 on infertility treatments and still end up with nothing. if someone chose the adoption route for that reason and worded it like “i’m going to adopt cause it’s cheaper than IVF” they would get beaten up on this site, but it’s a very real concern and reality for a lot of people.

    i can understand why you all are upset about her comments but i don’t think they *necessarily* came from someone with deep seated issues and problems with vanity and self esteem.

    • Kediia

      Yes, I kind of agree .. when you adopt, “you kind of rescue yourself”
      But hey, adopting is about .. adopting A CHILD. and not SOMETHING.

      Plus, if she doesn’t want to gain weight for the job, what the hell ? She is freaking rich, and i doubt she will not be able to go back in shape .. to see as hard as she trains people …
      And also, she doesn’t want to get fat. That’s it. And I don’t get it why she would like to not be pregnant only because she was fat younger. As a fat kid, I don’t mind getting pregnant. I will be freaking happy to be pregnant. I don’t mind getting fat again. My belly will be my baby’s house for 9 months!
      She may have a better reason not to be fat but if it’s only because of her fear or whatever, =_____________=

      And as a future adopting mom, I don’t really like the idea of rescuing a child anymore. Before I didn’t mind … Well of course when you adopt the child, he or she will have a better life but you should definitely not adopt only because you want to rescue SOMETHING (like she said).

      All the respect I had for her is gone … definitely.

  14. Moore1

    It’s her body and if she can’t handle doing that to her body then she has all the right to say it. She struggled with her weight so maybe the mental anguish of it is enough for her not to want to bring a child into that. She would know her reasons for not wanting to do it and I say its better to know it ahead of time rather than get down that road and be miserable. I see nothing wrong with her comments.

  15. Anonymous

    You have to remember, her ability to stay slim and in shape is her livelihood. She’s without a job if she gains a ton of weight. How would she afford to support a child if that happened? I can understand her concern over her body. If my job depended on looking a certain way, I’d be a tad obsessive about it also.

    • Anonymous

      This comment is so misguided….. Her “livelihood” as a trainer her ability to TEACH others to eat right, proper exercise and how to develop a HEALTHY body image. No doubt Jillian has a great body, but her job is to teach others to have one. If she was a model, professional body builder, I could understand the comment. She has completely failed as a trainer because she has shown through her ignorant comment that the bottom line for her is not “health and fitness”, it is pure VANITY!!

  16. Anonymous

    There must be cotton batting between her ears and a stone where her heart should be. The way she talks, she’d be better off going to the animal shelter and adopting a dog, because that’s how she’s treating the honour of having children, biologically or not.

  17. Anonymous

    That woman should look at Gabrielle Reece before she spews any more of that garbage out.

  18. anon

    I agree, that it is awful that she says she wouldn’t want to risk ruining her body to have a baby. It’s also totally ignorant, because there are clearly lots and lots of amazing and beautiful women in this world who have one or more kids and still manage to have athletic and strong (and beautiful) bodies.

    But, the worst is the fact that she has been mean and terrible to women on her show (Biggest Loser, which I’ve watched once and had to turn off because she was making one contestant cry over and over again for no good reason) who are carrying extra weight from pregnancies. How twisted is that??

    Blech. Ironic that she now has her own show, in which she supposedly teaches families how to be “happier.” I find that hard to believe, given that physical appearances seem to mean more than anything in the world to this woman.

  19. Sophia

    She’s just scared she’ll get “fat”. Seriously, what a weird woman. Adopting just because she likes her body as it is and wants to rescue “something” is so wrong and pathetic. I’m think adoption’s an amazing thing, but for those reasons? Um… no.

  20. Anonymous

    Seriously? First of all, you “rescue” animals from the shelter, that’s not what adoption is. What a weird thing to say. And she might want to address her own body issues before she starts “rescuing” kids and turning them into weirdos like her.

  21. Anonymous

    Seriously? First of all, you “rescue” animals from the shelter, that’s not what adoption is. What a weird thing to say. And she might want to address her own body issues before she starts “rescuing” kids and turning them into weirdos like her.

  22. Anonymous

    Jillian…I used to be a fan, but you lost me!!
    The idea that pregnancy is reduced down to her fear of “doing something to her body” just tells me that she is not ready to be a mother…adoption or not. There is a natural selection thing going on here. When a woman can’t lay down her personal vanity for the sake of bring a life into this world? that means you are way to selfish. As any mother will tell you (the good ones anyway) when you have a child, your life is not yours any more. Everything you do from now on has consequences that effect more than just YOU! Until you are ready for that…leave motherhood to us.

  23. louise




  24. Mimi Hecht

    My Letter to Jillian:

    Dear Jillian,

    I just read about your comments in Women’s Health Magazine, where you share your plans to adopt a child. You’re not keen on having a child of your own because, in your own words, “I can’t handle doing that to my body.”

    You would think your sentiments wouldn’t surprise me considering you’re a part of a high-profile, celebrity world that worships image and that you’re famous for guiding people to better bodies on the hit show “The Biggest Loser.” But with today’s celebrities bearing more than a few children, looking great and cherishing motherhood, your comments do stick out.

    You can’t handle doing “that” to your body? You say “that” like pregnancy is some horrific, unnatural and purposeless procedure foreign to womanhood. By “that” do you mean the natural, rewarding and other-worldly experience of growing a child within you? I know you’re a successful gym superstar, but how could you really be so vain?

    You of all people should know best the body’s ability to bounce back after surgery, weight gain and certainly pregnancy. And you’re obviously capable! I mean, come on, look at you – every mother would love to snap her finger and have your body, let alone your commitment and love for fitness. Who are you to fear the physical ramifications of pregnancy? There’s no doubt you’d be one of those super celebrity moms who struts about town in her flat belly days after birth. Jillian, I believe in you.

    Obviously, your sentiments stem from your all-consuming commitment to your perfectly trim and toned body. Your body is your career, and you don’t want to sacrifice that. But as a woman, your body has a calling of its own. Everything from our widened hips to our womb beseeches us to birth children. But your comments are more than insensitive to your own body, but to countless other women in the world who can’t handle not doing “that” to their body, but suffer from the painful reality of infertility. They would wreck their bodies a million times over to bare a healthy child. They would take acne and obesity any day over their childless existence. And you? You’re actually willing to forego the gift of motherhood all for a six pack you can easily rebuild post-partum.

    But when you think pregnancy, you imagine stretch marks. When you hear baby, you see flab. Growing a child is a “that” – not a feminine experience. This attitude is the antithesis of all that is womanly. You may have a great body, and you certainly work to keep it that way, but you’re no role model for women. So go on and keep doing your jumping jacks, denying your feminine self. Hopefully before menopause, you’ll consider giving your body – and mind and soul – the gift it deserves.

    More and more studies confirm the fact that the pinnacle of the female body’s experience is growing and birthing a baby. It’s confirmed both scientifically and from personal accounts that our body’s health is enhanced – our years lengthened! – via the physical experience of becoming a mom. Jillian, you’re thirty-six years old. It’s time to do something really great for your body. Have a baby. And after you do, I’m sure we’ll all see you again on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine, sporting a belly that is just as flat and toned as it was before – but a heckuva lot happier than it ever was.

    With all my motherly concern,


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