Soleil Moon Frye: Motherhood “Is The Magic Of Life”

She was loved by so many as Punky Brewster, the adorable TV character who reached the pinnacle of ’80s sitcom fame. Now we love Soleil Moon Frye as the devoted mother to two adorable girls – Poet, 4-1/2, and Jagger, 2 – who runs The Little Seed, an environmentally-conscious children’s specialty boutique (who is giving away a gorgeous newborn gift set!).

Soleil opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the possibility of a third child, the secrets to her 11-year marriage, celeb playdates with BFF Melissa Joan Hart, and the “magic” of motherhood.

CBS: You and Jason are parents to daughters Poet, 4-1/2, and Jagger, 2. How has motherhood changed you?

SMF: “It’s incredible, I have learned so much more about myself than I could have ever imagined. They teach me lessons everyday. When I had them, I thought I was going to be the one teaching them and giving them so much knowledge but they have been teaching me so much wisdom. It has grounded me in a different way, watching them grow and grow into these incredible beings that they are. It is the magic of life.”

CBS: Do the girls get along? Do they play well together?

SMF: “Yes, they are amazing. Poet is an incredible big sister and Jagger is a great baby sister. Of course they want the same toy or their sister’s toy but at the end of the day they are best friends and they love each other. So precious. ‘I love you popo’ is what Jagger says to Poet. They are real sisters. Poet helps so much with Jagger. We always made her part of the process. I’ll say to her, ‘can you help mommy get a diaper,’ or I’ll ask her to help with the bottle.”

CBS: Are you and Jason hoping to try for a boy?

SMF: “You would have to ask him (laughs). I love having my girls, but if we had another baby we would be totally happy. We are really, really happy with our beautiful girls. I have to say I love having my baby girls!”

CBS: You and Jason have been married for 11 years. What is your secret to successful a marriage?

SMF: “Jason is my best friend, we are on the same team. We’re still constantly surprising each other. We try to take a little time out for each other during the week for just us to get together and just talk, laugh, be fun, etc. It’s so easy to put your marriage on the side because life is so busy, we are both working, being parents, etc. We just try to take little moments to connect. We make sure to take time to go to dinner while family is watching the kids or sometimes we just hang out downstairs, while the kids are asleep upstairs.”

CBS: You will always be Punky Brewster to so many of us! What was it like starring on that popular show and having so many young girls wanting to be just like you?

SMF: “I loved doing Punky. Such a fun show. I really hold her character close to my heart. I really feel blessed – I had so much fun. She is such a good part of my heart and soul. I take her with me wherever I go. I love it.”

CBS: Do you want your daughters to follow in your footsteps and be child actors?

SMF: “I want them to do whatever they want and whatever they dream of and I want them to feel the freedom to choose anything they want to do in life. Poet wants to grow up and be a doctor and a ballerina. That sounds really good to me, but if she choose to be an actress or a singer that is good too. I want them to do what they love.”

CBS: Tell us about your store The Little Seed, an environmentally-conscious children’s specialty boutique.

SMF: “This is literally my other baby. My partner Paige and I searched the globe for non toxic alternatives for our kids, because we didn’t know what was safe to put on our babies or what was toxic in our environment. We thought if we were feeling this way, others moms probably were too. With our products, moms don’t need to worry if baby puts it in his or her mouth. We offer so many fun things including clothing, bedding, toys, baby carriers, and more.”

CBS: Are you hoping to expand The Little Seed throughout the country?

SMF: “Yes, we have some really exciting stuff in the works. Very big stuff. We also just launched our own private label. Super vibrant and colorful! Really takes the idea of organic and makes it stylish and hip. Really alive. My kids can’t get enough of it. They are our models, and we know that if they love it, other kids will love it too. It’s also a great way to do something at home while raising the girls.”

CBS: How do you encourage self esteem with your girls?

SMF: “You know I think it is really important for them to have a sense of self and that they are there own beings. I really encourage them to explore what they love, and do what they love, and dance, and be free and to have the earth under their feet.

For us a big part of that is to give back. For example, Poet was very aware of the earthquake in Haiti and wanted to do something. I encouraged that – and we knew of a doctor that was going to Haiti – so she saved some money from doing chores around the house and gave the $8 and some pictures she drew to the doctor to bring to Haiti. It helps so much for their dignity, self worth and wisdom.”

CBS: With so many child stars crumbling from the pressures of child fame, how have you remained out of the limelight so well?

SMF: “I think it so easy to focus on the negative, or the people that have had these heartbreaking stories, but there are so many people that I grew up with that are doing so well, and doing all these amazing things, and are great parents!

There are just so many positive stories, but it’s so easy to focus on the negative. My girlfriend Melissa (Joan Hart) and I just did this campaign together. Fred Savage, Sara Gilbert, Kellie Martin- so many of us that have turned out to be healthy, good people, and have wonderful families, and are doing many good things, and creating positive change.”

CBS: Do you and your girls ever have playdates with any of your celebrity friends?

SMF: “Melissa and I spend as much time as we can, but she has now moved so it turns into more time with just the two of us. I have some incredible friends that I really love, and we are all each others’ mirror and in it together. To have peers that inspire us and really are there to guide each other, is amazing.”

CBS: Are you hoping to do more acting in the future?

SMF: “Yes, I would love to but right now I am so enjoying being a mom and running my business. I love being with the kids. I love, love acting and it will be something that I put my heart and soul into. I am still doing my animated show and having a blast. But right now the kids are growing up so fast that I want to be with them at home as much as I can. It is so fun.”

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