Jennifer Lopez: I “Didn’t Care” About “Flabby Belly”

Jennifer Lopez graces the cover of Us and opens up about losing the weight after welcoming twins Max and Emme with husband Marc Anthony in February 2008.

I remember my flabby belly hanging out right after I gave birth,” Lopez, 40, says. “I kind of laughed and said to Marc, ‘Look, baby! Isn’t this crazy?’ I just didn’t care.”

In hindsight, J.Lo admits that she feels differently about that “belly.” She says, “I look back at pictures from that time, and I’m like ‘Oh, god, I was fat. I was still heavy eight months out!'”

It was her two kids who inspired Lopez to shed 50 pounds. “You get to the point where you’re like, Where am I? What happened to me? I got to get myself together for my kids, you know? They need to know what I really look like.”

The Back-Up Plan star she’s “back to the size I was before I had the babies,” although her “rib cage” shifted while carrying the twins. “Before I was always able to fit into sample-size clothes from designers, and now they have to take them out just a bit…It’s no big deal.”

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  • cyberkitten40

    Who knew that 2 racks of bones could just *shift* like that *eye roll* lol

  • Anonymous

    Is she that desparate for attention? Who cares about her? Blah, blah, blah!

  • Anonymous

    I think the cover photo is pretty – beautiful coloring.

  • Anna

    She is so superficial and honetly this is not for her kids, they couldn’t care less if there mom is a size 0 or not.

  • Anonymous

    Oh boo hoo she has to have her designer clothes taken in. Lame. She is so Hollywood its annoying. She tries to act like shes down to earth but the truth is written all over her face and the way she talks. 🙁

  • Anonymous


  • Lilly

    she does look great, I agree that you shouldn’t let yourself go just b/c you have kids. Hey and now a days, men don’t stick around if ur looking beastly so…shed the pounds get in shape and keep the entire family happy 🙂
    **just saying it how it is**

  • Anonymous

    She had to lose the weight or her husband wouldnt stay…….. he is a cheater like the rest of them… JoLo is a good woman just looking for love from that ugly husband of hers… Her and Ben was great together..

  • Anonymous

    Why cant people be respectful to their spouses

  • Alma

    Oh boy, here we go again. So full of herself.

  • Jasmine

    Good for you Jenny!!I have 2 year old twins and a 5 year old, and I think it’s great she’s showing that even though you have twins you can still have a bangin body!!!It really is harder to keep everything tight after you have twins but it is possible if you put the effort into it.

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