Sarah Jessica Parker’s Big City Kids

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted with her 7-year-old son James and 10-month-old daughter Loretta walking to school on Thursday (April 22). Loretta’s fraternal twin sister, Tabitha (a.k.a. Babe) napped this one out.

While filming the much-anticipated SATC sequel, SJP revealed that she was away from her newborn daughters for two whole months:

I haven’t seen my daughters for almost two months, with the exception of Skype, and I have to tell you, I never felt like this.”

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  • CDionFan21

    They don’t call her Marion, they call her Loretta. It needs to be changed in the post.

  • Anonymous

    Why would she leave her newborns for 2 months- that just strikes me as awful! As a mom not seeing my baby for so long would be completely unimaginable. I cant imagine she never got a day off- or the baby (and presumably the nanny) were unable to fly out to see her.

  • alyssa

    They don’t call her Marion, they call her Loretta. It needs to be changed in the post. This name thing is getting old. The baby first name is Marion her middle name is Loretta. Plain and simple. Why dose it matter to you cdoinfan that celebritybabyscoop need to called her Loretta because sjp called her Loretta instead of MARION. Tell me please what the big deal.

    • CDionFan21

      well would you want someone calling your child a name that it doesn’t go by?btw I suggest you read the whole article from Vogue, I bought the issue and SJP states that for almost two months with the exception of Skype she didn’t see the girls. Which means she more than likely did go back to NY and see them. Check the dates of her time filming in Morocco and the candids of her in NY. She was back in NY during breaks in filming those two months because she was also promoting Did you hear about the morgans? So she was in NY at somepoint to see the girls during that time of almost two months.

    • Erin

      I wouldn’t name my child either one.

  • Jenny

    changed to Loretta

    • CDionFan21

      Thanks Jenny!

  • alyssa

    Clinedoin fan you really need to give up this whole Loretta thing. Its kind of silly how much times you said they called her Loretta not Marion. Who cares she is not your daughter. Also stop trying to be I know everything about Sarah Jessica Parker because I read her magazine interview. Almost every post on Sarah Jessica Parker family you always have to correct someone.

    • CDionFan21

      First off I never said I know everything about her, I’m just saying that a lot of the sites didnt include the full quote, second I can post what I want on what posts I want, its a free country. Third I’m not the only one who has posted about her name needing to be changed on other posts here. Several people have besides myself. I only said something about it because people had before and most sites don’t change it even though they know she’s called Loretta. So leave me alone.

  • Leahmomto4n1more

    love this family

  • dee

    Boy do James and Loretta look a whole lot alike!!!

  • CDionFan21

    Its cute that they do, he picked her first name Mario but SJP said he’s the only one that calls her that.

  • Judge Judy

    I agree with letting websites know if a celeb calls their child a name other than their given name. If I was running a site I’d like to know if they don’t call the child by the first given name. I’ve come across a few interviews of SJP and she often calls James “James Wilke”.
    I’m not overly familiar with the posting on this website, but I’m assuming the same issues arise with Naomi’s sons Sasha and Kai?
    That said, I would not last more than two days without my children, it is inconceivable to me to leave newborns.

  • Anonymous

    Why is she always with the one baby… where is the other one?? This is like the 3rd picture ive seen her out with one of her daughters and its always the same kid.. ( the red head one ). Im assuming SJP doesnt want the other child… SJP is a looser big time and doesnt deserve to have any kids whats so ever. They have heaps of money and stilll choose to leave their newborns. SHame on them.

    • Shay

      No shame on you for being so judgmental when it comes to someone you don’t even know. Wow you’ve seen some pics of her with the same daughter so you must know everything about SJP. Oh and it’s loser not looser.

    • Judge Judy

      YES! Looser!

  • Anonymous

    She said she didn’t see the babies for two months, except for Skype. I think that was pretty clear, CDionFan21. I don’t understand her leaving them for so long.

    • CDionFan21

      just because that’s what was printed in the article doesn’t mean that’s exactly what she said. Interviewers leave things out or change things that celebs have said, take Julianne Moore for example they completely fabricated a quote from her saying she only ate grain and was starving all the time to stay skinny. She never said that and she even called the magazine out about it. I just don’t believe for a second that SJP went two entire months without phsyically seeing the girls. I’m sure she flew back a few times to see them. She had to, she was photographed several times between October and December in NY as well as in Morocco in October when she was filming. It just doesn’t make sense that she was gone for two months from October when she started filming in Morocco to December when she was photographed a lot in NY during that time period.

      I’m not juding her, the twins were fine with Matthew and her family while she was gone. I don’t think unless I was forced to I could leave my children when I have any but if I had no choice, ie like Sarah did because the babies couldn’t travel due to not being old enough to have the H1N1 shot then I would certainly feel safe enough and okay enough to leave them with their father.

  • Tif

    wow! this response is mostly nasty.

    I think SJP looks so happy with 2 of her 3 babies. If she could carry the twins together in the bjorn I’m sure she would. I love seeing either Matt or SJP walking James to school. It’s so normal.

    Love this fam. xoxoxoxox

    • CDionFan21

      I agree it was rude, it would be difficult to carry two babies in a carrier and keep them safe. First off you can’t because I don’t think they make a double carrier, it seems unsafe to me. Second I’m sure she has her reasons for wanting to carry the babies in a carrier and not a stroller. they are often in the stroller with the nanny and I’ve saw pics of SJP with the stroller and she had one twin in the stroller the other was in the carrier on her chest.

  • Sophia

    James Wilkie and Loretta are identical! It’s so cute! I love Loretta’s little starfish position. Seriously, Matthew and Sarah Jessica have the most gorgeous and delightful children 🙂

  • Catherine

    WTF Loretta? I thought Tabitha was horrible but Loretta is freaking awful, it’s a 90 years old womans name! Ugly baby names annoy me soo much.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, CDionFan21. It’s nice you’re giving her the benefit of the doubt. Babies don’t need an H1N1 vaccine to travel. Of course it’s up to her whether or not to bring her babies along where she is filming. If it were me in her position, I wouldn’t be able to leave my baby for that long and would do everything in my power to keep her with me.

    • CDionFan21

      well it was her choice she made it and it certainly didn’t ruin the twins for life, they wont even remember this time in their lives. there are far worse things that could have happened. she had her reasons, they are her children and she did what she felt was right for them at the time when they were just a few months old. she’s not the first person in the world to ever have to leave a child at home with another parent. Nicole Kidman never see’s her older two kids, they dont even call her mom anymore. Yet no one ever says she’s a bad mother or throws a fit over that.

  • Alice

    Anonymous, actually if she travelled during the whole H1N1 epidemy to a zone where the disease spread much like the UK they would need a shot. Maybe it wasn’t compulsory, but knowing that babies are the most vulnerable, would you rather risk their life or be away from them? Especially on a movie set with so many people.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see it as risking their lives. She wouldn’t have needed to bring them on the movie set or expose them to any environment with lots of people. Just to have them in a place where she could go home to them at the end of the day could have worked to keep them together. I don’t know all her reasoning for making the choice she did. I’m just making a point and saying what I would have done. I think young babies need their mother, and I know I need to be near my baby.

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