Brad Pitt & His Boat Buddies

Brad Pitt was spotted with his four eldest children – Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3 ½ – leaving the park and boarding a gondola today (April 24) in Venice, Italy.

On the way home Brad was seen driving the boat while the kids waved goodbye to the paparazzi. How sweet!

Brad and his partner Angelina Jolie are also parents to 1 ½-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne.

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  • Sarah G.

    I absolutely adore Zahara’s style. It’s so classy and elegant. Just beautiful. Suri Cruise could take some pointers from her. She always looks like a mess, even when she’s in a pretty dress, while Zahara’s always well put together. 🙂

  • Pantawan

    Only glimpse of Shiloh, but still think she is a cutie.
    I love her style, and would like to be her playmate.
    She looks like easygoing and down to earth.

  • Anonymous

    Zahara is not so cute, but Shiloh is adorable,like her mother.

  • Kediia

    Zahara is freaking cute ! ♥

  • bubblegum

    Always adorable little Shiloh.
    She is my favorite. ^_^

  • Ladycastle

    Love Shiloh!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh is the cutest

  • gender role suck

    why is Z not so cute because she doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes and isn’t what the European idea of what beautiful is. Z is an African princess and she is gorgeous from hair to color to eye to nose to lips… she reflect a people and they are beautiful. I tired of little black girls and boys, and yellow and brown girls and boys for that matter trying to judge their beauty by the western way of thinking and devaluing their figures… the thing that truly makes them beautiful because they don’t look white and that what the media puts out is beautiful.

  • GoAra

    Shi is very beauty.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t they all be adorable ??? Each is unique the boys are so min punk rock and Shiloh is like this awesome little cutie pie and Z is a princess with pizzaz what a great family

  • Ella Bargur

    They are all beautiful humans.

  • alexsandra

    my goodness no need to be up tight because someone say that zahara is not cute.I think zahara is adorable.The blue eyes and blond hair is not the only beauty because sam sheen is blue eyes and blond hair and she not cute at all.

  • Don-B-Fool

    Zee is a beautiful young lady….just like the rest of her siblings are: I hope her parents will let her know and feel that…. not people who see beauty in one race.

  • dholmas

    That is not a gondola but a water taxi. Venice is gorgeous. The family look like they are having a lot of fun.

  • Anonymous

    Miss Zahara is gorgeous and always rocks her own style as does Shiloh, another beauty. All the Jolie-Pitt kids are beautiful and unique. The oldest boys are getting so big. Pax is coming out of his shell and Maddox looks like he plays the oldest big bro role well. Those twins, how adorable are they? Daddy Brad is just doing what millions of Dads around the world are doing, helping to raise the family while Mom works too. I admire Brad and Angie as parents for allowing each child to be such individuals and to shine on their own!

  • Anonymous

    cute kiddies gorgeous dad.

  • Kati

    What a beautiful family! Seems like Brad and the four oldest had a wonderful day together. Princess Zee looks absolutely adorable with that black coat and the entire outfit fits her well. Shi is also a little cutie. She has this own unique style and is just beautiful just like her big sis and little sis Viv. The older boys have grown a lot and Pax seems to be getting along with all that publicioty really swell by now. Mad is already a big boy and seems to be taking his role as a big bro seriously. And how cool is that signature mohawk do he has? I thought he would never have it again since he had this more adult do for a while. And Brad the dad looks HOT as always. Wonder when we´ll be seeing those adorable twins out again? Hopefully soon. Knox and Viv both are little cuties.

  • Anonymous

    Zee is not cute. Shiloh is pretty girl , but Zee is not cute kid.Pax is adorable, Maddox is cute

    • Anonymous

      How old are you 10? what a stupid comment… sure Zahara is prettier that YOU! BUNCH of nobodies lolol

  • Anonymous

    No all kids are cute , sorrry. Zahara is unpretty.Shiloh is adorable and boys

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh is gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    Zahara has a smile that just lights up room.

  • Anonymous

    Aww, last pic-Shiloh is beautifullPax is so cute.

  • PolaE

    Shiloh is Da BEST!!!!!

  • Gamelin

    Shiloh is full of light and love like her mom said.

  • Kati

    I can´t understand those people who say that Zahara isn´t cute! She is a really cute little girl. Whenever I see a new pic of Zahara – doesn´t matter if she´s smiling or giving paps that trademark “death stare” – I begin to smile. This little girl has the most beautiful smile ever! Brad and Angie both sure are very lucky to have this little girl in their lives. Naturally they love their two other daughters Shiloh and Vivienne a lot too but knowing Zahara´s background they are really blessed to have this sunshine in their lives. And I can only imagine how happy Mad, Pax, Shi, Knox and Viv are to have Zee as their sister. Maybe those people who always critizise Zee see her differently because she´s black and all the other JP kids are white. Although Mad and Pax are from Asia their skin color is still white. Shi also looks absolutely adorable in these pics. She is gonna be a beauty one day. Both Zee and Shi -and naturally also Viv – are gonna be stunning beauties when they grow up. And their brothers are gonna be heartbreakers. But what´s more important than the outlook is the health. I really hope that these beautiful children – and their parents – will always stay healthy.

    • SiervaMaria

      Great post. If you ask me, Zahara is the kid who has Brad most wrapped around his finger. He was his first “baby” remember. He was with her from the start when she was a seriously sick near death infant, and he was the one who took care of her while Angelina was filming. He just seems to have an affection not more, not less but special imo. I think the girl is a mini Iman. She’s beautiful to me and the irony of the critics who don’t believe they see beauty because of some European idea of what the blueprint should be, is that in Europe, Zahara’s beauty is reconized as such. In Asia, her forehead (and Angelina’s) are thought regal and don’t let me get stared on African opinion of the little beauty lol.

      She’s got personality and physical beauty at 5yrs that some at 5 times that age wish they had.

  • Anonymous

    Bless the rest of you!!! I had to restrain myself from responding to the hateful responses on other blogs.
    There was no way I was going to register an account with sleazy outlets like The Huffington Post, just to fight back against the slander.

    Pitt and Jolie are the most misportrayed, misunderstood, and wrongfully maligned celebs on the planet over a false accusation that clashed badly with the messy timing of real life events which created a backlash over a sin they did not committ and which most of the world is not even genuinely offended by.

    It is insane how far the brainwashing, corruption, deceit, greed, and petty agendas against this couple has escalated. Most people don’t know the real Pitt or Jolie anymore. There was tons of evidence to prove their innocence, but the most important factor in understanding the truth was by observing & analyzing Pitt’s personality for years. He is a very moral man and has strong family values as well as having a relatively purist attitude towards romance. He would never cheat. He was the one who usually gets dumped, betrayed, and wronged in his relationships. His worst relationship was his marriage because it was a sham because it was a union with an egotistical, shallow, two-faced, fraud who did nothing but manipulate, use him, and then destroy him when it was to her advantage. Somebody who was just lacking in character and substance who clearly cares more about her power, popularity, and image than anything else. Pitt was a good husband to her and she knows what he isn’t capable of. She was his rebound hookup after Gwyneth betrayed him. A lot of celebs in the past were entangeled in a tabloid web’s of deceit because of co-star rumors. It is common for tabs to link co-stars together especially when there is chemistry, a clear bond, a compatibility, and when the current relationship is known to be on the rocks. Pitt and Jolie are also NOT the first celebs to get together after dealing with accusations of an affair. They are not the first celebs to get together after denying an affair.
    They deny it because it was not true at the time. Tom & Penelope, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner, Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Winslet & Sam Mendes, Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake, there are so many examples!!! None of those celebs had to deal with such a vicious backlash and didn’t become the targets of perverse spin and ugly misportrayals from the press.
    In fact alot of the real philanderers and homewreckers in Hollywood, like Julia Roberts, Russell Crowe, Sandra Bullock, Jlo did not receive a backlash for their real adultery. Team Aniston is a pseudo-moral movement
    that has created a twisted and disingenuous reactions toward any premise of victimization, whether it is real or not. Now any celeb like Abbie Cornish who gets stuck in that gossip trap, gets mislabeled, villifed, and becomes the target of the media’s derogatory spin. Some of these celebs are innocent of those accusations. Considering the frequency of co-star rumors, breakups, and how it is natural for an actor to want to move on with somebody they already know & have worked with; it is easy to get caught in that tabloid trap and get misportrayed.

    Pitt and Jolie did nothing wrong. They got together about 3 months after he separated from Aniston. There was no wrongdoing and mistreatment. They were respectful and classy as can be against a megalomaniac who staged a campaign against them by using tabloid gossip and misconceptions. She threw them under the bus and the media loves her for it because they get to sell as much trash against these two as they want while the press & Aniston profits while also appearing honorable when they are really being sinful scum.

    I still can’t believe how quickly his fans turned on him despite evidence of his good personality and conscientious attitude. In the past, celebs would receive the benefit of the doubt. A lot of those celebs did not deserve the benefit of the doubt yet they choose to believe & spread garbage a genuinely nice man like Pitt who also happens to be an extraordinary person with a variety of interests, a humanitarian outlook, natural appeal, and talent. I did my research and he is very devoted to his work, causes, and family. They try to cope with the press exposure as best as they can. Other celebs don’t get hated over their baby photos being shown, everything they do gets wrongly depicted as a PR stunt. Most of the attention, photos, and stories are negative & unwanted.

    The difference is the degree of envy, spite, and profit the media knew it could direct towards

  • Anonymous

    I know I went off-topic. Please don’t delete my posts. What I said was true, important, and other blogs are being vile against other photos of the children. I can’t believe the flamers and fanistons would insult the children
    over their unfounded hatred towards the parents because they were ignorant enough to believe that accusation and to blindly accept everything they read. They choose to worship and adore a liar, manipulator, shallow phony who exploited their emotions, plays devil’s advocates with the media,
    and is constanly painting a false portait of herself while mooching off the negative misportrayals of her superior ex and his family. People also forget how Jolie reformed herself way before Pitt entered the picture. I just can’t get over how people literally chose to react towards a made-up scandal and the constant deceit just keeps thriving with the wrong people being respected.

    I think all children are beautiful in their own way. I would never call any child unattractive. The people who call them unattractive are just hateful people with their toxic biases, the fanistons and tabloid whores. Aniston’s camp is pathetic and now they are spreading stories about Pitt saying ugly things about her appearing on Architectural Digest when has been nothing but tight-lipped about Aniston’s behavior and personality. She is so underhanded, everytime a movie is coming out soon, she underhandedly calculates items against them by using her friends to spread false claims to the gossip columns. She is constantly is trashing them over media spin she enabled. She even twisted their words ( which the media often does) to act like they confessed when they continue to clarify they did not have the affair and that Jolie was not the cause of their breakup which is the golden truth people refuse to accept. I doubt Pitt would openly say anything like that and he has every right to negatively react against her. Her camp has to be
    vindictive toward any hint of a slight against their goddess when she has done nothing but spread malice towards them to make herself look & feel good.

    I am responding to all the latest buzz and gossip the media is circulating.
    Other sites don’t welcome people who did not jump on the Team Aniston bandwagon. Their adoption of children from third world countries is a good thing. Spending time with your kids is a good thing. Most people in their situation would just hole up in their houses but he is not letting the paparazzi prevent his children from experiencing life to its fullest. All of the kids are lovely & adorable in their own way. Zahara is an exotic beauty. Knox, who also had photos of himself pop up on the net, is also a gorgeous boy. I think Shiloh, is the only one who resembles Pitt while the twins take more after their mother. I think Shiloh will grow up to be a stunner. Even if they grow up to be average, that is okay. What matters is that they stay strong against the ugliness of the world and be beautiful inside out.

  • Anonymous

    This is my final post. Please don’t delete my other posts. They are relevant to what is being currently discussed on the web.

    I hope some of you spread love, support, and truth on other sites because so many people are so spreading hates, lies, ignorance, and misportrayals. They are good people. So many celebs posess so many inherently negative traits yet they get respected, adored while the Jolie-Pitts get such venom over nothing. People always use that false accusation as an excuse to behave despicably anything they want and the media gets to circulate whatever they want because the public has become addicted to responding stupidly towards the lies and inaccuracies.

    Pitt has a special and unique bond with each child. Maddox is his buddy
    but Zahara was the first baby he raised with Jolie. Zahara is what united them as a couple and truly turned them into a family. Jolie adopted Zahara on her own but the newly available Pitt naturally evolved into the paternal role. I honestly believe that is what held them strong against the accusations and backlash. A lot of people would have been, Okay a great guy or gal is not worth dealing with all of this tabloid baggage and misconceptions….but the bond of raising two children is what pulled them through. Zahara is a survivor and she is definitely leading an improved life over her previous conditions. I really do hope that Pitt-Jolie adopt another African child. They have two Asian boys who seem to be best friends. The rest of their kids are biological and white. I know they have a bond that is deeper than race but feeling like an outsider can be a downside. I wish them nothing but the best. I have great hopes for their children!!!

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