Isla Fisher’s Undercover Bump

Newlywed Isla Fisher was photographed checking out an open house in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (April 24).

Perhaps the Fisher-Cohen family are in need of more space? The Wedding Crashers star appears to be expecting her second child with husband Sacha Baron Cohen.

The couple – who wed in March – are already parents to 2-year-old daughter Olive.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Anonymous

    It’s been confirmed by a source close to Isla that she in expecting her second child.

  • Anonymous

    She’s so cute! I just love Isla Fisher! 🙂

  • Hannah.J

    Poor Isla she is trying so hard to hide the bump but it keeps popping out.

  • Amy

    What causes these celebs to behave so stupidly? if she is pregnant, is she going to be covering her belly up till she gives birth?

    • Avonymous

      because it’s none of your business if she’s pregnant

      • Jennie

        Exactly!! lol

    • anon

      Why do you call her stupid for trying to hold tight to her privacy as long as possible? Clearly she isn’t thinking that she can keep it secret until she gives birth… I can imagine that it is incredibly annoying to have swarms of photographers on her heels wherever she goes, which is inevitable once it is known that she is pregnant. if you could hold off that kind of craziness for just a few more weeks or months, especially while pregnant and especially while taking care of a 2-yr-old kid, it seems worthwhile to go through the trouble of holding a bag over your belly while walking out to your car.

  • Anonymous

    Isla is a beautiful woman.

  • Amy

    As opposed to now when she has hordes of photographers taking pictures of her in 3 layers of clothing HIDING WHAT EVERYONE KNOWS IS THERE. This is not doing something because of privacy, this is sheer stupidity. She does not have to tell anyone considering that it is a plain as day so who exactly is she hiding her pregnant belly from?
    It is indeed not my business that she is carrying a baby just like millions of women all over the world. She is pregnant? yes? the fact that she is hiding it does not change that fact and yes, she does look stupid hiding something that the world now know is there. She is old enough to lay down with her husband and get pregnant, is she ashamed of herself or something?

    And yes, it is stupidity in her case and others who hide their pregnancy, why not just stay indoors and be done with it. That way, she will indeed have her pregnancy from photographers.

    You are pregnant, Isla, you are not deformed!

  • Shirilicious

    Dear Lord, Amy, what’s your problem? It’s her belly, her body. If she doesn’t want photographers to take a clear shot of HER body, so what, who are you to call her out on that?
    And by the way, what if she pulled her sweater together only because she felt a bit chilly, I don’t see her hiding her belly that much.

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