Aaron Johnson “Excited” For Baby

Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson and fiancee Sam Taylor-Wood have raised a few eyebrowns with their May-December romance, but Johnson is quite smitten about his bride-to-be. The 19-year-old newcomer, told PEOPLE, “I’ve got a wonderful woman. She’s lovely and she’s a fantastic mother.”

The couple, who met in 2009 on the set of Taylor-Wood’s directorial debut, are expecting a child together this summer, while the 43-year-old already has two children from her previous marriage. Of the impending arrival, Johnson says he is, “excited,” and is thankful for his experience as a step-dad, “I’m already a stepdad to [kids Angelica, 13, and Jessie, 3] anyway. So the nerves have sort of gone.”

Despite the criticism the couple is receiving due the difference in age, the Kick-Ass star insists that they are not all that different, “I’m an old soul and she’s a young soul.”

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  • annabella

    This is disgusting a 19 year old and a 43 year old expecting a baby. Gross he only 6 year older then his step daughter.

    • Cassidy

      Annabella, your statement is both ageist and sexist. You’re brainwashed proof of our patriarchal sexist ageist society. Age is nothing but a number. Men in the public eye are romantically involved with girls, same age gap, no one even blinks. Use your brain before revealing your profound ignorance on a public forum.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing. Like seriously who would want a step dad 6 years older than them ecspecailly when they’re a teenager!!!

    • crazy

      I feel bad for the 13 year old. What if she liked him now she can’t like him as much now that her mother had a child and married him!!!

  • AnnieT

    It usually bugs me when woman is older than man in a couple. I can accept a year or two of age difference of such kind, but 24 is way too much. Call me whatever you want to, but they both have huge issues.

    • Cassidy

      ‘Huge issues’? Simply because a young man and a middle-aged woman have a connection with each other? Wake up Annie T. Why does it ‘bug’ you? I hope at 43 you wake up next to your hideous grizzly older husband and bite your tongue.

  • Anonymous

    He’s way too good looking for her!

    • Cassidy

      Well Anonymous, it must be a real shocker to you that FOR ONCE the man is more attractive than the woman in a relationship. I pity you and your grotesquely fat ugly boyfriend.

  • Jennie

    I am older than my fiance by about 6 1/2 years; I’m 31 and he’s 25 and the age difference is not noticeable by anyone, least of all us lol Some guy really do just mature faster and are considered ‘old souls’. Its really hard for me to judge this relationship in those terms because you can’t really help who you connect and fall in love with. Though I do admit when I first read about it, that the fact that their age difference is greater than that of my oldest son and myself DID occur to me :/ But at the end of the day, its their life and as long as they’re happy (and its obviously not illegal) kudos to them!

    • Madchen

      Trying to keep an open mind, and so glad you have a great life with your man, but 6 1/2 years difference is not the same as 24 years difference. Not. The. Same.

      • Jennie

        I never claimed for it to be the same, just that I can understand to a degree that you can’t pick and chose who you connect with or fall in love with. At the end of the day, its no one else’s business but their own. Its their life. Obviously they don’t really care who approves or who doesn’t, as it should be.

  • Anonymous

    If he was 43 and she was 19, not so much would be said. I am 17 years older than my husband and we have been married for 23 years. No problem!

    • SiervaMaria

      I personally know several couples where the wife is over 10yrs older and they all are successful longterm relationships. My maternal grandmother was 7yrs older than my grandfather. They had a beautiful life together.

      Look at Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caufield. He was 21 and she was 46 when they wed and have remained so for the last 30 years!

      If this was an older man and younger woman not a peep would we hear out of the same people now taking issue with the vice versa.

  • zoe

    I find it more disgusting if she was 19 and he was 43. Look at Madonna she 50 and her boyfriend is 22. It’s sick and wrong for a “cougar” to date young man.

    • Anonymous

      Madonna’s boyfriend is 23 and looks much older. Guy Ritchie has a 21 year-old girlfriend who looks like a teenager, yet most people say, “Good job, what a stud.”

      Nobody says a thing about Celine Dion and her much older husband or when Larry King and his wife got together, or Michael Douglas and Catherine. It’s only when the female is older that everyone decides it’s somehow immoral but you have geriatric men still breeding despite the risks and that’s perfectly fine.

    • Cassidy

      Let’s all crucify Madonna for having blood running through her veins and being romantically involved with a young man, shall we?

  • gini

    I think its gross either way….whether its an old man and young lady or an old woman and a young guy….that big of age difference is just weird in my opinion but hey whatever floats their boats

  • Leah

    I find it extremely disturbing because he’s only a teenager. Still has the whole world in front of him and has so much to learn and gain experience from. If he was a couple years older, it would of been a bit more understandable. But really this women has SEVERE issues!

    • SiervaMaria

      You act as if she’s put a gun to his head! He’s not some 13yrld boy! He’s old enough to fight in a war, vote, pay taxes etc. You’ve reduced a grown man to being a daft silly school boy with a crush on teacher simply because you don’t like the choices he’s made for HIS life.

      • Cassidy

        AMEN SiervaMaria! AMEN! I’m so sick of society looking at young people like they’re victims. They’re capable human beings, capable of making their own decisions about their own lives. If this young man is in love, HE’S IN LOVE. It shouldn’t be such a dumb controversy.

  • Anonymous

    I say good for them. It’s their lives and as long as they love each other and have the support of their families then they have as good a chance as any couple. She’s very accomplished and seems like a cool woman which he clearly saw since he was the one who did the chasing.

  • Anonymous

    Wrong in so many ways. He’s only like a year away from being considered a minor. Strange women I must say. But whatever to each it’s own.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck to them. They’re living their lives instead of worrying about the opinions of others. People are focusing too much on the number, not all 19 year old’s are the same. He’s been a professional actor since he was like 6yrs old and been out on his own for a while.

  • Alice

    What’s disturbing is not the age difference or the fact that it’s the woman older than the man. It’s that he’s 19 and having a baby + with a partner way older + he’s step-dad to a girl who could almost be in his school! The whole situation is sick because he’s a child. If a 19-year-old girl had a baby with a 40-year old man no one would say it’s ok.

  • Anonymous

    Soooooooo weird. My draw dropped when I read this in people magazine. I thought it was vice versa, I kept doing a double take. He might not regret it in the long run but he sure as heck will move on. And out of all the women in the world he picked her? LOL set the whole situation aside but he’s too good looking for her

  • Sophia

    I’m all for “different” relationships, but the fact that she is sexually attracted to someone who is a lot closer in age to her daughter than he is to her… I find that weird. He’s literally still a kid. Good luck to them though, I guess.

  • Carmen

    I’m trying to make sense out of this but it’s not quite working. What is this women thinking?? Poor kid 🙁 yes a kid like the above person said LITERALLY.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been intrigued by them since early last year. He’s the one who chased her hard and she finally gave in at the end of filming. Oh and the baby was planned, he has been quoted that he knew early on that he wanted a kid with her and also dropped the proposal surprise on her. They seem crazy about each other when you see them interact so I’m pulling for them. Love comes in all forms and good for them for going for it.

  • An

    The only reason people find a big-age-difference relationship “disgusting” is because they’ve never fell in love for an older/younger person, and, I’m sorry but I’m gonna be frank, because they’re ignorant. Just because you don’t know, or you haven’t lived such a relationship (never say never, because life is tricky) you cannot say it is disgusting. It has never happened to you! And I’m not talking about this particular case here, I don’t even know who they are, but it happens in non-celebrity people’s lives! I have cases in my family, and friends, and I don’t even want to mention myself. They’re not freaks or stupid or disgusting. They just fell in love, moved on with their lives and are happy. If we’ve gotten to a time in which falling in love is bad just because it doesn’t look pretty and doesn’t fit somebody else’s criteria then we’re doomed. If you like someone, and that person loves you back, just go for it, no matter what. Just live life. In the end, what difference does it make you dated or not.
    Check out the latest Catherine Zeta-Jones interview in this website, is she a freak, stupid and disgusting person because of it? Is Michael?
    Stop judging people for something you don’t know, and nobody knows everything. Life is cool because there’s variety. Without it, it is boring, dull, disgusting.

    And, come on, he’s not a child, if he were he wouldn’t bet there. If he was a teenage mom you’d be saying “oh she’ll get more mature, she’ll grow up”. It’d be much worse if they were both teens. Anyway, he propbably knows more about all of this than all of us combined.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is REALLY wrong. In so many levels. Sure, age is a number. And a mighty BIG one this case. He’s young enough to be the 13 year old’s BROTHER. Sam is old enough to be his MOM. This just bugs me. A LOT

  • Anonymous

    He is crazy for being with another with a way older woman she’s 43 and he’s 19 now if you don’t agree with me you are really really crazy, people said that numbers doesn’t matter but when there 24 years apart that’s just nasty,now what is he going to do when she’s 95 an d he’s 71, now i think he should be with Georgia Groome not because of the movie but because they liked each other off the movie that’s what i say!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everyone that thinks this is disterbing/ don’t agree with the age gap. Yeah, I’ll give them that they might be in love but that poor step-daughter 6 years between them? And when there kid is older and talking to their friends at school and say there’s 3 years or 6 or maybe 10 years between there parents and then there kid has to say 24 years apart.. cmon! and the mum is older?! One day Aaron gunna wake up and realise what he’s put this kid through.. Age might just be a number but if i guy who was 40 whatever got a girl who is still pratically a teenager, i’m pretty sure everyone would have something bad to say about it.

  • Madi

    Despite what others are saying I think you should be with whoever makes you happy. But personally I think that you are too young to be a stepdad to a 13 yr old when the age difference isnnot that big.

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