Is Mariah Carey Expecting Her First Child?

Songstress Mariah Carey, 40, and her husband Nick Cannon, 29, were spotted lunching at Beverly Glen Deli in Beverly Hills on Saturday (April 24).

The Vision of Love singer has been the subject of pregnancy rumors for a few months. The day after the above picture was taken, her rep confirmed to Us that Mariah is “not pregnant.”

Earlier this year, Nick said they are “absolutely” planning to start a family soon. “We gotta prioritize, because that’s a major, major priority,” Mr. Carey said.

Do you think Mariah is pregnant?

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Doubt it. Just camel toe.

    • Madchen

      Camel toe in a dress. LOL! Eew.

  • Anonymous

    WTF she’s fat! havn’t seen her for a while but ooooooh my god

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, that dress is SOOOO unflattering…maybe she should check herself out in a mirror before she leaves the house…

  • jozie

    OMG! it’s ok to gain weight, but its not ok to leave the house looking like that! her breasts are like madonna’s pointy bra! oh god! my eyes hurt..

    • Janna

      It’s not okay to leave the house looking like that? Are you kidding?

      I wouldn’t say this was the most flattering picture of her, but to suggest she shouldn’t leave the house is ridiculous.

      So she’s gained weight, so what???????

      • Anonymous

        Janna, pretty sure the previous commenter didn’t mean Mariah shouldn’t leave the house because she’s gained weight. More like she shouldn’t have left the house in that monstrosity of an outfit.

  • Sophia

    She doesn’t look rounder in the belly, particularly, just rounder in general. So no, I don’t think she’s pregnant. Just… chubbier than usual, I guess.

  • Judge Judy

    She doesn’t look pregnant, but that dress, and her hair aren’t doing anything for her.
    She needs to start dressing like an adult instead of a pre-teen.

  • Feli

    I think she put on weight, so maybe she’s trying (would be great! time’s ticking ;)) — but her stomach looks rather flat.
    not pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    Let the “moooooooooo – riah” jokes begin………
    What a fatty!

  • redfishbluefish

    she doesn’t even look pg, wtf!

  • SG

    Nah, I think she’s enjoying married life.

  • Heather

    Geez…she is my all time favorite. I just wish she would wear more wearable clothes!! I think she would look a lot better. She always looks like she can barely move or walk in her outfits. I saw this pic from a different angle on another website and it didn’t look as bad. I think it’s a bad photo.

  • Tif

    Ok, she looks pretty bad in this pic. That’s obvious. Why is no-one commenting on what he’s wearing!!?? He looks ridiculous!
    Just proves again, money doesn’t buy you style. (but it should’ve bought them a stylist!)

  • Courtney

    hello people she’s 5’9″ so a pregnancy wouldn’t show as quickly as it did on someone whose 5’2″ like Elizabeth Taylor when she had her kids in the 1950’s right her sons were born January 7th 1953 & her birthday February 27th 1955 and her daughter was born August 6th 1957 after which she returned to work 6 months later to film Cat On A Hot Tin Roof opposite Paul Newman who had just married her dear friend Joanne Woodward and she became a widow during the filming when her then husband Mike Todd her daughter Liza’s father was killed in a plane crash

    if they are indeed expecting they maybe skittish to officially announce it because Mariah has had a miscarriage scare before which makes the mother to be very paranoid to enjoy the new pregnancy though not as much as a full blown miscarriage does ask anybody that’s experienced either heartbreak in decades gone by and then had children successfully and see what they say if their willing to open up about it which some aren’t

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