Brooke Shields: My Kids Thrive On Routine

Furry Vengeance star Brooke Shields has spent most of her life in the limelight, having her first modeling gig at only 11-months-old. Now, at age 44, the gorgeous mom-of-two is feeling comfortable in her own skin. The actress opened up to Parade about staying fit, celebrating the body that she has been given, enjoying routine, and raising eco-conscious kids.

On keeping in shape: Having two kids helps. You eat less for some reason because you end up picking at what they had to eat and don’t eat real food. I’ve always danced and I spin and I love doing yoga. I don’t exercise every day, but in New York, it’s easier because we walk everywhere. So we’re walking all the time. I make my kids do that too.

On becoming comfortable in her own skin: It’s sort of a cliche, but it’s definitely been post-children and just surviving my 30’s. It sounds so granola, but I sort of celebrate what I do have rather than what I don’t have. You spend so many of your early years, or I did, focusing on the things that I wasn’t. I was never petite. I was always getting unfavorably compared to other people. Finally, I started saying, ‘You know what, I am going to wear heels. I don’t care if I’m 6’4″ when I wear heels. Why should I compromise?’ There’s something freeing about not wanting to look 22 anymore. So as I’ve gotten older, I’ve given myself a little bit more of a break.

On routine: My kids thrive on the routine at bedtime, like the bath and the food and the book reading. Every night we say our prayers and we do a rose/thorn which is, ‘What was your rose of the day and what was your thorn of the day?’ I watch them and it just gives them a sense of comfort. It’s the same thing with rules. I have to enforce their behavior, including manners. But they like it. I think they just feel like they’re safe, and then they know that they can kind of go off and be kids at school.

On raising eco-conscious children: I think kids totally get the message in the film about preserving the environment. My older one, in particular, gets mad at me when I’m brushing my teeth if I don’t turn the water off. I try to make my children focus on things they have control over because it empowers them. I went from feeling powerless to going with steps like using only cloth napkins. It was a beginning. Little steps became bigger steps so I didn’t feel helpless. That’s how I’m teaching my kids.

The Suddenly Susan star who recently revealed that her own mother is struggling with Alzheimers, has been married to Chris Henchy for nine years. The couple are parents to Rowan, almost 6, and Grier, 4.

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I think she is an awesome mother and my mom loves her as an actress.


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