Ellen Pompeo & Chris Ivery’s Beach Babe

Ellen Pompeo and her husband Chris Ivery were spotted strolling with their adorable 7-month-old daughter Stella on the beach in Malibu, Calif. on Saturday (April 24).

The family of three brought along the family dogs as they enjoyed a lazy beach stroll. Baby Stella even tried to walk alongside the cute pups.

Glad to see the Grey’s Anatomy star taking a day off with her family! The 40-year-old new mom recently talked about not taking a full maternity leave.

A lot of people couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t take my maternity leave. [She took four weeks off.] I make a good living, but I won’t always make this kind of money. I felt I needed to work while I had this opportunity. The writers and producers were really gracious and wrote my scenes so I could preshoot them. I didn’t have to miss any episodes.”

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Photo credit: FlashCity.com


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  1. Feli

    She’s beautiful!
    I love that she seems to look like both of them 🙂 cute face plus a little color. perfect match!

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t think she has a little color, she’s as white as can be, but she’s cute.

  3. Tia

    Soooooo adorable
    Stella is beautiful
    Ellen is gorgeous

  4. Anonymous

    Do they have a private beach ?
    No one in Malibu beach on a sunny saturday ?? no way.

    • Anonymous

      Malibu has many, many miles of beachfront (the city is 27 miles long), much of it near less-populated areas and far from public parking, so it’s perfectly expected that there wouldn’t be tons of people around parts of it. Also, those are tightly cropped shots, so even if there were other people around, they wouldn’t be in the pictures.

  5. Anonymous

    just adorable! stella is without a doubt one of the cutest and most gorgeous babies i have seen in a very long time!! she is just gorgeous!!!

  6. Anonymous

    wow stunning, on the last pic you can see how Stella looks exactly like her mommy.

  7. Anonymous

    Gosh, Stella’s gotta be one of the cutest babies I’ve seen.

  8. Anonymous

    she’s the carbon copy of Ellen.

  9. melo1983

    Lol, I love their color coordination.

  10. amber

    i love happy babies….so cuute

  11. Anonymous

    so cute ! she’s a mini Ellen.
    She’s totally Ellen copy, amazing.

  12. Lauren

    Most babies are cute, but I think few are truly beautiful. Stella Luna is one of them. She’s a gorgeous mix of both parents, who seem to adore her.

  13. Anonymous

    “I felt I needed to work while I had this opportunity.”

    What about the opportunity to be with your child when she’s brand new? She seems to be saying it was about money. You don’t get that time back.

  14. Anonymous

    PR’s stuff , that’s all ! There should be something to hide , I wonder what ? Mwahaaa !

  15. rocsta86

    why dose’nt she look mixed ,like nahla,just wonderin?

    • Anonymous

      are you kidding??? why doesnt she look like Nahla? um, maybe because her parents look completely different than Nahla’s parents and they have totally different skin tones. and not only that, she looks COMPLETELY like she should, which is half white and half black…she is just very light skinned black, you can tell in the close up shots of her, that is not a white skin tone. not only that, BUT WHO CARES?!?!?! she’s adorable and she looks like a very happy and very healthy baby, why does she need to be darker for you? i dont get it, shes a baby. leave her skin color alone

  16. Alice

    She’s gorgeous and on top of that she’s smiling so much!

  17. Anonymous

    oh no. that person above me is not alone, i thought it looked all pretty staged too…………. all coordinating outfits to look better in the photos….look how close the photographer seems to be…..they dont seem irritated at all by someone in their face taking their pictures while they are on a spontaneous and lovely stroll down the beach with a photographer. i mean really, there is no one else on the beach that we can see and i havent seen any other celeb photos from the beach today so why would this one photographer “Just happen to be there!” what a coincidence!!!!

    and yes, i admit she’s a cute little baby. i actually thought it was boy until i started reading the comments from everyone-OOPS!-i think she’s got an adorable face, but i dont get the people that are saying she’s one of the most beautiful babies they’ve seen… i mean, that’s just a stretch.

  18. Anonymous

    Thats one weird looking guy. SOrry Ellen! They are just a weird match

  19. Anonymous

    Thats one weird looking guy. SOrry Ellen! They are just a weird match

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