Sam Taylor-Wood Opens Up About Media Scrutiny

British artist/director Sam Taylor-Wood has been causing a media frenzy since her engagement to 19-year-old Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson has become public knowledge. The controversial couple, who are expecting a baby this summer have a 24-year-age gap, and though the two seem to have found happiness with each other, the age gap seems to be too difficult for the media to get past.

The mom-of-two has had her fair share of obstacles in life; beating cancer twice before age 35 and a divorce from husband of 11-years and father to Angelica, 13, and Jessie, 3, Jay Jopling. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Taylor-Wood opens up about the controversy behind her relationship with Johnson, and how she has found happiness again.

On telling 13-year-old Angelica about her relationship: When I first told [Angelica] about Aaron, she said, ‘Well, that’s so much better than some random fat bloke coming into our lives.’ I was like, ‘Why would I be with a random fat bloke?’ She’s excited about the baby. It’s all been remarkably cool and easy.

On the media attention the couple receive due to age difference: The amount of men I know with the same age gap that we have — how come no one says anything about that? It’s totally sexist. I try to ignore it. In my life, I’ve never really listened to when people start forming opinions on how you should be doing things.

On Johnson’s proposal: [It was] a complete surprise. He had been planning a lot longer than I had imagined. So it was incredibly romantic.

On fighting cancer when Angelica was only 8-months-old: I took on cancer like I take on everything — like a mission and a job to accomplish. I’d look at Angelica and say, ‘There’s no option here. I’ve got to fight through it.’

View the full interview on Harper’s Bazaar

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  • Cassidy

    She’s absolutely right! Controversy over this IS sexist. So many men in the public eye are romantically involved with younger women, same age gap, and no one even blinks. The fact that this is even brought up as media controversy is proof of our patriarchal SEXIST society. She’s an “older” gal (according to our sick society) in love with with a hot young man – this should be CELEBRATED and ENCOURAGED. You should never settle for a fat old bloke, go for a young hottie and get what you DESERVE.

  • Auntie

    I wish them all the very best.

    People should stop going on about their age difference.

    Max Caulfield married Juliet Mills when he was 21 and she was 39. They are just shy of their 30 year wedding anniversary.

  • Cabos

    Screw the media, we all know if it was the other way around no one would say a thing, geez!

  • Alice

    Cabos, I feel like if it was the other way around people would rant about it even more! A 19 year-old girl with a 40-something man? He would be called a pervert everywhere probably, and everyone would be asking what the girl’s parents are thinking or something.
    I don’t really care about the age gap, just the fact that he’s so young… the same couple 10 years older (each) wouldn’t really shock me. But this one does. CZJ didn’t get involved with Michael Douglas when she was 18!

  • Shirilicious

    How old was he when they got together?
    I don’t care about a huge age gap, no matter if the female is younger or older. But I’m with Alice, it’s his actual age that makes this relationship a bit creepy to me.
    Regarding the sexism, when someone so young is in a relationship with a much older person, gender doesn’t play a role IMO, everybody would be just as equally outraged. He’s only 19 after all.

  • Carmen

    Nobody is being sexist. Come on people. Like it was said if a 19 yr old girl got knocked up by a 43 year old man there would be CONTROVERSY as well.

  • Daniella

    I went to high school with a girl who got pregnant at the age of 18 by a man who was 45 years old. It was a huge deal & mostly everyone I knew was outraged, not so much due to the age gap, but her VERY young age. So to me this isn’t being sexist, this is being realistic.

  • Anna

    I agree, there would be a huge outrage if a 19 year old girl was pregnant by a 40 year old guy. There is no sexism going on.

    I wonder how long they have been together, since he is only 19 now I’d hope only 1 year…and already having a child? Sounds like another break up in the works.

  • Anonymous

    What’s sick is he is 19. It’s not Ashton/Demi. He’s not in his mid 20s. He is a boy! She is a middle aged woman who has a daughter only 6 years his junior.

    She is due in July (same as me!) so she got knocked up in October. A Google search tells me Aaron will be 20 in June, so he was 19 when he impregnated her, but obviously their relationship moved very quickly. I have to wonder what she was thinking getting knocked up by such a young kid.

    I mean, I think of how immature my high school boyfriend was, and how difficult dealing with him was. And my mom was Sam’s age! I cannot imagine the two of them having a relationship. “So I just smoked a joint and I’m going to go illegally drink at the bar with the guys.” And she’s all, “Be home by 10! And if you drink too much, make sure you call me. I don’t want you to drink and drive!”

    Sick. Just vomit inducing.

    • Anonymous

      bitch. and also the legal age to drink in the u.k is 18. so. shut. up.

  • Anonymous

    Why are people acting like they know what these two people are like. He’s not your high school boyfriend, brother etc. Just because it isn’t what you are familiar with doesn’t mean that it isn’t right for them. Not every relationship has to be understood. I say good for them.

  • Lillia

    It would be different if he was 25 or something, I have no problem with “the older woman” thing, but I must admit this is a bit sickening. Getting impregnated to a 19 year old when your 43 and your daughter is just 6 -7 years younger. Ugh! It’s a bit too much wouldn’t you say. I’m mostly worried about her daughters.

  • Anonymous

    I am 5 years younger than him and i was so inlove with him until now, when i found out that he is together with a woman who is 23 years older than him. I think it’s sick because he does have a stepdaughter who is one year younger than me or something. What if SHE fell inlove or had a crush on him at some point? I know i would! And, is he doing this to fuck with us or something?

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