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@candacecbure – This picture of my boys makes me laugh- bacon and eggs

@moonfrye – Explaining to a 2 year old why it is not a good idea to lick the trash can is harder to explain than I would have thought.

@DanniiMinogue – the baby bump is getting big. It feels like baby is Moon-Walking across my stomache right now!

@tristasutter – Uh oh…already seeing babies everywhere. At least this trip is only for one day & then I’ll be reunited with my own. 🙂

@diablocody – Going to lend my voice to ROBOT CHICKEN today. I’ve always been robotic as an actress, so stop-motion might be my calling.

@MarioLopezExtra – My mom is visiting! Love it cus she still likes to pick up after me & cook for me as if I’m a little kid. She still likes to scold me too 🙂

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  • What the….

    Candance’s boys are gorgeous!

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