Giveaway: Kerri Walsh’s Favorite Things – Phil&Ted’s Stroller, $200 Visa Gift Card & More!

Olympic athlete Kerri Walsh – mother of son Joey, 11 months, and pregnant with another boy expected at the end of May – wants to help our readers celebrate Mother’s Day with a huge giveaway of her favorite things.

Here’s a special message from Kerri about Mother’s Day:

Mother’s day has always meant a lot to me because my mom is the woman I look up to and respect more than any other. She is the embodiment of strength, love and integrity–everything that I aspire to be in a woman and a mother.

Now that I am a mom, Mother’s Day will take on an additional special meaning. Not only will I consider myself an extremely proud daughter, but I will also consider myself an extremely proud mother (soon to be x’s 2!). Being a mother is the accomplishment I’m most proud of and the title I cherish most.

We’re only picking one winner to get all of these amazing gifts! Check out the goodies below:

Parents need products that adapt with a family’s growing needs. That’s why phi&teds invented the ultra adaptable inline™ buggy.

Inline™ buggies grow with your family. The unique double kit clips easily to the front or back so two kids (from lie-flat to upright 5 year old) can cruise inline™, in one buggy (no bigger than a single).

The dash features include:

  • Multi-position active seat™ for infinite snooze & cruise possibilities:: from lie-flat newborn to upright 5 year old
  • Sunhood with a peek-a-boo flap for sneaky peeks
  • Removable active seat™ insert for cushy cruisin’
  • Intelligent handle: trigger fold™ & handle brake mechanisms. Everything at your finger tips!

This is the double stroller you’ve been searching for! It’s narrow enough to fit into any door frame, has great storage space for all your stuff, and maneuvers well on any kind of terrain. And don’t worry, the child in the back is just as happy as the one up front! One buggy, 2 kids, 4 positions over loads of years!

We are giving away a phil&teds dash stroller to one lucky reader!

For a limited time, is offering a $110 discount on the phil&teds dash stroller with double kit seat in the limited edition graffiti fabric. Free shipping in included!

KT Tape (Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape) is a 100% cotton, elastic tape used by professional athletes, moms, and weekend warriors to relieve pain and stabilize sore muscles or joints. Kerri Walsh sported the tape while competing for her second Gold Medal at the Beijing Summer Games, and now she continues to wear it during her second pregnancy.

Ultra-light, elastic, and strong, KT Tape is highly effective at providing pain relief, stability & support, and faster recovery for injured or sore muscles and joints-without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement. Each strip of tape is 10” long and can be applied anywhere on the body to relieve pain and provide support. The tape stays on for 3-5 days per application, so you can enjoy all-natural pain relief even when you take a shower or swim in the pool!

A favorite KT Tape application for new moms and mommies-to-be is on the lower back, but the tape can be used for combating all kinds of muscle fatigue and soreness including runner’s knee, neck and shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ITBS, and many more. KT Tape is simple to use and easy to apply. Each box of tape comes with step-by-step photo instructions, and injury-specific video instructions (1-2 minutes long) for common applications are also available on the KT Tape website.

Kerri Walsh on KT Tape for 2 gold medals and 2 pregnancies:

I remained active throughout both my pregnancies. Now, during my 2nd pregnancy, I feel like I need some extra support to be able to maintain my fitness level. Specifically, I’m using KT Tape to take the pressure off my pelvis and lower back. Generally, I feel great during my actual workout, but when I’m done I sometimes feel like my body needs help in supporting the muscles and tendons that just got worked. KT Tape helps to relieve my post workout body fatigue by supporting my hips and abdominals (two areas that all pregnant woman are likely to need a little extra support at times!). I have my trainer apply the tape (application varies depending on my needs) and I continue on my way. KT Tape is comfortable, accessible, practical for everyone to use and it really works–all things that us athletes AND new mommies/mommy-to-be’s look for in a product.”

We are giving away a year’s supply of KT Tape in assorted colors to one lucky reader (value $175)!

Exclusive to our readers is a 30% discount off purchase of KT Tape! All you need to do is click here and enter promo code CBS2010.

  • Visa Gift Card (value $200)!

Visa is the #1 selling gift card in the United States. Gift cards can be used at millions of merchants worldwide and online that accept Visa debit cards.

We are giving away one $200 Visa Gift Card!

With Forsake, Oakley’s goal was to create the quintessential sunglass for every active woman: universally flattering and perfectly balanced between performance and style. Sporty performance wrapped in a beautiful toric shield package makes Forsake ideal for the woman who wants it all.

Forsake lets you see the world with the optimized peripheral view and side coverage of POLLARIC ELIPSOID lens geometry, and in typical Oakley fashion, optical precision and impact resistance meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 optical and basic impact standards. Additionally, Forsake offers Oakley’s Plutonite lenses which filter out 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.

The glass also features Unobtanium, or Oakley’s patented rubber material on both the earsocks and the nose pads to ensure the wearer a snug, secure fit that stays in place – especially when sweat or movement come into play.

We are giving away 1 pair of Oakley’s Forsake sunglasses (value $160)!

  • Murad Sun Undone kit (value: $45)!

Murad’s Radiant Skin Renewal Kit is a maximum strength Vitamin C regimen that protects and strengthens skin against environmental aging while restoring radiance, youthful texture and tone. Containing a complete 30 day supply of Murad Environmental Shield products, the regimen is formulated with a new, stable next generation Vitamin C technology that provides 50X the power of conventional Vitamin C.

The kit includes:

  • Essential-C Cleanser 1.5 FL. OZ.
  • Active Radiance Serum 0.33 FL. OZ.
  • Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 0.7 FL. OZ.
  • Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel 0.25 FL. OZ.

Radiant Skin Renewal Kit is part of Murad’s Environmental Shield line which was created to help restore and renew sun and environmentally damaged skin, while protecting it from new damage.

  • Over 90% of users reported instant brightening, firming and smoothing
  • 91% of users reported fading of freckles and age/sun spots in 4 weeks
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin clarity and tone
  • New stable Vitamin C technology provides 50X the power of conventional Vitamin C
  • Ectoin jump starts the cellular defense system by helping cells resist drastic environmental stresses including UV exposure and chemical aggressors

We are giving away 1 Murad Sun Undone kit to one lucky reader!

We’re only picking one winner to get all of these amazing gifts! Here’s how you can sign up:

*HOW TO ENTER* One time entry per person – one winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. Please do ALL three (see below) to be entered.

  • Become a new follower or already follow @celeb_babyscoop on twitter – You must be a current follower 4/10/10 to be eligible.
  • Become or already be a fan (now called like) on Facebook.
  • On twitter you must retweet this phrase:
    #Win Kerri Walsh’s fav things (including a @philandteds stroller!) @celeb-babyscoop’s HUGE Mother’s Day #giveaway!

This contest ends Wednesday, May 5th at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!
*contest rules*

Thanks Kerri Walsh! And Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

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