Melissa Etheridge On Break-Up: “It’s Been A Long Time Coming”

After seven years of marriage, rocker Melissa Etheridge recently announced that she is calling it quits with her wife Tammy Lynn. The Come to my Window singer opened up to OK! about the break-up and raising their 3-year-old twins, daughter Johnnie and son Miller.

On the break-up: “It’s been a long time coming. It’s hard, as any of these things are. It’s hard to do it in public because there’s no easy sound bite to say, this is what happened and so this is what’s going on. And even if I did, the perspectives would always be different so there’s a lot of sadness. And yet, she’ll always be in my life because we have two children.”

On the kids: “They’re wonderful. There’s a lot of interaction because of the kids and we keep that going and that’s good. Being a mom takes up most of my time and most of my energy. I’m going to be touring all summer and the kids will come with me.”

Head over to OK! for the rest of the interview…

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  1. Heather

    I would be so upset if my ex went and told a magazine that our split had been a long time coming. Like that’s the whole world’s business!

  2. Anna

    If it was a long time coming why did they have children?

  3. Sophia

    Anna, obviously it wasn’t THAT long coming, just quite a while. The twins are 3 and a half now, so the planning for them would’ve happened ages ago.
    I know it’s irrelevent, but does anyone else think Tammy Lynn looks a lot like Kendra Wilkinson?

  4. giftsofthejourney

    I generally don’t make it my business to comment on other people’s personal lives, but I do think it’s terrible for Melissa Etheridge to say that the breakup was a long time coming. I have been a fan of her music since the mid 90’s and I have lost a fair amount of respect for her lately and frankly any interest in her music now.

    I know one can never know what happened in someone else’s relationship and I don’t want to know, but I think it shows a total lack of heart to say some of the things she has on the self promotion talk show circuit with this new CD. Her whole interview with Oprah seemed grasping and disingenuous to me.

    I feel for Tammy Lynn in all this and was glad to see that she was telling her side on her Hollywood Farm Girl blog today. I say, “Go on girl … speak your truth!” This bit about the breakup being mutual is just sad and weak and according to Tammy, a lie. It makes everything ME has to say now worth nothing.

    At 50, ME ought to know better. If she was going to talk about then she should have spoken the truth or said nothing. No comment would have left it between the two of them and would have honored the relationship they once had.

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