Fame Was A “Curse” For Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich, the legal clerk who became a household name after Julia Roberts’ Oscar-winning portrayal of her in the film of the same name, spoke with the UK’s Sun, stating fame has changed her life, but not in a good way.

Brockovich says she wasn’t prepared for the fame or attention the movie would bring, especially on her personal life, which was depicted on film in detail: “I really didn’t know that a lot of my life was going to be in there – me, the children, my romance at the time with George the biker guy.”

As Brockovich became more visible due to the film, it also took a toll on her family. Her daughter, Elizabeth started doing drugs at 12 and was addicted to prescription pain killers by 14. Erin blames her absence: “”But I think it hit her when the movie came out and I was gone for about 18 days. She was able to con the nanny and get away with stuff that she would not have got away with otherwise. ”

Elizabeth is now sober and Erin is living near Los Angeles, continuing to work on environmental issues.

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I wonder if she’s still with George the biker guy.


At first, i thought that it was Joy Behar from the View lol. Kinda looks like her no?