Julia Roberts: “We Are As Happy As Clams”

A happy home life, a highly anticipated new flick, and to top it all off the title of People magazine’s “Most Beautiful Person In The World”: It seems Julia Roberts really does have it all. The 44-year-old mom-of-three recently sat down with The New York Times to chat about her admittedly “amazing” life.

Though she’ll be back in theaters in this summer’s Eat, Pray, Love, Julia has stepped back from movie-making since becoming a mom. Her true passion these days is the family life she shares with her husband Danny Moder and their kids Hazel and Phinnaeus, 5, and Henry, 2 1/2.

“We are happy as clams,” she admits. “I am fulfilled by my own life on an hourly basis. Every little moment is amazing if you let yourself access it. I learn that all the time from my kids; children are so filled with wonder. My youngest son woke up at 5 a.m. the other morning and said to me, ‘It’s a beautiful day, Mama!’ What’s more precious than that?”

She brought the whole gang along with her as she traversed the globe for Eat, Pray, Love, jetting to Italy, India and Indonesia.

“I was really exhausted when it was done,” Julia says now. “And I loved every second of it.”

While she’s not ready to step away from Hollywood entirely just yet, she’s quick to point out, “I’m not off the market, but my decision-making has more components than it used to.”

Twenty-plus years into her career the Pretty Woman star seems to be in the enviable position of being able to work her career around her very happy home life.

As Mike Nicols, who directed Julia in Closer, says, “She has nothing to prove. She’s doing what she enjoys. I think that her family is her life. She loves movies and making them. She’ll do it whenever she feels like it, can find the time and, most of all, can bring her family with her.”

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