Destin Pfaff & Rachel Federoff Don’t Plan On Being “Neurotic Parents”

Destin Pfaff and his fiancé, Rachel Federoff, star on Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker. The couple also work hard at home with their 8-month-old son, Sin Halo. Destin and Rachel opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their adorable son, what it’s like to match up millionaires with their soul mates, and that unorthodox baby name.

CBS: Congratulations on baby Sin! How is he doing? What is he into?

R&D: “Thank you! He is 8 months now and is absolutely amazing! He’s becoming such a little person. He is into everything, and is putting everything in his mouth. He makes us laugh all the time as he laughs at the strangest things like the ceiling fans and his pink pig humidifier. His favorite things are cell phones, cameras, and the TV remote. Typical male!”

CBS: Destin, how has fatherhood changed you?

DP: “In every way imaginable. I knew I would love him, but now that he’s here, the love and intense worry is more than I ever knew one could experience. I care more now about everything in life… including myself. I want to be the best dad in the world, and that’s more important than anything else.”

CBS: Rachel, how has motherhood changed you?

RF: “It has officially taken me from a girl to a woman for one thing. I now live my life for my son, everything has new meaning and importance and nothing matters but him.”

CBS: You had a terrible scare when Sin was born. First, his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck which stopped his heart. After surviving this, Sin suffered from digestive problems. How is he doing now?

R&D: “Yes it was a very scary experience but he is doing wonderful now. He eats everything in sight and is growing beautifully.”

CBS: Tell us about your parenting routines. Who does the midnight feeds? Who puts Sin to bed? Who likes to read/sing/play with him?

R&D: “In the beginning Destin did the night shift as I was healing form the C-section. Sin sleeps through the night now luckily. We both put him to bed. Rachel sings and dances with him as well and we both read to him and play with him. However, Rachel is the comforter and Destin is the goof ball.”

CBS: What are your hopes and dreams for Sin? What values do you plan to teach him?

R&D: “We want the world for Sin. He can be anything he wants to be, the sky’s the limit. As long as he doesn’t hurt himself or others we will be proud of whatever he achieves. We plan to teach him to love all walks of life, culture is the best thing to have and to be confident and stand up for what he believes in. Oh, and Destin wants him to be a scientist.”

CBS: Tell us how you chose Sin’s unusual name. Any regrets?

R&D: “Well we were sitting in bed one night talking about what we would name our kids when we had them. Rachel always loved the fact that people are made up of a little good and a little bad and out popped Sin Halo. Without dark there is no light, face it.

People have made such a fuss about how awful his name is and that we are the worst parents in the world, but you know what he is the most happy, beautiful little boy, and a name really when you think of it is just a name. It does not make the person. I mean it’s ok for people to name their kid Mowgli or Apple or even Inspector? Why is Bob acceptable? Sin Halo Jude Pfaff is awesome.”

CBS: Destin, you got the job on Millionaire Matchmaker by answering an ad on Craigslist. Did you ever imagine this would be your career?

DP: “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would become a matchmaker. I came to L.A. to find my muse as a screenwriter. I would do short stints fixing up people’s businesses, then break for writing.

When I met Patti, it was only going to be a few weeks of helping her out. Now more than 5 years later, she’s trusted me to fully run and help realize the potential of her business, taught me the secrets of becoming a matchmaker (something I fought kicking and screaming, but turned out I had a knack for) and she has become my best friend.

With all this going on – COO of Millionaires Club, successful matchmaker, reality TV star – I’ve also found myself with my other career booming: Writing, directing and producing films, some big budget, some smaller. I couldn’t be happier. It’s a weird life, but a darn good one!”

CBS: Rachel, you are also an integral part of the show. Did you ever imagine you’d be involved in a TV show like this?

RF: “It’s funny as I never imagined myself being on a reality show, in a movie maybe as that’s my passion but TV never occurred to me.”

CBS: What do you both love about the show?

R&D: “For Rachel it’s the crazy millionaires, the more wacky they are the better! For Destin, the fun of it. TV is work, but its fun. Anyone that tells you differently, shouldn’t be on TV. Plus I get to yell at people in front of millions of viewers.”

CBS: For our readers who haven’t seen the show yet, please explain what it’s all about.

R&D: “The Millionaire Matchmaker profiles the Millionaires Club matchmaking business and its three senior staff members: Patti Stanger (CEO), Destin Pfaff (COO) and Rachel Federoff (DIRECTOR OF REGISTRATION). Each week they take on two millionaire clients and help them on their quest for love. Through elaborate mixers, recruiting sessions and dinners, the millionaires choose their mates, go out on spectacular high end dates, and then get criticized or praised by the staff. Oh, and the COO has a mohawk.”

CBS: Were the 2 of you set up? Or did you find each other on your own?

R&D: “We actually met in 2005 on Myspace of all places! We were friends on there up until 2007 when we ended up falling in love. Rachel moved from her home town in Orange County to live with Destin and the rest is history. It was great though as Patti helped us and counseled us.”

CBS: Do you want Sin to enter showbiz?

R&D: “Sin can decide when he knows how to make decisions. We don’t plan on being those neurotic parents that drag and force their kids to auditions, etc. We feel that it should be his decision not ours. Destin says ‘No child actors!'”

CBS: Any plans for baby No. 2?

R&D: “Well we are 50/50 as it was a tough experience and scary, but Rachel misses being pregnant and we would love to give Sin a brother or sister.”

CBS: Have you set a wedding date? Can you reveal any of the wedding details?

R&D: “Hmmm.. New York sounds nice.”

CBS: Destin, we hear you’re working on several film projects. Please share.

DP: “I’ve written a big budget horror film called The Disembodied that’s currently in pre-production. I’m producing an awesome ’70s heist thriller that I co-wrote later this year called Sushi Girl and I’m slated to direct my first feature: The 3-D gross-out fest Licorice Kisses.

Oh, and I’m taking a stab at a writing a romantic comedy along with Miss Patti Stanger! Not to mention Rachel and I are appearing in a film called Deader Living Through Chemistry.

CBS: If you are working on any other projects or with any charities, please feel free to discuss.

R&D: “City of Hope is amazing!”

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  • Fergie Lover

    Great interview! I love MMM and i always wanted to know more about Destin & Rachel. They seem like great parents and really cool people.

  • Anonymous

    I still dislike the baby’s name but you can tell they genuinely love being parents. That is really what matters! He can always call himself Jude when he’s older.

  • Anonymous

    Hi I’ve posted a comment before but havnt got a response! Just wondering what pram u guys had on the millionaire match maker episode where u were getting a photo shoot done? I love it and want one

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