Brad Pitt Lifts Shiloh High In The Sky

Brad Pitt was spotted playing with his four eldest children – Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3 ½ – at a park in Venice, Italy yesterday (April 29).

The hands-on dad lifted Shiloh in the air as she laughed and clapped her hands in delight. In the meantime, her older siblings worked their way around the playground.

Mama Angelina Jolie and 1 ½-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, were not seen with the fun group.

Click to see 10+ pictures of the Jolie-Pitts at the park…

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  1. Anonymous

    Brad is the BEST dad!

    Angelina has given him what he has always wanted….a BEAUTIFUL family to love.

    God bless Brad and Angelina’s love, may it last forever with them together forever!

  2. Emma

    Shiloh always was my favorite celeb-baby before and I feel so guilty that I don’t feel that she’s cute anymore with that haircut… She can have short hair, I don’t care, but that hairdo is not nice.

  3. Sofia

    I also wanted to add – I don’t think these kids should be photographed when they are supposed to enjoy a private time at a park playground… Well actually they shouldn’t be photographed at all. It’s going to ruin their life.

  4. Kate

    Well Sofia, if you want to stop photographers taking pictures – stop looking at them! You are contributing to the demand for pictures of this family including the kids that makes photographers do crazy stuff like climb fances, break-in celebrities’ homes, etc.

    And for somebody who is not “crazy” about this couple – you seem to be paying a lot of attention to them. You are the only one who has posted 2 comments on the same story – out of total of 4. Hmmm, obsessed much?

  5. Solène

    I can’t help but think that Pax is the cutest of the bunch! He’s so adorable! I love that he wears an outfit coordinated with Brad’s!

  6. Pitt family ...

    Brad reminds me of Ben Affleck.. they both bring their kids to the park and
    entertain them.. Both started out their careers as big superstars who are
    now fathers.. Brad certainly has changed gone are the action films and now
    he has his family to take care of.. Thanks for the treasured photos of Shiloh
    my favorite Pitt. Must be so nice to just go to the park and play without
    body guards..

  7. Anonymous

    Shiloh is such a beautiful, spirited little girl!

  8. Lioness

    You guys crack me up… Shiloh, Shiloh, Shiloh! Any time any pics are taken of this bunch, Shiloh is prominently featured on this site, even if it’s just a glimpse of her. When there are a lot of great shots of all of them, the commenters focus on Shiloh. It is perplexing to me- there are three other siblings photographed there, lol…

    These kids are so beautiful in their own ways- it’s wild how good-looking they are. That Maddox… he is SERIOUSLY going to break hearts, give him a few years… Great pictures of the kids, they look like they had fun.

  9. Kediia

    I love this family.
    But I have to agree with Emma …
    Them ore I see pictures of Shiloh with this picture,
    The less cute I found her .. =S
    Last pics she was cute! But I have to say
    That if Brad wasn’t around, I would have thought that
    It was a boy. …
    But Zahara, Pax and Maddox are such beautiful
    I love this family ♥

  10. nicoleC

    i agree with Emma
    Shiloh ‘s hairdo is not very well
    Yes,she can cut it short,but i think like Peter Facinelli’s youngest daughter’s hairso is better,more pretty
    Shiloh is a happy girl with dad anyway

  11. Anonymous

    Gorgeous kids!! They look so happy when playing.

    Gotta give props to Brad… I’d go crazy if I had to watch 4 kids at a playground… just watching over one is exhausting for me.

  12. Sophia

    Shiloh’s hair looks blonder again. Maybe it’s just the light. She looks beautiful as always 🙂 I love this family 🙂

  13. Botanic

    Shiloh is adorable, I love her cheerful.

    ♥ Such a cutie little thing ♥

  14. lig

    love the jolie-pit family but i agree, the whole family needs hair makeovers! brad’s beard! ugh! those mohowks. and shiloh’s shaggy cut. and zahara’s isn’t bad but it could be adorable. oh well, not my kids and they look happy and that’s what counts.

  15. lig

    oops, meant to write mohAwks.

  16. What the....

    I agree with Emma. I used to think Shiloh was beautiful and she’s still cute but looks too much like a boy – with the boy clothes, boy haircut and her front tooth knocked out from playing football (at least that’s the story I read). It’s very rare to see a 3 year old girl who looks exactly like a boy.

  17. Mara

    Shiloh and Vivienne are not cute children.

  18. Anonymous

    Shiloh’s hair is short because one of the older kids cut it off. It’s growing again so it should soon look better.

    • Andrea

      who told you this? I highly doubt it, as suddenly it was extremely short AND colored a darker brown from her natural lighter blonde. And it’s been short for quite some time, not only short but as a boy’s hair would be cut. I would love to see her hair grown long and maybe a dress or sparkly shoes like her sister gets to wear!

  19. Rachel

    Why is Zahara sucking on her thumb everytime? She’s 4!

  20. Mapiurka

    Hi all of you! Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  21. Cindy

    Yeah, I don’t care what anyone says, I still say someone is going out of the way to make Shiloh look like a boy. I mean really. At that age, someone has to help get the girl dressed and help make choices. No way I believe she picks out trendy little layered ensembles from the boys section every day.

  22. SherryJ

    I ♥ Shiloh & Vivienne!!!

  23. Andrea

    All the Jolie-Pitt kids are cute, and obviously enjoy a lavish lifestyle of globe-trotting and the finer things that tons of money can offer. But, like many other of these comments, I can’t help but notice Shiloh each time there are photos posted of them. How f’d up is it when your parents are two gorgeous and famous people, and you are born a beautiful little girl, yet they strangelytransform you into a little boy. I can’t see that a small child (they’ve been doing this since she was 2) would demand to be dressed and treated as a boy. Children may have ideas about wanting to be a different gender at a young age, but would they act upon it? Even the tomboyish tomboy, at a young age, still dresses like a girl at times. I just feel SO bad for Shiloh, and I truly wonder what kind of demented people her parents are to do this to her. Let her be a girl, Angelina. What the hell are you afraid of? That Zahara will be jealous?

  24. BethT

    I can’t believe how stupid people are. Little kids are very vocal about what they do and don’t like. If Shiloh hated her clothes and desperately wanted to wear fancy party dresses she would be screaming about it. Hasn’t it occurred to anybody that Shiloh cut her or got gum in it forcing the haircut? I love how everybody blames Angelina and thinks Brad has nothing to do with it. I will never forget when Brad took Shiloh and Zahara shopping everybody was bashing Angelina for Shiloh’s clothing eventhough she wasn’t even there. Considering the photos are of Shiloh laughing and having a good time, I seriously doubt she feels bad and demands sympathy.

  25. Kati

    All these foutr children are absolutely adorable! Bread is so lucky to have them – and Knox and Vivienne – in his life. Angie has given him the greatest gift he ever wanted: a BEAUTIFUL family. I love all these pics but my three favorites are the one in which Brad is lifting Shi up, Zahara is sucking her thumb and most especially the on in which Pax has his hand on his big bro´s shoulder. It shows how close those two brothers are.

  26. Kim

    I praise Brad and Angie for respecting their childrens clothing styles. For Andrea are Brad and Angie demented for dressing the other kids in the clothes they are wearing? Did they become demented after Shiloh became 3 because there are pics of her when long hair and dresses last year on this site. If this child ‘s appearance causing you so much angst stop looking at her. For me nothing better than seeing a child beaming with joy

  27. Anonymous

    I love Brad’s smile, he is a happy dad.

  28. Anonymous

    I have a feeling that one of the children is bullying Shiloh to wear boys clothes, cut her hair, punch or hit her on the mouth to lose her teeth. It could be Zahara. Because she is much older than Shiloh and in striking contrast , to what Shiloh is wearing all the time, Zahara is wearing very frilly girly dresses, as if she is already aware that girly dresses are prettier to wear. I dont trust that look in Zahara. She looks like she is capable of scheming. I might be wrong, I hope I am. But adding 1+1+1 as the cutting of hair, losing a tooth and asking to wear boys clothes at 2 or 3 of age is almost unbelievable. A 2-3 year old would normally have no idea what they want to wear- that is, they are too young to be aware of such things and too young to have preferences about wear gear.

  29. nonoonoo

    Well my JUST 2 year old has definite preferences about clothes. Take her shopping and show her an item of clothing and if she doesn’t like it the nose is wrinlkled up, the foot stamps and she stabs her chubby finger at the offending skirt declaring (loudly) “a yucky skirt! Yucky yucky YUCKY!” So, 2 yr olds CAN be very vocal about clothes but many are not. My child also insisted on wearing nothing but a superman costume and a tea cosy on her head for a week. Call me demented but it was an easy choice:a) badly dressed but happy smiley child vs b) well-dressed tantrum in action. I’m no Brangelina fan but I am cutting them slack on this one. But then I think little girls with short hair are sweet (though I would prefer Shi in a slightly more feminine cut).

  30. hooher tod

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