Tom Brady’s Day Of Family Fun

Quarterback dad Tom Brady has both his boys with him yesterday as he and his wife Gisele Bündchen spent a sunny afternoon at the playground in Santa Monica, California with their 4-month-old son Benjamin and big brother Jack, 2, Tom’s son from a previous relationship (April 29).

Though Gisele kept little Benjamin close we do get a glimpse of the gorgeous babe as he peeks out from his mom’s arms.

Tom recently revealed of being a dad to his two boys,

It’s a great thing to see them run around at the football game, or at least one of them run around. For a long time, I didn’t know when I was going to be a father, and now I have two boys.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    cute bebe… I wish there was a picture of Jack tho!

  2. Larissa

    I like her, really do, but she´s got to stop squishing baby Ben on her chest like that , I mean I am sure he is not like that ALL the time but it makes me claustrofobic !!!!! lol

  3. Anonymous


    There are at least 5 pictures of Jack.

  4. Carey

    Beautiful pics.

    Many people expect Gisele to ignore her stepson now that she has her own son but it’s not happening. But in these pictures she is always is holding Ben in a way that’s not possible for her to interact well with Jack. Anyway, is possible to see how much Gisele cares for Jack.

    Where are Gisele’s haters? I miss their entertainment.

  5. Anonymous

    gorgeous family! Jack is absolutely adorable!

  6. Anonymous

    um hello – i’m a giselle disliker, if not hater. So what? I’m entitled to not like someone esp. someone who goes on and on about what a perfect life she has and how she has a son she didnt give birth to, and how she’s not a garbage disposal like many other of us women. I’m frankly quite tired of her, but Benjamin is a sweetheart and she seems like she adores him.

  7. Anonymous #7

    Anonymous #6: You’re tired of Gisele. As far I know isn’t Gisele who puts herself in this site and neither is she who makes you interested in her.
    Or wait, you’re just interested in Ben or Jack? Or both? Let them grow up before you start drool.
    Gisele never said her life is perfect but I bet her life is very close to it. Gisele is a millionaire model who enjoys life, I doubt she has something to complain. In the world she lives in she has the duty to be perfect and people expect perfection from her.
    Now about Gisele telling women who don’t take good care while pregnant are garbage disposals. Well if the insult fit you, it’s ok, you’re not the only one. Gisele’s mother is mother of six women and older sister is fat after pregnancy. Ouch. Feel good.

    Why stepfathers aren’t so disliked like stepmothers are? Probably because many of them don’t get close to stepchildren to avoid trouble. One more reason why some men are smarter than women.

  8. Anonymous

    Whenever there is alot of negative publicity, this time the mega house, there will always be a good guys photo op.

  9. Anonymous

    @Apr 30, 2010 @ 02:00 pm

    No photo op, just living their lives. You wrote the same comment in every site that has pictures of them. Are you a stalker?

  10. Anonymous

    Beautiful family. They boys are adorable, Tom is really hot and Gisele looks amazing even in her sweats. Everyone seems so happy together.

    Is there a more perfect family out there?

  11. Anonymous

    It’s not Jack but John

  12. Anonymous

    I love them and enjoy seeing a happy family amongst all the celeb splitting cheating drama. At least there is one happy family being talked about. I like that and the positivity. Tom and Gisele seem very in love and happy. you can see it written all over their gorgeous faces. new baby,new home,happiness. I wish them the best. and yes I noticed giseles haters/dislikers/stalkers what ever you want to call them (all the same to me), say the same old same old things about her. I have got one suggestion, dont google her maybe? im sure that will help out your dislike for her in the future 🙂 its not that hard, lol. I dont google people I dont like….

  13. Erica

    I adore John and in his bucket hat.. x17online has a ton of pictures and some really lovely ones of Tom & John and Gi & John and more pics of baby Ben.. they make a lovely family I adore this family they are my second favorite family behind The Jolie-Pitt Clan.. I cant wait to see John & Ben as they get older and start to play together.. how cute

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