Melanie Brown: “We Definitely Want To Have More Kids”

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown has her sights set on expanding the family she shares with her producer husband Stephen Belafonte.

The couple already have three daughters between them – Mel has girls Phoenix, 11, and Angel, 3, from previous relationships while Stephen has daughter Giselle, 5 – but she says they “definitely” want to add to their brood.

“We’re always practising! We definitely want to have more kids, some time in the next couple of years, sure,” she tells the UK’s The Daily Mirror, adding, “I always say that as long as the baby is healthy I don’t care if it is a boy or a girl. I don’t know how many more children I’ll have – however many I can get!”

As for the kids they already have, Melanie, 34, is happy to report that the girls all get along great.

“Giselle comes over every weekend and they all get on with each other,” she reveals. “Angel can be a bit of a terror, but she’s three and trying to get her voice heard. They sit in the kitchen and sing. Very sweet.”

The musical mom also shares the secret to success in her relationship – she and Stephen tied the knot in 2007.

“In mine and Stephen’s ­relationship we’re best friends…. We do everything together as well. We’ve just produced a movie and we do a bunch of stuff ­together, whether it’s taking the kids to the park or doing supermarket shops. We like being together.”

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  • Anonymous

    There is already overpopulation in this world. Why can’t she just adopt? It’s pretty selfish of her to want more children. It’s ok if she has 1 more, but more than that is just superfluous.

    • LaKesha

      Are you serious? She has every right to want how ever many bilogical children that she would like. Adoption is not for everyone. Btw, how many children have you adopted?

  • Anonymous

    I always thought she is so hot!

  • Anonymous

    “We’re always practicing!” Ugh, I hate it when people say things like that. Gross.

  • Anonymous

    LoL look at the body language between Phoenix and Giselle! Phoenix must be getting to that age where she finds her younger sibling annoying

  • Anonymous

    i wonder why she felt the need to say they all get along, but that picture clearly shows otherwise.

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