Guess Who Revealed: Charlie Ballerina Sisto!

It’s Charlie Ballerina Sisto!

Six Feet Under alum Jeremy Sisto walked with his wife Addie Lane, their adorable 11-month-old daughter, and the family dogs in the east village section of New York City on Friday (April 30).

The loving family-of-three looked happy as they strolled and smiled at the paparazzi.

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  • Carolina

    Helena Grace ?

  • Anonymous

    Helena Rutherford Griesch (sp?)

  • Anonymous

    Clementine Hawke?

  • Kathy

    I third that – Helena Grace Rutherford.

  • Mia

    Rachel Griffiths’ daughter Clementine?

  • Mi

    She looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s daughter, though, she’s too big to be her and Charlotte was born in september.

  • MissAnonymous

    rachel griffiths daughter clementine

  • Anonymous

    It is definitely not Kelly Rutherford’s daughter…I think it is Rachel griffith’s daughter Clementine:)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who it is but I can tell you its not Helena Grace she has darker hair

  • melo1983

    Def. Clementine!

  • Jay87

    Daughter of David Boreanaz and his Wife Jaime =)

  • Anonymous

    Cobie Smulders baby?

  • Renee

    ethan hawkes baby girl

  • Anonymous

    Clementine Hawke

  • Hannah.J

    Rachel Griffiths baby girl Clementine Grace.

  • alexa

    Clementine Grace.

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s the beautiful daughter of Rachel Griffiths too!

  • Sophia

    I’d have said Aven Settle if I hadn’t have known she turned one in March. This baby looks so much like a photo I saw of Aven when she was younger! It can’t be Bardot or Shaelyn, because neither of them were born in June. I guess that only leaves Clementine Taylor! She looks very different to how she looked at her christening though….
    I’m sticking with Aven Angelica Settle and just assuming that you got her birthday wrong haha

  • Sophia

    I’ve got it! It’s Charlie Ballerina Sisto! I’m so sure of it!

  • mckayla

    Max Armstrong.
    The pink t-shirt could be misleading and make think of a girl but I think he’s the younger Armstrong child.

  • Anonymous

    Why, why, WHY do they choose these names for their children? They are so desperate to be unique and edgy.

    • Sophia

      Charlie isn’t unique or edgy. It’s not like she’ll go by her middle name too. I guess they thought it was cute and fun, or maybe it has personal meaning to them. Giving a child unusual middle name is different to giving them a weird first name that might cause them grief. If Charlie doesn’t want to tell people her middle name she won’t have to. Charlie is a perfectly normal and nice name, I think.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Charlie on a girl.

  • Anji

    Omg She look like aven settle > beauty eyes blue

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