Sandra Bullock Was Proud To Adopt From The U.S.

New mom Sandra Bullock, who surprised the world this week when she announced she had secretly adopted a baby, told People magazine that she was proud to adopt from the United States.

In an exclusive interview with People, Sandra describes the adoption process as long, but ultimately worth it: “We began the conversations and then all the paperwork, the background checks, the home visitations about four years ago,” she said. “We didn’t want to go at it any other way than the way everyone else would have to do it. There are hoops, but the hoops are there to protect the child. And worth every jump.”

Sandra also confirmed that she would be divorcing her husband Jesse James, who’s recently been involved in a mega-cheating scandal with a number of women. Their Orange County home has recently been put on the market.

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  • lig

    wow, she looks FANTASTIC! US, Ethiopia, Russia, India… all children need love and deserve a family. Proud of her for adopting from the US, sure. But also proud of all the families who have adopted from abroad.

  • Anonymous

    Louis is so gorgeous.

  • Domino

    So glad she adopted from the US. I’m not even from there but I think enough kids need a home in the US to go to a different country and make publicity of yourself by adopting foreigners as other people do…

    Go Sandra!

  • Anonymous

    Oh so if you adopt from the US u are not looking for publicity u are just adopting but if you adopt internationally u are seeking publicity. WOW! Some of you women are something else.

  • Anonymous

    I think its great. My SIL adopted from within the US, and was told by basically every agency that a lot of people don’t want to adopt within US b/c most of the babies are African American, its awful!!! They adopted an african american baby girl. More people should adopt from within the US, those babies need homes too.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t adopt from the U.S. because I despise the draconian adoptions laws in this country. A majority of states actually give the birth mother a year, after the adoption has been finalized, to change her mind and reclaim the child. That is preposterous! No way would I put myself in a position to have my child stripped away from me after spending an entire year bonding with her/him. At least in an international adoption, I am assured that the adoption is final when I take custody of the child and I won’t have to worry about the birth mother coming back and demanding my child.

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