Sarah Jessica Parker’s West Village Walk

Busy mom Sarah Jessica Parker enjoyed a day out with the family, taking a stroll through New York’s West Village with her twin daughters Loretta and Tabitha, 10 months, and their big brother James Wilke, 7 (May 2).

We spotted the lovely Sex and the City star, who is married to actor Matthew Broderick, just yesterday, enjoying a sunny NY afternoon with her gorgeous girls.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    the babies name is marion NOT Loretta god get it right!

  2. Anonymous

    I think they do it deliberately just so people will comment.

  3. Anonymous

    The baby’s given name is Marion but the family calls and refers to her as Loretta.

  4. Anonymous

    What has happened to Sarah? She’s gotten way too skinny geez!!

  5. freya

    They are never going to get it right because if they refer to her a Marion then people start complaining that the family doesn’t call her that and then if they refer to her a Loretta then you will complain that it isn’t her first given name. Really, who cares?

  6. What the....

    Wow, she has some old looking wrinkled hands.

  7. Anonymous

    I am older than her and my hands look nothing like that. Is it from being thin?

  8. mhm90

    Isnt her name Marion Loretta? And SJP has some freaky looking hands.. Smoking?

  9. Leya

    Madonna’s hands and arms are like SJP’s. It is age and working out way to much. Th girls are cute though.

  10. Anonymous

    Wow, all the comments about the name. The name that none of us gets to decide on by the way. Here I thought everyone might be outraged by the ugly cigarette just above the baby’s face! Gross!

  11. CDionFan21

    These are just the cutest photos! These and the ones from the day before certainly brightened my day!

  12. popsykl

    Gorgeous babies they look just like my daughters i could pinch them and no one would even think they werent ours lol

  13. Sophia

    Tabitha’s such a sweetie, she reminds me a lot of Sean Preston Federline.

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