Electronic Gifts & Gadgets for Mother’s or Father’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Celebrity Baby Scoop went on the hunt for the latest, must-have electronic gifts and gadgets to make our lives easier and more fun. Over the next few days we will introduce you to our finds. Today, we feature the Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset, Sleeptracker Elite, Hello Kitty Crystal Earbuds, and the Spracht Aura BluNote.

Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset
Moms and dads on the go who want to look stylish and stay connected on-the-go without sticking an obtrusive gadget to your face will love the Discovery 975 Bluetooth headset. A striking, minimalist design offers the simplicity of one-touch controls, while dual-mic AudioIQ² and WindSmart technologies keep your conversations clear, even in harsh conditions. Voted Editor’s Choice by CNET in August, the 975 comes with a leather charging case that doubles as a charger, effectively tripling your talk and standby time. It’s a fantastic gift for parents who need to be able to stay in communication while on the road and away from home.

The Discovery 975 Bluetooth retails for $129.99 and is available here .

Sleeptracker Elite
Help mom or dad wake up on the right side of the bed with the new and improved Sleeptracker Elite, a watch device that detects the movements associated with a light sleep stage and can gently wake you at the optimal stage. When the watch senses a light sleep stage during a morning time frame set by the user, it wakes the user with an alarm or vibration – allowing even the deepest of sleepers to awake refreshed and alert. Sleeptracker Elite can be connected to your PC and your sleep data is transferred to your desktop.

The Sleeptracker Elite is great for any mom or dad – new, seasoned, working, or stay-at-home – who wants to start their day rejuvenated or just a little less frazzled. The Sleeptracker Elite retails for $125 and is available here. Enter coupon code MD2010 for a 15% discount through Mother’s Day.

Hello Kitty Crystal Earbuds by Simmons Jewelry Co.
Moms will look cute and stylish on their daily walk, while working out at the gym or even just doing chores sporting the Hello Kitty Crystal Earbuds by Simmons Jewelry Co. with their favorite music player. These crystal retractable earbuds also make a great gift for daughters who are always worried about looking cute and stylish traveling, going for walks or laying out in the sun. They work with portable DVD players, too.

The Hello Kitty Crystal Earbuds by Simmons Jewelry Co. retail for $75 and are available at Zales stores and online here.

The Spracht Aura BluNote
Looking for a portable, wireless speaker that allows you to listen to your saved music from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, without interruption when receiving or making calls? The Spracht Aura BluNote is the solution you are looking for. It will also play music from your iPod, MP3/MP4 player, portable game console, PC or Mac. The BluNote utilizes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to provide noise cancellation and convert different audio formats. The Bass Boost produces a rich, deep, bass tone for a more powerful sound.

The BluNote is perfect for moms and dads to use at their office or in their home office, giving them the freedom to rock out all day while still conducting business. It is also perfect for moms to use while in the kitchen and laundry room, or anywhere else in the house to help daily chores go by faster and without missing any important calls.

The Spracht Aura BluNote retails for $99 and is available here.

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mrs. p

super nice giveaway for me & hubby for our first mother’s/father’s day especially the sleeptracker!

robert Nickell

The electronics are great – but do not forget the first time expecting father. i got a set up daddyscrubs to wear in the hospital, and love them. http://www.daddyscrubs.com


Great Gadgets.. I really like the hello kitty head phones. I will have to put that on my list for moms day.


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Lesley Chow

A very insighful article, I very much enjoyed reading this, thank you


that is a good idea, i have bought a ebook reader for my father http://www.gowetrade.com/Wholesale-Cheapest-mid-umpc-ebook-android-os_c959.html

Akku Inspiron 6000

I very much enjoyed reading this, thank you