Jessica Alba: “I’ve Shifted My Priorities”

For movie star mom Jessica Alba, motherhood has meant a change in her priorities.

“Having my daughter has certainly shifted my priorities,” says the 29-year-old beauty, who welcomed her adorable girl Honor Marie in 2008. “It’s all about giving her the best life possible, and that means finding that right balance between being home and working when I can, rather than being so career driven.”

With her focus on family these days, Jessica recently revealed that she’s pickier about the projects she signs on to.

“When I took the time off I decided that if I’m going to do this for a living it has to be good filmmakers, good characters and doing stuff that I’m not always comfortable with.”

Jessica’s latest film is The Killer Inside Me, co-starring Kate Hudson – she’s pictured here at last week’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere.

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  • Anonymous

    she can’t afford to be picky about the roles that go her way…she has to realize to grab every opportunity coz she’s not a good actress and they hire her based on her looks…

    • Moore1

      At least she has the money to support her family.

    • RedRum

      Wrong. She CAN afford to be picky, she’s a multi-millionaire. She’s not a bad actress, she has generally worked with first-time or crappy directors. She does well when she has a good director. When she worked with James Cameron, she got nominated for a Golden Globe.

      • Shirilicious

        I’d say that 4 (!) Razzie nominations speak louder than one decade-old GG nomination for a short-lived tv series that got cancelled because ratings were low.
        She CANNOT afford to be picky. She going on 30 (there’s always someone younger and prettier around the corner), her filmography consists mostly of critical and commercial failures, all the great roles for actresses her age go to other people. Take a look around film blogs, when it comes to promising actresses under 30, who are expected to have a great career, because of what they’ve achieved so far, Jessica Alba’s name isn’t even mumbled.

        • Moore1

          Yeah, well, sandra bullock won a razzie for worst actress of the year so that part of your comment is moot considering sandra won an oscar the same year.

          • Shirilicious

            No, that part isn’t moot since, you’ve said it yourself, Sandra actually has an Oscar to balance the Razzie. And is in addition a huge box office draw. Jessica has nothing like that.

          • Moore1

            Having a razzie does not mean that you cannot act which is what it sounds like you’re trying to get across. There are plenty of good actors who have razzies or razzie nominations who don’t have oscars to go with them.

      • Shirilicious

        And one more thing, a good actor is able to give a great performance no matter the circumstances. If you can only deliver when everything around you is shining then you’re a mediocre actor.
        And first-time directors can be great too.

  • Anonymous

    I never said anything about money….I can support my family just fine….

    • Moore1

      No one said anything about you supporting your family.

      • Anonymous

        wow! you’re in love with a loser actress!!! ha ha ha ha

  • BrigidMhairi

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