Kendra Wilkinson: Motherhood Has Changed My Definition Of Beauty

People magazine has included new mom Kendra Wilkinson on this year’s list of the Most Beautiful People In The World.

The former Playboy model, who welcomed her son Hank Jr in December, says that motherhood has put a brand new spin on the concept of beauty.

“Now that I’m a mom my definition of beauty has changed so much. Before, I was taking off my top and wearing booty shorts and stuff that really shows my cleavage. I don’t dress that way anymore,” explains the 24-year-old reality star. “I’m still the same free-spirited girl, but now I’m growing up and I’m excited about it. Getting make-up and hair isn’t my No. 1 anymore. What comes first is my baby.”

So what does Kendra think about being named to this year’s exclusive list?

“[People] ranked me as one of their 50 MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! AHHHHHHH I’m so flattered!” she recently blogged.

Other moms who made the cut include Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara and Julianna Margulies.

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  1. Anonymous

    She’s lying. Her appearance is still her priority. It’s clearly evident if you watch her show — rather, can stomach watching her show.

  2. Susan

    I KNOW!
    She is a liar. All she cares is of her appearance. STOP NAGGING! U want to look good, either diet and exercise or get cosmetic surgery but stop bombarding us with the same thing everyday!!

  3. Anonymous

    I think there is nothing wrong with having a baby and then turning around to tone back up again, she’s young yet and just because someone wants to look good doesn’t mean there a bad parent…Alot of mothers are that way.

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