Adam Sandler & Sadie Hang Ten

Aloha! Funnyman Adam Sandler taught his daughter Sadie, who turns 4 on Thursday, how to do the traditional Hawaiian shaka while on the Maui set of his new romantic comedy, Just Go With It, on Monday (May 3). Adam’s wife Jackie and their youngest daughter Sunny, 18 months, were also spotted on the set.

Adam recently joked that Sadie isn’t always “nice” to costar Jennifer Aniston. “I call her ‘Fifty Fifty Sadie. When she’s nice to Aniston, I’m in a good mood. When she’s nuts I’m like, ‘Sadie, come here for a minute. That’s Aniston! It’s fine.'”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. morgan

    Sadie and sunny are unfortunate looking little girls

  2. Anonymous

    morgan….couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. Marilyn

    You shouldn’t put mean comments about their looks here — that could have been kept to yourselves. There was no point in commenting like that.

  4. Anonymous

    both girls are so tall, cute.

  5. Anonymous

    I cannot remember ever seeing a photo of Sadie where she is smiling.

  6. Anonymous

    Sunny is soooo cute!

  7. SS

    I actually think they’re adorable! And I feel like they will definitely grow into their looks.

  8. Anonymous

    I think they’re precious. I agree with SS, these are babies with very adult features. They’re going to be gorgeous in a few years.

  9. jlove

    Lucky man to be surrounded by such beautiful girls… I think those girls are absolutely perfect. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

  10. Jaime

    With negative comments like these its really no wonder that plastic surgery is on the rise!


    i am loving Sadie’s curls, look how gorgeous her hair is in those pictures, i’m really glad they let it grow out longer.

    his wife is looking really pretty, it looks like she’s back to her prebaby weight. for some reason i always kind of got the feeling that she’s kind of an athletic person, likes going to the gym and stuff… i don’t know why, but it’s that’s the case she’s looking fabulous.

    and for the life of me i CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHO THE HECK SUNNY LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!! we all know that Sadie is Adam’s mini-me, but Sunny doesn’t look like either one of the really, i’m curious to see them in a few years

  12. freya

    these girls are starting to grow into their looks and are getting more beautiful by the day.

  13. Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong with the way they look. They look very beautiful and very Jewish. They’re little beauties. Look at that hair on Sadie, it’s beautiful.

  14. Anonymous

    The first poster is totally off base. Both girls are adorable. It comes with the territory. All Hollywood chldren are insulted regularly by haters online….it is to be ignored.

  15. Gina O'Mara

    I think that the picture of Adam’s wife looks like she has a little belly bump!…any thoughts?

  16. Anonymous

    i love both dresses on the little girls, sometimes they are very “casual” and that’s me being polite. but both of their dresses are adorable and i wish i knew where they were from.

    i understand what people think about these little girls, but you don’t have to say it…we get it, ok? we’re not blind, we are well mannered and polite and have a sense of decency. one of these days when little Sadie is about 10yrs old she’s gonna start googling her parents and herself online and she is going to see that people wrote such terrible things……… how is she going to feel about herself? can you imagine???? we live in a totally different world now where everything is on the internet and it can be the ultimate humiliation…i think people need to THINK before they say things because, in most cases, an internet post IS forever, it’s basically written in stone for anyone and everyone to read..

    my children watch a show and they say about the internet “If it’s not something you’d say in person DON”T SAY IT TO SOMEONE ONLINE….”

  17. Anonymous

    I think they are both beauties! I love their look-so exotic and nice dark hair.

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