Mathilda Ignores Mom Molly Ringwald’s Style Advice

Mom-of-three Molly Ringwald says her 6-year-old daughter Mathilda – who she recently described as “very willful, headstrong and very intelligent” – takes style advice from nobody.

“She already has a really strong sense of fashion. And she is only six years old. It’s pretty formidable!” the Pretty in Pink star tells Canadian newspaper The National Post. “She was like my little doll; for years I really greatly enjoyed putting these outfits together for her. Now it’s ‘No, no, no, Mommy. This is your style, not mine.’ She actually verbalized that when she was five. She was right – she really does put on these incredible outfits. She was actually the one who chose the colour of my Oscar dress.”

Molly, 42, doles out advice on topics ranging from style to motherhood in her new book Getting the Pretty Back. She admits that finding the inspiration and energy to write was tough seeing as she was pregnant with twins Adele and Roman, now 9 months, at the time.

“I sold the book in September, then found out I was pregnant in November, with twins. My life force just kind of dissolved. I had no energy, I was working on the show…. Actually, a lot of the book was written in bed, because I was so tired. I’d sit in bed and write a little and take a nap, wake up again and write again a little more. We went away to Mexico for Christmas, and I wrote a lot of the style section there.”

Here’s a sample of Molly’s motherhood words of wisdom, as excerpted from her newly published book:

“Your kid doesn’t play the piano, juggle, speak Mandarin Chinese and swim competitively. While this phenomenon is most apparent in the cities, the suburbs are certainly no strangers to the one-upmanship that parents engage in. It’s OK if you think Baby Einstein is unbelievably irritating. It is irritating. Einstein never watched Baby Einstein – and he did all right.”

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