Celeb Moms Sound Off: Motherhood Is Transformative!

Motherhood is a powerful rite of passage that often transforms women in many ways. In honor of Mother’s Day coming up on May 9, let’s take a look at some of our favorite celebrity moms and hear how motherhood has changed their lives for the better.

The following celeb moms spoke exclusively with Celebrity Baby Scoop about being transformed by motherhood.

It’s changed me in every way because my life is so much greater. It filled a void I never knew was there—it’s the most amazing experience of my life. I just feel so blessed to get to be on this journey—to be a mommy. She is just the greatest baby.”

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It’s incredible, I have learned so much more about myself than I could have ever imagined. They teach me lessons everyday. When I had them, I thought I was going to be the one teaching them and giving them so much knowledge but they have been teaching me so much wisdom. It has grounded me in a different way, watching them grow and grow into these incredible beings that they are. It is the magic of life.”

Being a mom is the most rewarding thing in the world. Holding a cold, metallic statue will never fulfill you the way your child’s little smile will.”

  • Carnie Wilson (mother to daughters Lola, 5, and Luci, 1 in June):

Oh my god, yes [motherhood has changed me], more than anything ever, in many, many ways. It’s made me grow up and become more confident and secure of a purpose in life. My heart, body, mind and soul is now completely devoted to my children and my family. Preserving the family unit is really important to me.

Motherhood has opened my eyes to my marriage and how keeping that solid is very important for the children. It’s made me somewhat paranoid and fearful and insecure and guilty as well. Those are the parts that are challenging for me. Because I’m a working mom, I try to include them in my work. Lucking with Unstapled, we were taping at home and the kids were a part of it. It’s changed me because I’ve felt guilty that I have to work, but I have to work. It’s not a choice. I’m bringing in the money and that’s what I have to do. This business that I’m in – it’s so volatile – you never know what’s going to happen and I embrace everything.

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Being a mom has made me learn how to set priorities in my life. I have new boundaries that I didn’t have before. Essentially it’s very trying because if you’re a good mom, then your children come first. Sometimes that’s hard because you want certain things for your children, but it can’t always go the way that you want it. And you have to live life on life’s terms. That can be hard because I want to live life on my children’s terms.”

  • Nancy O’Dell (mother to daughter Ashby, 2 1/2, and stepsons Tyler, 14, and Carson, 10)

Motherhood has definitely made me put things into perspective! You realize how unimportant some of the things are that you used to stress about. Now, that I am a mother, I know what truly makes one happy and that is the loved ones in your life. I feel like I am living my life all over again through my daughter. I get to experience the things I did as child again, through her, and watch through her eyes and see her excitement! Life is fun in a different way all over again.”

  • Shanna Moakler (mother to daughters Atiana, 11, and Alabama, 4, and son Landon, 6)

Motherhood changed me in so many ways. I look at the world different. I was a young mother, and a single mother quickly. I am constantly striving to be a better person for my children, for my family. I want to give them the opportunities I didn’t have.” Shanna goes on to say, “The most rewarding part is seeing them grow and develop into these beautiful personalities and people. There is nothing like when your babies tell you they love you!”

  • Kerri Walsh (mother to son Joey, 11 months, & expecting another boy in late May)

I feel like motherhood has allowed me to finally be and accept me. It truly has completed me or in the very least, it has given me the inspiration and confidence to find myself outside of the athlete label; it has opened me up to becoming the woman I truly aspire to be because I want to be the best for my family. I allowed myself to be in the dark for too long, incomplete for too long…..I’m on my way and won’t stop–ever!

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I feel like I’ve simply been a girl and an athlete for so long and I got stuck in that rut–not a terrible rut to be in, but not a lot of profound personal/character growth or introspection going on. During my pregnancy and since becoming a mother, I have found myself confronting so many things about myself that I would like to improve upon, to let go of. I’m also learning to finally accept myself and it has been so transformational. I am simultaneously more open to the world around me and the ultimate student while so clear on what it is that I want in my life, who I want to be. Motherhood is empowering and so is being the wife to an amazing, supportive husband/father.”

It has officially taken me from a girl to a woman for one thing. I now live my life for my son, everything has new meaning and importance and nothing matters but him.”

Motherhood has actually calmed me down. I don’t worry about the little things anymore, Colette keeps me centered and focused on the things that are more important in life.”

Happy Mother’s Day to you all! How has motherhood transformed you?

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