Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart Introduce Billie Beatrice

Meet Billie Beatrice Dane!

First-time parents Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart debut the first photos of their gorgeous 2-month-old daughter in the new edition of Us Weekly.

The 37-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star gushes about his newborn daughter.

She’s beautiful. When she came out, she was really alert and her eyes were open. The doctor gave her to her mom, and I was so … you know, I was obviously very emotional.”

Giving birth March 3 at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center “was an overwhelming moment — probably the greatest moment in my life thus far,” adds Rebecca, 38. “We felt so blessed. The moment we’ve been waiting for finally came.”

McSteamy says that fatherhood has been “life changing. It changes how you look at things and how you feel about things. I like to think of myself as an artist — but now I’m working for my kid. Now I’m a father. I’ve got a lunch pail, I go to work and I come home and I make sure my kid is taken care of, and I make sure my wife is take care of.”

“Childbirth is a miracle,” he adds, “and we’ve created this life.”

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Photo credit: Us Weekly

  • BGLG

    Gorgeous! And I am not just talking about the baby! 😛

  • Anonymous

    Why is he naked (or shirtless)? Isn’t this supposed to be about their daughter???

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy for them.

    But why is he naked? His hairy stomach and navel is total distraction from the baby.

  • lynn

    i am so happy 4 Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart. they deserve to be happy. and there daughter Billie Beatrice Dane is just gorgeoous. congrats to the couple on their daughter.

  • Anonymous

    baby? where? Oh, i didn’t get past eric’s face, LOL! She’s a cutie. They seem smitten. Little Billie Bea….

  • Anonymous

    Why is he naked? Ridiculous!

  • Judge Judy

    My first thoughts were also, “why aren’t they wearing clothes?”
    Baby looks like a baby.
    Well, a naked baby

  • antigoniem

    To all the people asking “why is he naked?” Your answer: BECAUSE HE FRIGGIN HOT and he has a cute kid, that’s why.

  • I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy so I only know this couple from the sex scandal they had with Kari Ann Peniche (the ex teen beauty Queen and druggie sex addict psycho chick from Dr. Drews Sober House). I’d love to know how those 3 hooked up??? Bizarre!!!!!!

  • Georgie ♥

    I think she’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    His belly button is gross. It looks like a little tiny baby finger is poking out of it!!

  • nicoleC

    what a gorgeous family!!!
    i love Eric,he’s so hot

  • Sophia

    I guess they’re just trying to attract more readers with Eric’s naked chest, but I see it as showy and distracting. It’s about little Billie, not Eric’s chest. Weird.

  • Susan

    I dont like this couple since the scandal they had.
    This is about their babies. Wear clothes and have a family portrait for God’s sake.

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