A Look At Our Favorite Celebrity Moms

We’re continuing our Mother’s Day celebrations and shining the spotlight on some of the top celebrity moms. From mother-of-six Angelina Jolie, to mother-of-two Jennifer Garner, to new mom Alyson Hannigan, we can’t get enough of our favorite famous moms!

Let’s take a look at some of the best quotes on motherhood from the moms we love to watch and take inspiration from.

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  • Nicole Richie (mother to daughter Harlow, 2, and son Sparrow, 7 1/2 months)

Nicole Richie – who our readers named the most transformed by motherhood – was once involved in drugs and criminal behavior. As soon as she became a mother, everything changed for the former party girl.

The 28-year-old socialite agrees she’s been transformed by motherhood.

Your whole life changes and your priorities change 100 percent… In the best way possible.”

When we first heard she and her boyfriend Joel Madden were expecting a baby, we were worried. Little did we know that Paris’ BFF was about to embark on a completely different and positive lifestyle.

Just one month after welcoming her adorable daughter Harlow, Nicole said,

It’s almost like I don’t even remember what life was like before her. She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose.”

Nicole has accepted her past and moved in a more positive, family-oriented direction:

I’ve just accepted responsibility for what I’ve done, and I don’t really try and look at why I did it. I just feel that I have gotten past it and moved on … And I feel extremely blessed to live the life that I’m living.”

  • Angelina Jolie (mother to Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, Shiloh, 3 ½, and 1 ½-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne)

Not only does she adopt orphaned children from numerous impoverished countries, Angelina Jolie also helps empower others in need. After a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti earlier this year, Angie sprang into action. The mother-of-six and UN Goodwill Ambassador made an official statement after the disaster, encouraging people to give to SOS.

When asked if she and Brad were planning to adopt any children from Haiti, Angie replied:

I’m always open to children around the world. We’re that kind of a family; Brad and I talk about that. But that’s not what we’re focusing on at this time, by any means. We’re not here for that.”

Angie works tirelessly to make our world a better place. Not to mention, she has six children of her own to take care of! The busy A-lister mom explained their wealth and privilege to her six kids.

Some of my kids are from countries that have seen conflict. I usually just explain to them that there are other families in the world that aren’t as fortunate as ours and other kids. And so I tell them that it’s important for all of us to do what we can and then go to these places and understand what’s happening. So I think they’re just being raised that this is the normal thing to do… Hopefully I’ll take them to as many countries as I can and raise them with an education of the world.”

  • Jennifer Garner (mother to daughters Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 16 months)

She’s our favorite celeb mom year after year. So what makes Jennifer Garner so darn loveable? The jeans, tee and ponytail look? The fact that she goes grocery shopping on the weekends and makes homemade meals for her family? Her two adorable kids who are always seen smiling?

Maybe it’s because of great quotes like these:

I adore going to movie sets and being part of a team trying to create something,” Jen said. “And yet, I hate to miss even one bedtime with my girls.”

Here’s another fabulous quote from our fav celeb mom:

I think that kids inspire you to do everything you can. You want to be a great role model. But you don’t need to be inspired to help other kids. You don’t have to be a mom. You just see other kids in need and you want to reach out to them. It’s just a basic human emotion.”

On her best advice for working moms, Jen said:

Good luck! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You should try to get help wherever you can. Don’t guilt yourself, it doesn’t help. Do anything you can to try to save time with the dumb stuff around the house so you can be with your kids as much as you can. And put your BlackBerry down and just be with them.”

  • Heidi Klum (mom to Leni, 6, Henry, 4 1/2, Johan, 3, and Lou, 6 1/2 months)

Heidi Klum is not only one of our favorite supermodels, she’s also one of our fav celeb moms! Let’s take a look at some of the best quotes from the 36-year-old mother of four.

I always love being pregnant,” Heidi said. “I love everything about it. I love going to the hospital and having babies, I love everything.”

The Project Runway host said she hopes her children will have strong work ethic.

You want them to stay in school and you want them to have a vision of what they want to be and give them ideas and encourage them. I definitely want to get involved and do that, think about job ideas. Nowadays children look at everyone in the magazines and they want to be a basketball star or on a television show, but there are only so many people who can do those things. But you still should aim or dream for these things.”

On regaining that fabulous figure, Heidi said:

Just as it’s a miracle that you can grow a human being in your belly, it’s a miracle that your body goes back to normal again. I don’t think you ever get back to exactly the way you were, but you do get close. And I’m happy with that. Especially when you see your kid for the first time.”

  • Marcia Cross (mother to twin daughters Eden & Savannah, 3)

One of our favorite Desperate Housewives, Marcia Cross, became a mother later in life. Celebrity Baby Scoop sat down with the hands-on mother of two and discussed her adorable daughters.

It’s a very full life and certainly one that I dreamt about and always wanted. Given that, there are days that are challenging because you can only be in so many places at once, whether it’s at work or with your kids. I think that mothers manage an incredible work load, whether you’re a stay at home mother or you have a job as well.”

Marcia opened up about her “little jokesters.”

My girls are really funny! They’re actually little jokesters. They do twists on words already. I call them ‘my little minxies.’ They dance, they do imitations of other kids dancing, they make up songs, they make up lyrics. It’s all so silly but every mother just adores their own child and I’m the same way. They make me laugh all the time.

Does she ever have frazzled mom moments like the rest of us, or is she ‘perfect’ like her character Bree on Desperate Housewives?

Omigosh do I ever have frazzled mom moments? What you really should ask me is how many frazzled mom moments do I have in a day, which is like every mom I’m sure. And I have a lot of those frazzled, what do I do now moments where you are being challenged by your 2 ½-year old and you’re thinking ‘I don’t know what to do now…..is this a discipline moment or do I talk to them moment?’ Sometimes I say, ‘let me get your father.’ That’s what I do when I’m really confused and frazzled, but it sounds like I’m really in control like ‘Oh, I’m going to speak to your father about this’ [said in deep, serious voice]. But yah, I’m frazzled a lot, and overwhelmed, and overjoyed and all those things that go together with being a mother. And I think that’s never going to end!”

Academy Award-nominated actress Maggie Gyllenhaal quickly became one of our favorite celebrity moms when she welcomed her daughter Ramona in October, 2006. We just love hearing Maggie’s quotes on motherhood. The thoughtful and intelligent actress has spoken numerous times about the joys of being a mom.

On returning to work after the birth of her daughter, Maggie said:

Then Ramona was born and I couldn’t even pick up the phone to do an interview. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Having an infant is so hard and complicated. It’s very intense. The amount of work it takes to be a mum is greater than anything else; it brings you to your knees. I can’t do all of it perfectly by any means.”

Again, Maggie addressed the challenges of the working mother:

Now that I have my own daughter, there are definitely times I think, Why do I have a job? Sometimes I fantasize about staying home with Ramona all day, so that I don’t miss a thing in this amazing 2-year-old’s life.”

In time, Maggie realized that working is an important aspect of her life.

I had been focused almost completely on my daughter, on being a mother, and I had this surge of a feeling that I needed to do something for me. I was also a woman and an actress and not just a mother. I worked.”

  • Gwen Stefani (mother to sons Kingston, 4 later this month, and Zuma, 20 months)

She’s been one of our favorite female rockstars for years, now she’s one of our favorite celeb moms. Gwen Stefani has two adorable little rockstars of her own that she loves to talk about.

Gwen often opens about motherhood….like how hard it is!

No one could have prepared me for how awesome it [motherhood] is, and how hard.”

When Zuma self-weaned from breastfeeding at 12 months, Gwen said:

I didn’t want him to (quit). It felt like a total rejection. It was really hormonal, and trying to stop in the middle of tour was insane.”

On her hectic life, Gwen said:

Yesterday was the craziest day ever—I managed to accomplish so many things. And at the end of the night, I was there with [Kingston] putting him to bed, reading all his books, getting his diaper on and putting him in his crib. Then I got [Zuma], nursed him, put him to sleep. Then I went to a Hollywood party! [Laughs.] It is extremely different from how my parents raised me.”

On the challenges on motherhood, Gwen said:

It’s one thing when you have an infant, but when you have this two-or three-year-old going, ‘Mommy, what’s the deal?!’ it’s harder,” Gwen admits. “Kingston’s whole thing is, ‘I need, I need.’ He is insane right now. We’re just hoping for the best and that he’s not going to turn out to be a freak, but we’ll see.”

Jessica Alba is one of our favorite celeb moms. The hands-on mother of one has often talked about how motherhood has changed her priorities.

Having my daughter has certainly shifted my priorities. It’s all about giving her the best life possible, and that means finding that right balance between being home and working when I can, rather than being so career driven.”

The Fantastic Four star has recently opened up about adopting.

I’m totally inspired. If you have the love, and the capacity to love children, you should just adopt. And I plan on doing it. My mom grew up around a huge family, and they always wanted more kids, and I was like, ‘Why don’t you just adopt?'”

On how motherhood has changed her, Jessica said:

When people wrote lies about me before I had Honor, I’d get upset or I’d get nauseous or I’d get angry or I’d want revenge. Now, it’s like, it’s just so ridiculous and it’s not even close to being the truth.”

On how motherhood has given her confidence, Jessica said:

I know who I am, and I know that I love my family and I love my kid and that being a good mom is my #1 priority.”

  • Naomi Watts (mom the sons Sasha, 3 this July, and Kai, 16 months):

Naomi Watts quickly became one of our favorite celebrity moms when she welcomed her first son Sasha in July, 2007. She became mom for the second time to son, Kai, shortly thereafter in December, 2008. Here’s a few of our favorite quotes from Naomi about the joys of motherhood.

On being honest about wanting to have a girl, Naomi said:

If I could guarantee myself a girl, I’d say yes to having more children. but I’d be sure to have another boy.”

On balancing her work and family life, Naomi said:

I see myself as any other working woman. Every day I’m struggling to get it right, do the best I can, make the right choices for work, be a good mother and have time for my relationship with Liev. I’m never sure whether I’m doing any of it right, but I’ve finally got to the age where at least I know that I’m just doing my best.”

On the joys of motherhood, Naomi said:

Every day there’s one great surprise after another. Every day feels like an unforgettable one. I have to start writing it down. There have been many milestones.”

On being endlessly fascinated by her boys, Naomi said:

I’m a mum and the whole concept is science fiction. It is just bizarre. I still can’t believe it when I look at my children that they came from one little moment and they’re people. They’re babies and people and they learn and figure out all these things and you go, ‘God I can’t believe it’. They’re so surprising and endlessly fascinating and soon they’re going to have problems. Now they’re just innocent little beings, learning and growing, but soon they’ll be all f*cked up,” she says before adding, “Sorry I didn’t mean to go there.”

New mom Alyson Hannigan chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop about the joys of motherhood. Our favorite new mom opened up about her adorable daughter Satyana.

On being named one of our fav celeb moms, Alyson said:

It is an honor and I love being a mom.”

On Satyana’s happy demeanor, Alyson said:

She is a very happy baby. And obviously, as a parent I am a little biased, but strangers remark on it as well. She is definitely very happy, smiles at everyone. She is just a really sweet person, lovely and understands everything. She sleeps really well too.”

On the whole family dressing up as kangaroos for Halloween, Alyson said:

The kangaroo story is very cute. It was actually a gift to Alexis so there was no talking him into it. He has a younger sister and when his mother was pregnant, he was convinced that she was giving birth to a baby kangaroo, and when his sister came home he was very upset she was not a kangaroo. That story pretty much sealed what our first Halloween costumes would be as a family and he was really happy about dressing up!”

When we asked if she’d like Satyana to enter showbiz, Alyson said:

No. I really want her to have a childhood that is about climbing trees, playing in the grass. I worry about raising her in LA, because you see these little kids that are obsessed with things they really shouldn’t even be aware of. I really would like her to have a normal childhood, whatever that means. But if she wants to go into showbiz when she is an adult, I’ll support her.”

On how motherhood has changed her, Alyson said:

It’s changed me in every way because my life is so much greater. It filled a void I never knew was there—it’s the most amazing experience of my life. I just feel so blessed to get to be on this journey—to be a mommy. She is just the greatest baby.”

Who’s your favorite celebrity mom?

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