David Boreanaz’s Wife Is “Still Angry”

Bones star David Boreanaz is another celebrity recently caught cheating on his wife. Unlike Sandra Bullock, David’s wife Jamie is sticking with the marriage, despite telling People that she’s “still angry.”

This might be because Jamie’s mother Sue Scallion, has told the press that “divorce is not an option” for the couple. She told E! Online that Jue “…can get the big picture. They are going to make this work and keep the family together and raise the children.”

David, to his credit, does take responsibility for his infidelity: “When we got married we had an unbelievable foundation that we’ve never forgotten. But it’s been damaged.” The couple has been married for 9 years and have two children: son Jaden, 8, and daughter Bardot Vita, 8 months.

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  • Anonymous

    their daughter’s name is Bardot, not Bella.
    And she’s not 8 years old either

  • Auntie

    A wife who takes her marriage vows seriously, impressive. I hope he doesn’t make her regret her commitment to her marriage.

  • Verónica Ramos

    Jaden is 8 years old and Bardot is 8 months.

    • Jenny

      Thanks – fixed it

  • Anonymous

    Still angry? no kidding. Who wouldn’t be? I’m impressed she didn’t kick him out of the house.

    And David as much as I used to like him, is laughable. ‘it’s been damaged’. It wasn’t just damaged – YOU damaged it. I wonder how he would react if she was the cheating one.

  • Anonymous

    well that explains all the overly affectionate photos david towards his wife, including the one in this post.

  • Anonymous

    JADEN is 8 and BARDOT is 8 months

  • Anna

    Why are people praising a woman for sticking by her cheating husband? It would be impressive if she left him! And saying divorce is not an option is basically giving him permission to cheat.

    • Anonymous

      ia. Even with two small children I wouldn’t stick to a cheating husband. It shows he has no respect for her and their marriage, and that’s fundamental.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with Anna. If she’s saying “divorce is not an option” then he will continue to cheat. What a loser. What is wrong with people? Isn’t anyone raised with values and morals anymore?


    Why bring it up again.. remember his mistress is threatening to come forward
    with this affair..good hope she ends up on the cover of Vanity Fair like Tigers
    women….If divorce it s not an option … than that means that he should keep
    his mouth shut and go to a marriage therapist..It is her mother that is pushing for her to stay in this marriage.. so go ahead and by the way we do
    not need to hear from you dear David about your affair

  • Heart

    What is it?! Why are guys cheating so much??! What is going on?! I used to think marriage was something special. These marriages are so sad, I feel sad for the people and kids involved. Why haven’t the men learned from previous examples? For instance, if I were a guy who was cheating, with all these guys coming out and getting caught. Why hasn’t a light bulb gone of to them to say, “This is not fair to my wifem, let me attempt to clean this up before it gets messy like it did for so and so”. If they don’t want to be married, then get a divorce. But all of this lying and cheating is….just CRAZY! It’s hurting people left and right. I don’t know about others, but I can’t stand for someone to play with my feelings. I can’t imaging being a wife in this situation. I’ve been a girlfriend in this situation and at that stage, it felt like someone had just knocked the wind out of me. Guys really need to be held responsible for this, it’s not attractive and those lame apologies do nothing. Lead by example or get out of the way! Sorry, guys, I just had to get that off my chest. It’s ridiculous at this point..

  • Heart

    Sorry for the typos…I was on a roll! Lol!

  • Anonymous

    IA. Some men just don’t get it. Marriage means squat. Love Bones and used to love David B. but this is just unbelievable. Didn’t expect it. Where are all the loving, faithful husbands. If you want out, get a divorce, don’t go looking for a tramp and embarrass your beautiful family.

  • Anonymous

    He cheated on his first wife. And he did try to pay off this newest girl. He wouldn’t have come forward if she went away.

  • Anonymous

    His wife is really pretty, I dobt understand why he cheated, or why all these men cheated Tiger, Jesse James I mean their wives are gorgeous!. Truly sad

  • Anonymous

    I have no sympathy for women who get cheated on numerous times because the majority of the time they allow their husband to cheat by ensuring that there’s no consequence for him cheating. Anna what is so impressive about her not kicking him out? She’s obviously accepted her role as a doormat. Nothing impressive about that. And there should not be any working out of anything for the kids because the smartest thing to do would be to show her son and daughter that there are consequences for cheating and should not be accepted under no circumstance. I guess she rather know that she’s married to a hollywood star than to be married to someone who would not disrespect her and embarrass her for the world to see. Women who take men back after they cheat deserve to be cheated on again and again and it obvious he will cheat again and again. What a horrible example she setting for her kids. Even worse it’s evident that David Boreanaz would have continued to cheat if the woman would have agreed to his terms so he was basically saying that he was forced to reveal it. His wife is an idiot. Why is it so hard for some women to demand to be respected and treated right. Why would some women rather be a doormat? So sad. The same thing he did with the women he cheated on her with he could have done with her. No excuse. Have some self respect and leave his cheating self alone.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry. the response about her not kicking him out not being impressive was meant for “Anonymous” not Anna. Sorry for the mistake. but in conclusion, once a cheater always a cheater. He cheated before and he will cheat again. This is a man who obviously needs to be single. He’s basically telling her that he doesn’t want to be with her or be a family man by cheating and yet she’s ignoring him and wanting to save the marriage. Pitiful woman

  • Anonymous

    funny, Jaden looks more like his grandfather than he does his father.

  • Anonymous

    Which grandfather? Because, there have been reports over the years that Jaden isn’t David’s biologically. It’s probably bullshit, but wouldn’t be surprising either.

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