Is Gwen Stefani Expecting Her Third Child?

Is that a baby bump we see?

Gwen Stefani, 40, was sporting what looked like a tiny baby bump while walking alongside her husband Gavin Rossdale, 44, in New York City on Tuesday (May 4).

Our friends over at INFdaily saw the bump first and noticed the mother-of-two wearing Sea-Bands on both her wrists. The bands are meant to provide relief of travel sickness and morning sickness. The knitted bracelet has a plastic stud which applies a small and continuous pressure on the acupressure point located between the two tendons near the wrist.

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  1. Anonymous

    Aw, that would be great for them. If she is pregnant, Congratulations!
    Unfortunately, it seems that good news between them always comes when there is a Gavin-related scandal coming out. Hopefully Courtney will say no more …

  2. mhm90

    I hope so! 🙂 I Looove them!

  3. Marilyn

    The last picture looks like it. I saw an article in a magazine last week where they were wondering if she is pregnant again.

  4. GermanGirl

    Oh that would be sooo great!

  5. Anonymous

    If she isn’t pregnant, then she probably should join a gym to work that off. That’s wonderful if she is.

  6. Anonymous

    Work it off? How can anyone think she needs to “hit the gym”, she looks great.

  7. Feli

    looks like a bump to me! yayy! 🙂

  8. Alma

    hmmm, quite weird, as at Met gala, 3 days ago she looked like this:

    No bump to me there though.

    anyhow, I bet they go for a girl this time:-))

  9. Anonymous

    Love Gwen and Gavin, they are a great couple who seem to have things figured out. Their boys are beautiful and seem so sweet, it would be nice to see them with another baby, they make beautiful ones!

  10. Anonymous

    people!! just because she has a small bump under her shirt does not mean she is pregnant! how many false prego rumors have there been??? all the same, it is wonderful if she is indeed pregnant.

  11. Meghann

    I really really really hope she is!! She hasn’t been seen out and about as much and isn’t wearing her signature red lips as much. This leads me to believe she is indeed expecting again. Also, she has been wearing loose shirts and covering her stomach with bags, coats etc. I would love her to have a girl so she can pass her beautiful lips onto her since Kingston and Zuma got Gavin’s lips and also want to see how she would dress a girl.

  12. nicoleC

    wish her have a baby girlllll !!!!

  13. Anonymous

    hell no, she can’t be. What about No doubt tour this summer??

  14. Courtney

    please you can safely tour while your pregnant Christina Aguilera did while she was pregnant with Max if Gwen isn’t pregnant why would she being wearing the accupuncture bracelets that are supposed to relieve morning sickness and travel sickness I’ve never heard of her having travel sickness as my mom does and with a baby girl M/S is more severe than it is with a boy

    congrats if they infact are expecting again they make beautiful kids together

  15. Olivia

    Enough already with speculating if someone is pregnant if there is the SLIGHTEST appearance of a “bump”.

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