Are Single Celebrity Moms A New Hollywood Trend?

It’s no secret that it’s hard to make a marriage work in Hollywood. Celebrity couples, try as they may to build a long-lasting union and a stable family life are more often than not torn apart by distance, work commitments, and constant media speculation and intrusion into their private lives.

More and more celebrity moms are becoming single parents, due to divorce, the untimely passing of their partner, or the decision to move forward with becoming a parent in their own right. Most recently, Sandra Bullock filed for divorce from Jesse James and adopted baby Louis Bardo; Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey are fresh off their split and are now reportedly battling over custody of their daughter, Nahla; and Denise Richards was just granted full custody of her daughters, Sam and Lola with ex- husband, Charlie Sheen.

Here’s a look at a slew of single moms who are raising children on their own.

There are so many single celebrity moms that it would be impossible to cover every single one… but listed here are several who have been in the headlines as of late, and many others who are doing a remarkable job flying solo as a mom.

Sandra’s life-changing year has included an Oscar win, a divorce filing and an adoption. We were all devastated for Bullock when news of her cheating husband, Jesse James broke, and our sadness was replaced by joy for her elated adoption of her baby boy, Louis Bardo.

Proud to adopt a child from the US, Bullock raves about her new son,

The first time I met Louis, it was like the whole outside world got quiet. It was like he had always been a part of our lives. All I said when I met him was, ‘Oh, there you are.’ He’s just perfect, I can’t even describe him any other way.

Mommy-duty for the Blindsided star may also include co-parenting her stepchildren, Chandler, 15, Jesse Jr., 12, and Sunny, 6 from her marriage to Jesse James.
She told People,

I don’t want to know what life is like without those kids. Whatever we need to do, in the healthiest way, we are going to be co-parenting.

Halle Berry has had a very rocky, very public love life, and the trend continues with her recent split from Gabriel Aubrey, boyfriend and father of her daughter, Nahla, 2. While their split seemed amicable at first, it is now being reported that the model parents are embroiled in a custody battle.

It looks as though Nahla will be the only child for the Monster’s Ball Academy Award winning actress. With regard to having more children, the 43 year-old mom told In Touch Weekly,

If God says so. I don’t think he’s going to say so though!

Last week, news broke that Denise Richards was granted full custody of her two daughters with ex-Charlie Sheen, Sam, 6 and Lola, 5.

Due to the ongoing drama in Charlie Sheen’s personal life and marriage to Brooke Mueller, Denise sought full legal custody that would enable her to make parenting decisions about her children without approval or input from Sheen.

Richards and her children were spotted leaving the doctor‘s office last week, and Denise tweeted about her girls recovering from strep throat:

Girls are much better! Still home from school but feeling better!! Thx for your well wishes!

The beauty also took to Twitter to express her love for her girls when news of the Aspen abuse scandal between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller broke and she was accused of taking her kids out for a photo op:

I genuinely love to be with my girls and don’t have a nanny raising them. They are my #1 priority and always will be.

Star of Californication and mom of sons, Theodore, 10, Otis, 7, and Rex, 1 1/2, Natascha McElhone, became a single mom when her husband unexpectedly passed away due to a fatal heart condition while she was pregnant with Rex. She says of her sons’ late father,

He was the most unique father, as well. Always giving our beautiful ‘pups’ the alternate answer to any question, stimulating them, provoking them…I could write about him for the rest of my life. The part that saddens me most is that, whatever I can try to give my boys, their world for now has been halved, I cannot become him…

The mom also keeps the memory of her late husband alive while raising their sons herself,

We talk about him all the time. There are pictures of him everywhere and his office is still exactly as it was. The boys go in there and raid it – they love the fact that they’re not going to get told off. I’ll often say to the boys, ‘That would really make Daddy laugh’ or ‘He’d be so proud of you,’ but the other day my eldest son was being trying. I said to him, ‘I think Daddy would have a few words to say to you about that.

Minnie Driver is a single mom to her 1 1/2 year-old son, Henry Story. The details with regard to the identity of Henry’s father are esoteric at best. But the singer and actress says she’d like to add to her family,

I would like to have more children. I’d like Henry to have a brother and a sister. I think it would be nice for him. There’s no amount of hassle that could ever be bigger than my love of Henry and the hilarity and joy that he has brought into my life.

It can’t be easy to find out you’re pregnant when your ex-boyfriend, Tom Brady has moved on to dating the most famous supermodel in the world, Gisele Bundchen, but single mom Bridget Moynahan has managed to be a single mom under the radar, even when drama surrounded her. With regard to being single and pregnant the actress shared,

You really have to weigh out all the pros and cons and how it will fit into your life professionally, spiritually, and emotionally. Doing it on your own when it wasn’t expected comes with a lot of fears and anxieties. But I felt 100 percent that I could do this.

Weeds star Mary Louise Parker split from longtime boyfriend Billy Crudup when she was seven months pregnant with their son. She shared her healthy approach with regard to the situation saying,

I’ve never commented on the situation, and I won’t because it’s not fair to my son. Who wins? No child can benefit in that situation. Your love for your child should eclipse any other feelings you have for another person.

The star mom of William, 6, and daughter Caroline “Ash,” 4, told People that “Becoming a mom is the best thing that’s happened to me. I’ll be the first to admit that it can be very hard to raise two kids, but I absolutely love it. I can’t imagine what my life would be without my children.”

When she adopted her daughter Ash from Africa she shared, “It was something I did for the world and for my son and then for me. And when I say the world, I also mean my daughter. Once I knew her, she became part of that. But it’s hard raising two kids as a single person. It’s a lot of pressure.”

But she also admits she could give her children the “perfect” family backdrop,

I wish I could give them everything that was a perfect little family paradigm, but I can’t. Honestly, I feel like that doesn’t even exist, or at least I try to tell myself that when I am feeling bad about not providing it.

After a surprising split from Lance Armstrong and after battling and surviving breast cancer, country rock singer Sheryl Crow adopted son Wyatt, now 3. Of the decision to adopt Crow says,

There was a shift in my life when I got diagnosed, [with breast cancer] because it demanded I look at everything and redefine my life. I always felt I would be a mom. I have strong ­maternal instincts.

Madonna‘s long career in the spotlight has included her changing her identity many times over. But motherhood has been a consistent role in her life since giving birth to her firstborn, Lourdes, now, 13. The megastar is also mother to Rocco, 9, her biological son with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, and she has adopted two children, David, 4, and Mercy 4, from Malawi.

Michelle Williams was already a single mom to daughter Matilda, 5 when she split with Matilda’s father and ex-fiance Heath Ledger. Ledger’s untimely and shocking passing due to an accidental overdose made her role as mother even more difficult.

The actress opened up about the tragedy in an interview with Vogue,

You console yourself by saying it’s all a deepening process. But it’s weird. After the first year, the pain is less intense; it’s less immediate. But the magical thinking goes away, too. And that’s a whole new reckoning. But every time I really miss him and wonder where he’s gone, I just look at her [Matilda].

Michelle and Matilda are frequently seen out and about enjoying life in New York City.

Other single moms: Kate Gosselin, Kate Hudson, Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears, Kate Moss, Kate Winslet… the list goes on and on!

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