Alexa Ray: Mom Loves Her Unique Looks

Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, spoke to People this week about her recent bout with severe depression. Alexa, who was hospitalized on December 5 for an overdose, said those days were like “a black hole.” She blames the depression on a rough breakup with her former bassist, Jimmy Riot.

While there were rumors that Alexa was depressed over a fight with her mother over her weight, Alexa denies the fight ever happened and says her mother appreciates her looks: “Nobody is more supportive of my physical appearance than [my mother]. She tells me – which I don’t understand – that she wishes she looked like me, that I’m so much more unique than her.”

Someone else also appreciates Alexa’s looks: she’s set to rep Prell shampoo, just like her mother did 25 years ago! Still, she wants to be known as just Alexa and not the daughter of celebrities: “And I like to think that my music and my voice are different than my father’s and my look is very different than my mother’s. Can’t I just be me?”

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  1. Sophia

    Alexa doesn’t look unique… she’s the clone of her dad!

  2. Auntie

    She’s since had plastic surgery which ostensibly lessens her uniqueness.

  3. What the....

    I totally agree with Sophia, what unique look – she’s the spitting image of her father.

  4. Anonymous

    She is very pretty, not cookie cutter like well her mom! Her eyes are astonishing.

  5. Anonymous

    Poor little privileged rich girl! Ok fine, we’ll say it “You are pretty” Feel better now? It is unfortunate with all you wealth and access that you haven’t taken the time to go out in the world and find meaningful things to do. Please stop being concerned about the way you look. I do feel badly for you though, considering your mom is a former fashion model and your dad is an alcoholic. However, as an adult, take responsibility for yourself and forge your own path.

  6. Cabos

    Geez people, everyone looks like someone, especially parents, so if you follow that then NO ONE IS UNIQUE. I think what Christie was trying to tell her daughter was that she has her own ‘exotic’ look unlike her (Christie) who looks like any other blonde model. Like, she’s not the typical pretty faced girl in a cover of a magazine, which is what Christie has been for decades.

    As for the nose job, yeah she did it, and it think she looks better. She didn’t mess up her face like other girls we’ve seen.

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