Cynthia Nixon Talks About Coming Out

Cynthia Nixon, who is promoting the May 27 premiere of Sex and the City 2, covers the June edition of The Advocate. The Tony, Grammy and two-time Emmy Award-winner opens up about coming out and life with her fiancée, Christine Marinoni. The two became friends and confidants during Nixon’s 2003 split from Danny Mozes, her partner of 15 years and the father of her two children, 13-year-old Samantha and 7-year-old Charles.

On her former publicist, who didn’t want her to come out: “He just kept saying, ‘It’s your life, and it’s private, and that’s it.’ And we kept asking, ‘That’s the whole thing? We never move past that? We’re at the playground with the kids, and pictures are taken of us, and we say, ‘No, she’s my friend?’ ”

On her son’s reaction to her new relationship: “His teachers were just so great about it, because they were the first people that started referring to ‘Charlie’s moms,’ which is so lovely, and we really hadn’t done that yet. So Charlie came home one day and he said [to Marinoni], ‘You’re my mommy too!’ ”

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