Gisele Bündchen: Breastfeeding Is “Nature’s Blessing”

In a Mother’s Day post, model mom Gisele Bündchen wrote a new message on her official website thanking her mother Vânia for encouraging her to find her own way. The 29-year-old mother of Benjamin, 5 months, and stepson Jack, 2 1/2, also urges new moms to breastfeed, calling it “Nature’s blessing.”

I’ve always believed that to be a mom is the greatest responsibility a woman could have in her life. I’ve noticed a lot of meaningful changes in my life taking place together with a huge transformation of my priorities. The most important thing to me is to be the best mom ever to my children. I want to love them, to communicate with them, to be patient and teach them all I know. I have no doubt that becoming a mom has been the most rewarding experience in my life. I can say for a fact that I knew unconditional love.

I’ve been blessed with a loving mother who understood we were all unique human beings and we all had our paths to follow. Once she told me “we love you and we’ve raised you the best we could, but you don’t belong to us, you belong to the world, you’ll have to find your own way”.

My mother has been a model to me and I’ll always be grateful to her for that. Thank you, Mom!

On this Mother’s Day I’d also like to talk about a very important issue, which is breastfeeding. It’s essential for the newborn and creates a bond between mother and her child. It’s a unique moment when the body changes to nurture; it’s the Nature’s blessing! Breastfeeding, mainly the first days, poses some challenges, but the reward is sublime. In addition to having all the proteins, fats, and vitamins the baby needs, breastfeeding is an act of love and affection.

It would be great if all the mothers could experience the breastfeeding.

Therefore, on this date, May 9th, I want to wish all the mothers in the world a very special day and may we all be the best we can to our children, who, in turn, will show us their infinite love and brighten every day of our life with laughs (and many sleepless nights as well).

Happy Mother’s Day

Love and light”

What do you think of Gisele’s words on breastfeeding?

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  1. Anonymous

    Shut up, Gisele. Go model something.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, couldn’t breastfeed your own children? Go take your anger out on someone who cares. It’s not her fault you weren’t able to.

      • Phie

        Thank you. That is exactly what I was thinking about the previous person’s post.
        I think Gisele has definitely stepped up in the mom-department. She seems like a natural, and one of the only celebrities who give me the ‘she’s a great mom’ vibe.

  2. Desiree

    Beautiful sentiments — what a lovely message 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Go Boobies! Its nice to see that famous people believe breast is best as well 🙂

    • Emma

      Absolutely agree! She is being such a good role model to young girls and women who are influenced by celebrity culture! Thank you Gisele for being passionate and outspoken about this life giving treasure and responsibility that is breastfeeding 🙂

  4. amber

    wow, spammers’re taking over……
    ok, i don’t like gisele, but her son is really cute.

  5. Anonymous

    Lovely message, i agree totally.

  6. Anonymous

    I see nothing wrong with people encouraging moms to breastfeed. What I do have a problem with is Gisele acting like she is the greatest mom ever and she knows everything. She has given birth to one child who is only 5 months old. She’s not some experienced mom who has years of being a mother under her belt. Yes I know she has a stepson, who is only 2 as well but she is not his biological mom. She did not give birth to him and she did not breastfeed him and can’t replace his real mom. I guess she just rubs me the wrong way.

    • Anonymous

      Um…so a woman with only one child knows less about being a mother than a woman with 5 children?
      Lol! That’s not how it works, and I assume you’re very young if that’s what you think.

      Gisele is sharing this BECAUSE this is what she is experiencing right now- that’s the whole point. And its her blog, like most people, she can write whatever she wants on it. Isn’t it better that she writes about being a mom and the benefits of breast-feeding than providing daily twitter or blog updates with things like “omg! look at my sunburn!” like most celebs?

      • Anonymous

        Who said anything about having 5 children? Yes a woman can have one child and know just as much as a woman who has 5 kids. That was not the point. Her kid is 5 months old and she gave birth once and she acts as an authority on it.

        If you read my comment I said nothing bad about her encouraging women to breastfeed, it’s just the way she acts superior to moms who don’t breastfeed or have natural childbirths. And yes I have breastfeed my kids, so no I am not jealous.

  7. Anonymous

    she rubs me the wrong way as well. She goes on and on about motherhood, when A-list celebs just shut up after one interview and don’t agree to others. Even Sandra Bullock – who’s famous for more than being pretty and being able to walk in a straight line and doesn’t remind people of horses – isn’t giving interviews left, right and centre though she’s just welcomed a son. She’s keeping him out of the spotlight, despite everything. So is John’s mother, Bridget, who I can respect. Giselle will tell everyone about her pregnancy, birthing experience, breastfeeding experience, her perfect body and her stepson…the woman needs to learn to live a quiet, private life with her child since she loves him so much.

    • Anonymous

      She does try to live a private life. The only times she shares stuff is in interviews (that she does, like once or twice a year) where people ask her these questions OR on her personal blog. Her blog is for her to write what she wants, and many of her fans go there to read what she writes. She’s not shouting anything from the roof tops, but other media outlets tend to report on what she writes because she is Gisele.
      Also, she is not talking about her personal life here. She is using her experience as a mother to share something positive and beneficial to her fans and the many young girls who look up to her. I’d say that’s a better thing to do with your fame than go to parties until 4am like all your other precious a-list celebs.

      Also, you know what I do when people rub me the wrong way? I don’t look at posts about them and I definitely don’t spend time commenting on them. And seriously, what are you like 14 yrs old or something?

  8. Anonymous

    I find nothing wrong with her wanting to shatre her experience as a new mother. This isn’t a competition between women and last time i checked we still have freedom of speech.

  9. Anonymous

    I think if she “rubs you the wrong way” then maybe something is wrong with YOU. Why can’t she talk about something she feels strongly about?
    I don’t understand why any woman should feel threatened or annoyed about it. Really.

    • Anonymous

      I’m telling you, most of those women are so insecure and think everything is a competition.
      I am nothing like Gisele, yet I think she’s amazing and don’t feel even slightly “threatened” by her. That’s because I am completely fine with myself. When you’re comfortable with yourself, you’re able to be happy for others and when you’re not, you become catty like the haters.

  10. Anonymous

    I respect Gisele and find the comment about Bridget just pitiful.
    I don’t respect her when she tried to trap Tom.

  11. Anonymous

    What a lot of people don’t know about Gisele is that she is the biggest star in her native Brazil. So many young girls there (and in many other parts of the world) look up to her and want to be just like her. Instead of going out to parties every night or showing up at every red carpet event or going on and on about her personal life, she tries to send out positive messages about the environment and motherhood that may affect these girls’ thinking and choices down the road. She’s not only sharing her experiences, but also trying to share what she has learned without getting preachy.
    For example, when she talked about her natural birth a lot of women felt like she was bragging. What they don’t know, however, is that in Brazil a large percentage of women opt for a c-section when there is no need. By talking about her natural birth, she was trying to bring childbirth into a more positive light as opposed to the horror stories we constantly hear.
    Here, again, she’s doing the same thing. There is an accompanying article on her blog about the many benefits of breastfeeding, its an interesting read (the site won’t let me post the link but you can easily find it on her blog).

    Its such a shame that admist all the negativity in the (media/celeb) world today, Gisele tries to share positive messages and make a difference, and people think she’s bragging, etc. What do you haters think *she* is gaining from writing about the benefits of breast-feeding? Nothing! If she wanted attention, there are plenty of other ways she could get it- she is Gisele, you know.
    She’s not saying that she’s the best mom in the world, she’s just sharing her experience on *her* blog where her fans come to read what she has to say.
    I have so much respect for her because she tries to use her fame to help others, even if its in a very miniscule way like her blog (or larger ways like donating to various hospitals and giving $1.5 mil to Haiti). I think she’s a really refreashing individual, and its too bad that people have a false perception of her either because of their jealousy, the “model” stereotype or the media’s portrayal of her, or all of it.

  12. Audrey

    Since it was her Mother’s Day blog on Mother’s Day from her website it seems like an appropriate article.

  13. Anonymous

    Gisele-stop. Jack is not your son.You are just woman his dad

    • Anonymous

      Yes, what an awful human being she is to treat her step-son no different from her own son. She should always differentiate between the two so that Jack feels left out and unwelcome in their home. I mean, doesn’t she know that too much love can be harmful to a child?!

  14. Anonymous

    wow some people. She writes on her blog for her fans, which love it, and says some amazing stuff. yet her haters will never stop turning it into a negative. I hope to god you haters dont even have her blog in your favorites or something! (lol although i wouldnt doubt it for a second, lol) its getting sick! adriana lima left stuff on her website why doesnt it get reported on every news sites for haters to criticize????huh huh…..everyone loves to hate gisele. it pretty much proves her perfection and fame and it makes people sick. dont like,dont click.

  15. Jenn

    Wow, these are some posts lol! I was just gonna say, he looks so much like his Mom! I can see the Brazilian in him. And Jack, I think, looks more like Tom. Gisele was just saying how she feels about being a Mom here, and I think that’s cool, too.

  16. Cathy

    I bet that if you found a blog called Celebrity Rugby Scoop with pictures of men in football games or something, if the comments would be so negative.

    I wish woman were more tolerant with each other, more understanding with each other.

    Gisele is talking about breastfeeding, not futilities. Pay attention.

  17. Cabos

    Well, this is her first Mothers Day so she’s excited. And she definitely sounds like a first timer. All this motherhood thing is new to her and it’s obvious she’s talking about it as if it’s an out of body experience. I have a friend on Facebook who gave birth to her first baby 3 months ago and believe me, she’s over the moon with her posts. So give her a break haters.

  18. Anonymous

    I am a big fan of Giselle! She is a positive influence on many levels for many, many young females around the world. And she’s a rare gem in the “Hollywood world”, because she’s genuine, sincere, and positive!!! More power to her for sharing a beautiful part of her life, breast feeding, on her site, on Mother’s Day! I think it’s pathetic how hateful people can be, and really for no good reason!! A wise man once said, “you can learn a lot about a person’s character by what they say about other people vs. what other’s have to say about that person”. Your words are a reflection of your heart and mind, and after reading some of the above posts, I don’t know how you people sleep with peace at night with all that negativity within you! 🙂 Have a lovely day!

  19. chacha

    well said post above me ^ It’s insane how so many turn her into some monster, but idolize the likes of kim kardashian,lindsay lohan,the hills party girls,etc…I read blog posts on them, and they have so many fans. yet some nice sweet celeb who keeps to herself (other than writes a few blog posts from time to time (4 HER FANS) mind you) has many haters…I think it has something to do with her being a supermodel, obviously. lol the worlds highest paid and most famous one at that…go figure right? lol

  20. LaDeeDah

    Good grief, She sounds like a wonderful mom, just doing what she should, without making a big deal about it. She is someone to be admired in her country, where many people dont nurse their babies, for a variety of reasons.
    All of you young gals should be thankful, for the rights and support you have now. When my babies were born, 45 years ago, nursing was not well thought of, even by some doctors. I did it, over many objections, as i believed in it, but most of my friends just thought it was a bit odd. Now science shows what i always thought, it is the healthiest start in life for your baby. But some women are not able to, and that is ok too. We all do the best we can do, that’s it

  21. Kara

    That’s great! I think it’s wonderful that she is talking about the benefits of breastfeeding! The people getting upset about it (and about her having a natural birth) and who feel like it is some type of personal attack clearly have some soul searching to do. Why are you so defensive? Why does what Gisele thinks about breastfeeding have anything to do with you and what type of mother you feel she is insinuating you are? Seems to me the problem probably has more to do with self loathing moms than self righteous models…

  22. laylaless

    PumpEase™ hands-free pumping supports If only all celebs were as cool about breastfeeding as Gisele…you go, mama!

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