Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape Scandal

Former Girl Next Door and Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson had succesfully transformed her image of fun-loving, free-wheeling Playboy mansion dwelling gal to that of a new, doting mom to her son Hank Baskett Jr., born earlier this year. Kendra even got her own show, called Kendra, all about her new life as a wife to NFL football player Hank Baskett.

All was going well until earlier last week, when OK! magazine reported that a previously unseen sex tape featuring Kendra was about to be released to the public. Radar Online has some more information on the tape, which apparently features Kendra fooling around with multiple partners. And to add another layer to this already tawdry tale: Radar posted documents showing that Kendra herself made efforts to release the tape back in 2008.

Kendra has hired lawyers to try and block adult entertainment company Vivid from releasing the tape, but denies her own efforts to release the footage.

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  • Cabos

    Seriously i wish there was a sex tape from a really famous and relevant celebrity. Those tapes are usually from all those A-list wannbes. It’s not that i care about the tape itself, but you know what i mean? Why is it always about this people who are practically nobodies unless it’s a scandal.

  • Mommy

    Who cares if she made a sex tape. It’s not as if this is a shock. Everybody knows she’s a skank. She should grow up and think of her son.

    • Anonymous

      She did grow up. That’s why she is fighting the release of this video. The tape was made before she got pregnant. She’s only 24, and she’s matured a lot. Good luck to her.

  • KandyLicious

    So a sex tape will make you famous? I will try and release a couple of mines… The tapes were made way before her pregnancy and what does her having a son has to do with anything? So the minute you become a parent people should stop enjoying sex? Why is she a skank? Because she was a playboy bunny? That doesn’t make her a skank, better that then stripping for dollars… People always have something stupid to say. Live your life to the fullest, you only get to live it 1x make it count.

  • Susan

    OMG How much I dislike this girl.

  • Anonymous

    Posing for Playboy is stripping for dollars, KandyLicious. THAT was a stupid thing to say…

    • KandyLicious

      Is not the same to pose in a PlayBoy magazine and get paid thousands of dollars than to pole dance (strip) for $1 bills. People are just haters, can’t deal with their own lives and want to lead in the lives of others.
      Obviously I have to be more explicit with Mr or Mrs Anonymous…. Unfortunally that’s the type of women MOST famous men seek after, look at Tiger Woods. Sad but is their life and they are happy doing what they do…

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand your train of thought… how is stripping/pole dancing for money really any different than stripping in Playboy… for a lot of money? Besides the pay quantity, it’s still taking off your clothes for money, so that people can leer at you. I really don’t see a difference.

  • Randy

    Posing for playboy is an art and pole dancing is for degenerates. Playboy is classy and many pretty woman would love to be in the magazine while pole dancers are money whores who would sell there souls for the almighty dollar.

  • Anonymous

    I am very sorry for saying this but Kendra is a whore. I LOVE Jennifer Garner!

  • :)

    kendra is a whoree! and for those who say that those are the women man prefferr, wonder what kind of men you step on to :s

  • Anonymous

    stop judging her,and take a look in the mirror at your self. im sure you’ve done things in your past that was’nt respectable!!

  • what a….

    Slut, if i was hank i would hit it a few more times and peace the f out, oh btw you can watch the video when it comes out for free at this site

  • :-))

    We are have committed stuffs that we are not proud of…..lets just be easy in condemning and judging others. I’m sure Kendra regrets alot of things right now but why bring about the tape now that she’s happily married and a mother, why not when she was still in the playboy mansion.

    When you are already putting behind stuffs u weren’t proud of and living your life to the fullest, someone from your past who never saw anything good coming from you suddenly becomes envious of what you have become and will go to any length to destroy what you have succeeded to build around you, it’s very painful and evil.

    Let’s just let her be. I won’t say I am proud of what she was before now but i believe we all have a second chance in life to improve with our personality and character.

    You all stay blessed and stop insulting each other.

  • Anonymous

    She was younger and didnt know very much when she made the tape so all you people shouldjust leave her alone.

  • Any:

    OMFG its a bad mistake that she made. Why cant people just leave her alone? Her ex boyfriend needs to grow up and so do most of yous! she has been through alot her past life and now that she has settled down with a husband a baby, the sex tape comes out after how many years?? She was only young when the tape was made. How many of yous have done bad things in your young time?? Yeah most of yous so leave her alone and worry more about your own life!!

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