A Woman Scorned: Cheaters Wives’ Are Taking Mistresses To Court

It is a sad state of affairs when seemingly every week another celebrity is being exposed as a cheater. Many mistresses have come out of the woodwork, claiming that they have had affairs with these married celebs, who are often enough, also fathers.

Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and recently David Boreanez have all confessed to their infidelities, and now reports are showing that some wives are taking their husbands mistresses to court. Momlogic has broken down this phenomenon, and has had a chance to speak with professionals about whether or not it will truly benefit the wives in question.

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  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous! These women should be taking their husbands to court (divorce court). They have no case against the mistresses. There’s no crime (other than bad taste) in having sex with a married man.

    • Anonymous

      If you have never been through an infidelity, I doubt you can fathom the pain that an affair impacts on a spouse and children. Obviously, circumstances differ in each affair and marriage and I am not letting the cheating spouse off of the hook. I was with my husband 24 years and three teenage children. My husband was pursued by a woman via the Internet who was in a loveless marriage w/child. Both married, both guilty. Mistress is in Canada and owns 1/3 of a company. Our marital problems were financial, partly why my husband is doing what he is doing is for money. I am unemployed and have to support myself and children. This “other woman has manipulated the entire situation from afar–telling him to move out, telling him to even give up all custody of his kids–which he will if he moves there. This has only gone on for 3 months–it has not been a month since I found out. Right now he is on vacation in Canada w/her and I am here trying to pick up the pieces. Yes, I am suing him for divorce, but I cannot name her a co-respondent in the suit or separately because of where she lives. He will pay–she has the money–shouldn’t she have to pay and share the responsibility of devastating our lives. Or is it ok for her to get away with it. I know that this affair is a fantasy to both of them–they both need a lot of mental help and God’s forgiveness. He will stop the affair I am sure, because he will never move there and that is her condition. By that time, it will be too late, had both of them been unselfish and more mature they would stop now, or not have started an affair until they were both divorced and free to do so. Then it would be entirely different, legal, moral, and acceptable. How they are doing it now is with lies, deception, negligence toward their children, and lack of a sense of reality. This more of an emotional affair–my husband prefers sex with me over her and said he was not physically attracted to this woman. So you see, he is cheating on his mistress with his wife also. She has no clue–yet. These types of relationships are what they are–cheap, tawdry, and tantalizing because you are doing something “bad”. Now that is out in the open–it is already cooled down. They can ruin their own lives—it is the rest of us who didn’t have a choice. I think when someone is purposely liable for others pain–then they should not get away with it. Affairs or someone drunk bashing your car? They should pay pucuniary damages for their lack of forethought and definitely be sued. Perhaps if it ever happens to you, you will then get it.

    • Anonymous

      YOU are ridiculous. My husband had a mistress once who harrassed me, left me letters, pictures and all matter of methods to try and get rid of me. All this while I was pregnant. This was many years ago and my husband blew her out of the water because of it. Sometimes mistresses SHOULD be sued. Especially when they go guerilla! BTW – she also claimed to be some distant cousin of Madonna—-figures!

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous 8:52 u sound like u just found out less than a month ago. I say that because u apparently is falling for his crap…he prefers sex w/u huh? Cheating on Mistress w/u huh? So he loves u but loves her money more. Couldn’t get another job huh..I guess being a male prostitute for your family is a hustle huh? Hell ,u say u can’t work but u can’t turn a few tricks for money either to support ur family. so you condone him doing it….If you know that’s what he’s doing than ur worse than him because to support u he’s “sacrificing” ur family….you definitely need counseling after 24yrs of dealing w/realities of marriage….and the knowingly destroying marriage is all ur husbands fault..BOTTOM LINE HIS MARRIAGE NOT HERS!!!

    • Anonymous

      You are obviously an insensitive, unknowing a-hole who is completely immature. Unless you’ve been through this, you really can’t comment.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, u are obviously benefitting from this arrangement so quit ur bellyaching!! He loves u but, her money makes him happy!?! Also don’t be mad that you are unable to support ur family and she has the means to take care of ur husband & family. He’s the d**kwad for choosing her money over his family. After 24yrs she is not the problem. It sounds like you don’t have small children so he’s more blatant w/it..You have to think how are your children gonna look @ u.

  • donotsufferfools

    @anon. 11:00 & 11:08
    Just stumbled by this page and read your comments to anon 8:52…you, my nonfriend, are a bottomfeeder; a self righteous and judgmental piece of crap. From my pov, she probably needs a good period of bellyaching and is not the less for it.

    • Anonymous

      You are completely right. That person is obviously narcissistic.

      • Anonymous

        well I have just came across this and the person with her small minded comments should go and put her head in a bucket if **** if you have not been put through hell and back then she should not comment has no right to down those who have been left to pick up were tha ass of the men that think they have a right to sleep about also the women that even go out of their way to get those men are slags so but thats how I feel I myself have been put through the mill and our child aso I had to find out that he had been seeing this ahole for more than 10yrs but I also found out that there was more than her so if she was to find that out then she would then know how it feels but hear this not only did she go of with my partner she was also married and that poor man was very ill and passes away what a sad bithch I do think that those types do get there day and not that I am a sad bitch( I wait to see that day)

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