Bridget Moynahan’s Scooter Sweetie

Actress Bridget Moynahan headed out for a walk yesterday (May 10) with son Jack 2 1/2, and stopped by a local fire department in their Pacific Palisades, Calif. neighborhood. Jack, who was also riding around on his scooter, had a chance to meet a local fire man and checked out the big red truck up close!

Jack’s dad is Moynahan’s ex-boyfriend Tom Brady. Though we don’t see much of this mother/son duo out together, Jack is often spotted with dad Tom, and step-mom Gisele Bündchen.

Moynahan and Brady split before the actress knew she was pregnant, and the NFL quarterback was 2 1/2 months into his relationship with Bündchen when he learned the news.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • What the….

    I’m glad there are finally pictures of these two together.

  • JAngel87

    Sorry, but I dont like Gisele & Tom as a Couple/Family

    ♥Tom & Bridget♥

  • lea

    His looks are changing. He now is a mix of both parents. Very cute

  • Anonymous


    They all moved on with their lives, it’s time for you to do the same.

  • Mara

    Jangel87, your immaturity is astounding and you come off as pathetic. What a good thing your opinion doesn’t matter with the people involved in this situation. Relationships end and the adults involved in this situation seem to be doing what’s best for the children. Someone like you would probably not want the two brothers associating with each other.

  • Anonymous

    They are a beautiful mother and son pair.

  • Anonymous

    To Heidi,

    I don’t think it’s necessary to mention Gisele in your editorial.

    It would have been nice if you simply mentioned that this is a wonderful picture of mother and son, which we don’t see that often because Bridget takes care to keep Jack out of the papparazzi’s lenses.

    Also, Bridget has never never spoken specifically about the timeline of her pregnancy and she told Tom what, so it’s just a) speculation on your part and b) you are just taking one side of the story.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, she has spoken about the timeline. In Harper’s Bazaar she said “Going through that traumatic time of being heartbroken and then finding out you’re pregnant […]”…that pretty much makes it clear that the break-up happened before she knew about the pregnancy. Also, when she was on Regis and Kelly she said she didn’t have any morning sickness or anything so she didn’t know she was pregnant for a while. Also, he would have been concieved in late Novemeber which is right around the time they broke up according to Bridget’s rep. That means there was really no way for her to know she was pregnant before the break-up.
      Yes, Bridget does do a great job of protecting him but keep in mind that she’s not an a-list star who the paps are always after. Tom&Gisele are photographed with him more because the paps usually camp outside their house like and follow them around like vultures.
      Why does it bug you that Gisele is mentioned? Everytime there is an article about Tom and Gisele, especially when it includes John, Bridget is mentioned. There is nothing wrong with that, they’re all going to be tied together now no matter what. Also, from a media point of view, Tom and Gisele are much more famous than Bridget so it makes sense for them to be mentioned in order to get more people to view the article. For example, I only stumbled opon this because I was looking for stuff on Gisele, not Bridget Moynahan.

      • Anonymous

        This has to be Jasmine2 from the Boston Herald!

        • Anonymous

          Huh…? I don’t write articles on the Boston Herald…what an odd reponse to a post, lol.

      • Anonymous

        Actually it is Gisele who is followeed, not Tom. On Saturday there was a posting on Faded Youth of Tom and Jack. There were only 9 comments. Posting involving Tom and someone else, like the one with David Beckham, get the posts not of Tom alone.

  • Anonymous

    It is widely known that Tom knew that Bridget was pregnent before they broke up.

    • Anonymous

      Its widely known quite the opposite actually. See my response to the above post.

  • Anonymous

    No, Tom did NOT know that Bridget was pregnant before they broke up! Enough already!

    Beautiful mother and son!

  • Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 09:20 am

    that’s pretty papparazzi to me

  • FINALLY some closure hppeful

    THE TRUTH IS ….Bridget found out she was pregnant after they broke up
    CHILD..AND THAT TOM HAD NO responsibilities to him.. That all changed when
    Bridget gave birth.. and Tom started seeing his son.. So she was planning
    on being a SINGLE mom..get it now. so Bridget is his present wife and they
    all agreed that they can raise John as a family…

    • Anonymous

      How did you become such an expert on this situation? Are you one of the principals or a member of their family? There is no need to yell at anyone for their comments. Instead of getting so angry, you should check what you are posting – ” bridget is his present wife”

  • Anonymous

    Mara – why are you calling Jangel87 immature and pathetic? YOU’RE pathetic for even making a comment like that. If she doesn’t like Giselle & Tom as a couple, that’s her opinion. This is a website for everyone to voice their opinions. Just because someone doesn’t agree with YOU, it doesn’t make them pathetic. If you don’t like the comments that some people leave, then don’t go on this site if a comment like that upsets you.

    • Leahmomto4n1more


    • Mara

      Try taking you own advice.

  • Anonymous

    Its nice to see pics of Bridget, its been a while. I personally like all three of them (Tom, Gisele and Bridget). They seem like mature people who care for their kids and handled a difficult situation really well, especially compared to most drama/soap opera stories in Hollywood these days. I don’t understand why its necessary to choose “sides”-thats not how it works in real life. You all should take a que from them, but then again most of you are probably 15 yrs old.
    Anyway, little John is a carbon copy of his dad, too cute 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Jack is not a carbon copy of his dad. He is a mix of both parents. That is why he is so cute.

      • Anonymous

        Okay, *I* think he’s a carbon copy of his dad. Its just opinion, you can’t factually prove who a child looks more like, its purely perspective.

  • Leahmomto4n1more

    I love mom and son pair a real happy family .. i think Gisele is alittle phoney 🙂

    • Anonymous

      now that’s your problem i guess

  • Kinky

    i think its funny that people are trying to determine the timeline of when she knew she was pregnant and their break-up. i am pretty sure it wouldn’t of mattered to tom anyway. he had obviously moved on and why should one stay with someone just because of a child? he seems very happy with giselle so it shouldnt matter when she knew or didn’t. they are not together and we should be supporting his relationship with giselle the one he took a vow to.

    thats just my two cents…:)

  • Don-B-Fool

    Nice to see mother and son for once.

  • Anonymous

    Jack looks like Bridget. Cute family. Gisele is not mother Jacka, she is just wife his dad.

  • Anonymous

    bridget is looking like a scag more than ever eek. I think its the first time ive seen pap pics of her d list-ness lol

  • Anon

    I can’t believe this is the same woman who use to be Mr. Big’s wife on Sex and the City.

    She’s aged badly. Bridget looks worn down and old. She’s the soccer mom Christina Aguilera was talking about not turning into.

  • luny

    maybe she seens old because we see jack w/ gisele(29) more often than w/
    his mother (39) and they have a big age diference.i like tom and gisele,she
    welcomed his son in her life w/ so much love and i think this is AMAZING!
    I totally agree bridget is D-list,and I hope she continues to be,that OK magazine cover was ridiculous she acted like a BITTER EX and not like a new mother of a precious baby,cuz tom LEFT HER NOT HIS SON,HE IS IN JACK’S LIFE THANK GOD,AND NOW JACK ‘S IN BEN’S LIFE,THAT IS THE WAY IT HAS TO BE.

  • little anon

    luny is from the Brazilian Tom Brady web site therefore she would have nothing but negativity towards Bridget.

    • luny

      I’m not from tom brady brazilian web site, i comment some news but I’m not
      a member,and I only dislike bridget cuz i think the ok magazine will backfire on her child one day,she is a nobody so is a waste to even hate her.but i think jack and ben are adorable and i wish them the best.and if you know i visit that site is because you do it too,so what is your problem?

      • Anon

        The Ok magazine is the least of Jack’s future problems. He will have to deal with all the off-color jokes and comments boys will make about his step-mother.

        • UY

          in your dreams pal

  • Anonymous

    It’s great to see photos of bridget with Jack. I think he is starting to get more of his mothers features but a good mix of both. Cute kid. Bridget will be more public shortly with 2 films and a TV series coming out. Will be nice to see her on both screens again. She seems like a great single Mom.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Bridget’s son’s name John?
    I read in a magazine that his middle names is his dad’s name backwards?
    John Edward Thomas Moynahan?

  • Victoria

    I love Bridget Monyham and a reference to OK magazine to me does not support anyone’s theories because OK magazine can be very trashy, so I doubt anything said in there will come back on anyone no matter who they are. It’s stupid that people love to brush aside Bridgette’s feelings at the time she was pregnant because she was going through a hard time, the guy whom she loved at the time had broken up with her and when she found out she was pregnant, he was on to the next. She seems like a great mom that loves her son and cares more about hanging out with him then putting on a face full of makeup. She is 39 and white people have a tendency to age fast but even with those wrinkles she looks great, and for that matter no one looks as spectacular with makeup than without it. I like Giselle too, but her looks are nothing to rave about, She’s pretty but that’s all, she’s not georgeous. It amazes me when you hear all these people in fashion talk about a certain model being so georgeous and act like they’re something you’ve never seen before but they turn out to be average looking. And Bridgette does have 2 movies coming out, the public doesn’t realize how much time it can take to film certain movies. Also I agree with whoever stated that Tom is only followed because he was with Giselle, because really he was only followed when he was with Bridgette. Sports Stars are famous yes, but no where near to the extent of musicians, actors, and even models)

  • LJ

    Bridget & John “Jack” Moynahan =Gorgeous & Happy family!!! Jack has grown, he is not even three yet!. I see both Bridget & Tom in him- when young he was a Tom “mini me”.

    I love seeing pics of mother & son.

    Jack Moynahan is tall. Bridget you are doing an excellent job….. Happy Mothers Day Bridget!

  • devon

    I agree with everything Victoria and LJ have posted. It was good to read several sane comments after wading through some ridiculous staements.

  • Anon

    Victoria please.

    No 35 year old woman at the end of a 3 year relationship in which she has publically stated she wanted marriage and children “finds” herself pregnant.

    Either you use birth control or you don’t.

    Bridget was pregnant because she wanted to be pregnant. Woman have a responsibility for their own bodies and choices in life.

    Bridget engaged in unprotected sex with a man who wasn’t her husband and had no desire to be her husband so she ended up a single mother.

    That’s just the way it is.

    Bridget saw her time was up, and tried to stop the clock. It backfired on her. Now this is what she is left with.

    I don’t feel sorry for women who make choices that are irresponsible and try to shift the blame when life doesn’t go according to their plan. Don’t play Russian Roulette with your body.

    All Bridget is another woman who tried to use a baby to get a man to marry her, and ended up alone like they always do. Acts like a typical baby mama all the time.

    Bridget shoved aside her fiancee’ to take up with Brady, and found out the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Oh well. Her choices in life.

  • Anonymous

    anon, the same goes for tom doesnt it he too engaged in unprotected sex and unless he is a moron(i think he is) he should have knwon it could en d up in a baby, plus she doesnt seem to be missing tom all that much

    • Anonymous

      What about when Tom blew his load inside her? Why didn’t he think about protection. You f u c k i ng moron

  • Roz

    anon, I don’t think Bridget wants you or anyone else to feel sorry for her. I have never heard her say anything that would lead me to think she wants pity. She looks happy whenever we see pictures of her. If I were her I would be annoyed to hear Tom Brady blame his west coast life style on my son. This is the life he and his wife want regardless of the child. It is just good PR to use the child. How can anyone criticize the phoney.

  • Anonymous

    Roz for that matter you don’t know anything about all 3 of them. So chill with the characterizations. Will you?

    • roz

      Hit a nerve. Truth hurts.

      • Anonymous

        In your dreams girl.

  • kelstar

    Wow – the comments here were more entertaining than the article!

  • luny

    I agree w/ anon when he says that bridget planned her pregnancy and trap herself and not tom.I think there is a reason why she is still alone,cuz no man wants to be w/ a woman who get pregnant to make a guy marry her.
    but i don’t know what is anon talking about when he says that jack’s future friends will say about gisele,say what?that she takes pictures in lingeries,or naked?she is a model A SUPER MODEL,please this woman gave him the family he deserves(loving step-mother,father and brother) wich is more than his mother ever if his friends are going to say bad things about gisele
    what they are going to say when they see bridget’s nude scenes and lesbian kisses (just go to youtube and see for yourself!)?and bridget ‘s
    pictures when she called herself a model are terrible worse than gisele’ i think gisele will be the least of his problems.

  • Anonymous

    “Gisele is giving John the family he deserves more than his own mother who has him 90% of the time!…..HAHAHAHAHAHA and this because Bridget has not married yet…WOW!”
    where do people come up with such thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Bridget is much better than Gisele and Tom. She will only become more succesfully in her carrer and personal life. Someday she will be nominated for an Oscar. I bet she will married and have more kids.

    By the way, Gisele is not part of John’s family. She is just his father’s wife and if someday they divorce she will never see him again.

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