Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Liam and Stella ride in Taga Bike and Strollers – $1,495

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  • Anonymous

    Cool!!! :DDD

  • Anonymous

    Must be nice to have $ to buy stuff like that!!! Very cool.

  • SarahEl

    Those are on the expensive side, but they look awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    They must be comfortable, but I think they look ridiculous.

  • sidney

    1,495 is way too much for a stroller/bike. kind of ridiculous to spent that much money for that.

  • Anonymous

    I find it interesting that the kids have helmets but not the parents????
    What kind of role model is that?

  • Anonymous

    I wish my kids were little again just so I could get one of these awesome bikes….but then again they’re too pricey….love them anyway.


    I want one…..for free….LOL!

  • Anna

    The idea is kind of cool but I don’t think they would be that great for cycling because of the small wheels. Also, you wouldn’t use them without your kids in them so you’d have to buy a regular bicycle too.

    I’d say buy a normal bicycle and a child seat.

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