Sam Taylor-Wood & Aaron Johnson’s Date Night

Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson, 19, and pregnant fiance, director/artist Sam Taylor-Wood, 43, were spotted last night (May 11) heading out of a party in London, UK.

The couple have recently been under the media microscope for criticism of their May/December romance. In an interview with Harpar’s Bazaar, Taylor-Wood revealed that the 24-year age gap doesn’t bother her in the slightest,

The amount of men I know with the same age gap that we have — how come no one says anything about that? It’s totally sexist. I try to ignore it. In my life, I’ve never really listened to when people start forming opinions on how you should be doing things.”

This will be the first child for Johnson, while Taylor-Wood has two daughters from her previous marriage, Angelica, 13, and Jessie, 3,

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Annie123

    Be it an older guy and a young woman or the other way around, 24 years difference is just nasty. One could be the other’s parent.

    • Anonymous

      I KNOW RIGHT. friggen nasty crap!

  • Mara

    Proof that a woman can be just as vile as a man. This woman has a 12 year old daughter. This pregnancy was deliberate to hold onto this little boy.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. Look at her past. She has a 13yo but was only married to her ex for 10yrs. Has a 3yo but broke up with ex 2yrs ago. And now Aaron. The age difference is one thing but the whole relationship has barely been a year, I think the pregnancy would have been ok if they at least dated for over a year.
      Aaron has at least 2 movies big movies in pre-production in the US, is she planning on keeping her eye on him and move her family to wherever the movie is set? He was just starting to make it in the UK and after Kick-Ass the US girls have noticed him. I’m just saying more to think about then the age.

  • nicoleC

    she can be his mother!

  • Cassidy

    Annie123, Mara, and nicoleC, LISTEN to yourselves. You’re being RIDICULOUS. You all KNOW that if it was the other way around (older man, younger woman) none of you would be commenting on this post. NONE of you. You wouldn’t even think TWICE. Recognize the sexism ingrained in us from society, and WAKE. UP.

    • Verónica Ramos

      THANK YOU for comment that.

    • Mara

      Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are just as nasty. He was chasing her probably to ensure that she casts him in her films.

    • Betty

      Umm….So females are sexist to there own sex. Ha ha!
      The fact is her daughter is 13 years old and Aaron is only 19. It would be different if she had no children or he was 25 or something. Think about her daughters atleast. I mean truly.

  • taylor

    Its still be gross if he was 43 and she was 19.I think it’s disgusting that he is only 6 years older then his stepdaughter.

  • Daniella

    If it was a 43 year old man with a 19 year old woman, I’d still find it to be very wrong. I don’t care which gender is which in the relationship, she’s as old as my mother & my brother’s the same age as Aaron. The fact that he is only 19 years old is the biggest factor here. There’s a bigger age difference between me & my youngest brother than him & his new stepdaughter. She’s pretty much robbing the cradle & marrying a baby.

  • Anonymous

    YEAH YEAH YEAH Say what u want..if u all had some hot young thing chasing after u…u would be telling everyone to kiss ur a** as well. Besides Demi has been happily married and there were so many naysayers too!

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious..How old is his mom? And what does she think? Please God don’t let his (woman) be older than grandma to be!! LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    In this pic she favors Heather Mills

  • Anonymous

    when the baby turns 18, jessie will be 21, angelica will be 31, he will be 37, and the mother (and probably grandmother by then) will be 61. What a great family!! lol

    • Anonymous

      LOL. haha id hate to be the baby

  • Anonymous

    She is robbing him of his innocence. Kid hasn’t even turned twenty one yet. This is disturbing on the highest level. He can be just as mature with a girl his own age… or at least a ten year difference I mean come on, she was older than his is now when he was born. And what the snap is his mother thinking!
    Teenage envious heart

    • NOt envious hahaha

      She is just being a woman, and women are crazy! Duh! You’re probably only 15 anyway! Don’t worry about this crazy couple, just worry about your life! The fact you are worried about some celebrity to this extent is funny(but who cares because i am just kidding with you!)
      British Guy 101

      • Anonymous

        still bothers me…. it’s disgusting! i was planning on marrying him!!! jk! jk! seriously i was just kidding.

        teenage envious heart.

  • Kai

    Its like having sex with a baby. Disgusting!

    • janicee

      Yeah, its exactly like having sex with an infant! Um, you’re a fucking idiot.

    • Anonymous

      agreed. it’s kind of disturbing

  • Maggie

    I hope his mother told him about the obligations that come with marriage. 10 years down the road he might not like hanging with a 53 year old woman anymore, and when that time comes, he might also not like paying spousal support for a woman who is obviously going to need a lot of it.

    • Anne

      Maggie, you’re a brainwashed by patriarchy disgusting piece of shit.

    • Josephine

      That is what I talk to my friend about too. He will leave her in less then five years. I wonder where are his parents do they support him? I think he has two moms now.

  • Anonymous

    lovely british guy101, yes. i am disturbed. STILL. and yes it does bother me i’m tired of guys that young going for older women! especially since i was planning on marrying him! haha jk. seriously jk.

    but still. he may have an old soul but he can have an old soul with me. again, kidding.

    teenage envious heart

    • janicee

      14yrolds shouldn’t be allowed on celebbabyscoop. Ur profoundly stupid.

      • Anonymous

        its a public site isn’t it? and what makes you say they’re 14? haha

  • Josephine

    I have developed a strange phobia. It was Aaron Johnson’s fault. Did he not date Georgia Groome and that girl who played Jas on Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging? I wonder what caused him to have an interest in Sam Taylor-Wood? She is only a year younger than my mom. On Jimmy Kimmel he looked as if he was trying to act 40 not 19 that is scary.

  • Josephine

    I have developed a strange phobia. It was Aaron Johnson’s fault. Did he not date Georgia Groome and that girl who played Jas on Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging? I wonder what caused him to have an interest in Sam Taylor-Wood? She is only a year younger than my mom. On Jimmy Kimmel he looked as if he was trying to act 40 not 19 that is scary.

  • Anonymous

    It’s his choice but what if taylor’s 13 year old daughter or her friends hit on him uhhhhh that would just be creepy and because he would be the step dad

  • lindsey

    If I were the 13 yr old I would totally hit on my step dad hahah he is soo hott! But all joking aside how embarassing for the 13 yr old…..being a girl at that age u start to enter the teenage years and what do u think her friends are gunna say about her mother and her “sexy” step dad lol And I read some of the comments about the sexism and bottom line is it goes both ways a man shouldn’t be marrying a teenage girl just as much as a woman shouldn’t be marrying a teenage guy. I do get what some of you are saying about “no one says anything when its an older man” but you have to take into account that girls mature faster than boys and even though not all the young girls who are with older men are mature some of them are and to me just seem less vulnerable than a young boy… so when I see this little teenager with a woman old enough to be his mommy its actually kinda gross. If he were 25 and she were 23 or whatevers years older than fine do what you want but no he is just a baby and really hasn’t experienced much of life. But I guess more power to him and his life adventures.
    P.S. He is so freakin gorgeous

  • Maisy

    Taylor’s 13 year old daughter would be the more likely person to go out with Aaron Johnson if i’m honest. It wouldn’t be that weird, seeing as they are only 6 years apart, but 24 years??? People are saying that it is sexist, but even if it it were the other way round, i think it would be wrong. If it is just a few years here and there, or lots of years later on in life then it would be perfectly normal, but the fact is, he is barely an adult and yet he is married and has a child! I guess it is good for him as he has more job oppertunities, but i think he could do so much better. I still think him and Georgia Groome should get together, but that’s just my opinion.

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