Sarah Jessica Parker Regrets Leaving Twins For ‘SATC2’

In Touch is reporting some secrets and behind-the-scenes info from the much anticipated summer flick, Sex and the City 2.

While her son James Wilke was able to fly out and visit her, there were too many health concerns for Sarah Jessica Parker to risk bringing her newborn twin daughters – Tabitha and Loretta – to the set of SATC2. SJP missed them terribly. “I never felt like this,” she admits, and adds that she, “felt the mother-to-child connection.” Confessing that she had serious regrets about signing on to do the film, Sarah Jessica came close to walking off the set and flying home to be with her newborn daughters.

But instead, SJP stayed and reportedly oversaw “every detail, every atom” of SATC2. One source says that Sarah Jessica got so involved in the film, she even helped with some of the wardrobe changes. And another set insider says, “She knew everybody’s name on the crew, even before they all knew each other’s names. She’s a sweetheart, but she’s also a producer and she’s tough as nails.”

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  • Anonymous

    Why is it that these articles keep saying “Loretta” when I thought her other twin’s name was Marion?

    • CDionFan21

      Because SJP said they call her Loretta. Her first name IS Marion but they do not call her that.

  • Robyn

    Are we supposed to feel badly for her because she chose her career over being there for the first months of her children’s lives?

  • Lauren

    I am all for working moms and get seriously mad when people try to insist that a woman’s place is in the home alone, but I really can’t excuse how Sarah and Matthew chose to have their twins raised. Sarah was on another continent and Matthew was gone doing a play every day in their first few months of life. The first photos we saw of these babies, other than the staged shot, they were always with their nannies. SJP is the queen of SATC, and there is zero way production on the film would have gone ahead without her. Maybe I’m being naive in thinking that she could have had production pushed back a few months until the babies were older, but the way she took off for months mere weeks after welcoming twins is not admirable imo.

  • :)

    every single mom who wants to work should work but leaving your children for i don’t know 10-20 hrs a day? and being so small it’s not good for them! she’s so self-absorted

  • Anonymous

    She wasn’t just gone 10-20 hours a day. She was gone for a few months, period. I wonder why she keeps bringing this up? Just so people can remember all over again what a crappy mother she is, leaving them for months and then letting them be raised by nannies?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure she signed on to do the movie before the surrogate was even pregnant. She was in a contract. To have broken the contract would have cost her a lot of money and perhaps even her career. She probably does regret being forced into a position where she had to leave the children, but it may not have been of her choosing. We don’t know. Perhaps she did ask for filming to be postponed, but was told it wasn’t possible and she was expected to fulfill her contract. I won’t judge a person’s situation when I don’t know what went down.

  • Alice

    “She probably does regret being forced into a position where she had to leave the children, but it may not have been of her choosing.”

    How hard is it to understand that she couldn’t take them or stay home? That they’d been trying to have kids but were convinced it would happen after the film – she did say in another interview that these things take much time and they were extremely lucky to have them that fast. You guys seem to think that because they’re celebs they can do anything they want.

    The girls are fine, and they will never remember this time without mommy.

  • Anonymous

    i am a mom to twin boys. i had a very succesfull career going and made good money, if i may toot my own horn. however, when the boys were 5 months old, i did not return to work from my maternity and fmla leave. i felt that i needed to be there and be their caregiver. i do not think negatively of women that choose to go back to work and that do daycare/nanny whatsoever- just want you to know that. it’s a different situation for all us moms. but…

    having twins is much different then having one singelton child. the demands are different, different issues and to be honest, it is a lot more work that one full-term singelton child. i’ve lost a lot of respect for sarah jessica parker because most photos of her are of that with her son, if the twins are photographed, they are with a nanny, not with their mother. when there is a photo with her, it’s just one of the girls, not both. i just don’t see her giving everything she could to all three of her children.

    i think that she chooses career over kids and in her particular case, since finances are not an issue, i’ve lost my respect for her…just my two cents…

  • Anonymous

    People get over it. Do you think if she was anything but a celebrity you all would still care? Get over it. The babies will never remember her absence. The movie was a huge success and I’m sure she’s glad it’s made and out of the way, and focus on her family now. So please get a life and stop pretending your upset, she’s just a woman doing her job.

    • CDionFan21

      I agree, they won’t remember it. She had no choice they were so small she couldn’t get them their H1N1 shots. Also she probably didn’t want to expose them to germs, nor would she have wanted them in the hot desert for 10, 15, 20 hours a day. She did the right thing by having them stay at home with Matthew who took time OFF from his broadway show to stay with them. Please stop judging her, she did what she had to do. If she wasn’t a celeb no one would give a crap, I bet some of the people who are bashing her have never had to make this choice and probably don’t have kids nor a career like SJP’s. The contract for the movie was done well in advance of the surrogates pregnancy. She COULD NOT break contract, movie studio’s sue celebs big time for breaking contracts. It would have cost her to much money and her career. The twins were on set when they were filming in NY. They were not harmed by her 7 week leave. She saw them on Skype daily. So just back off SJP and her choices.

  • Anonymous

    She shouldn’t have left them. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t forget that these babies were born from a surrogate mother. Not just “the surrogate”, but a surrogate MOTHER. To those newborn babies, that woman was their mother and to be first separated from her, and then for Sarah Jessica to abandon them again while she went off to film a movie is not only completely irresponsible but psychologically damaging as well. No, they will not remember it consciously, but it will likely have an effect on them. There is nothing more important than giving your baby (or babies) the most loving transition into the world possible, bonding with them and being close to them, especially after being born from a surrogate mother. Not money, career, nothing. She said herself that she regrets making the choice she did, so it’s time to stop making excuses for her.

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