Christina Aguilera & Her Pageboy Cap Cutie

Hats off! Beautiful songstress Christina Aguilera and her son Max were spotted leaving their limousine and heading inside their New York City hotel today (May 13).

Both wearing funky hats, Max kept it preppy in a plaid pageboy cap while mama opted for a leather look.

We just spotted the adorable 2-year-old on the streets of SoHo in his Batman raincoat.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • BRA – Carolina

    Max is really really the mix of XTina and Jason. I’d love to see XTina pregnant again with a girl =) But I fixed that will not happen because it’s about to release her next album and will probably be devoting the most of the new album. Who knows, maybe in a year she could get pregnant again? would be perfect!

    • BRA – Carolina

      (sorry, it’s not Jason. it’s Jordan Bratman)

  • mouth breather

  • Anonymous

    Yeah he totally is…His month is constantly open. They should get him checked out, he might have problems with his adenoids. If his are swollen, that might be the reason why he can’t breath through his nose.
    On the other side, his oral muscles might just be too weak to be able to close his mouth. But, it’s not my business. Just my point of view as a speech pathologist!

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