Levi McConaughey: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!

Someone’s dressing just like daddy! Levi McConaughey, 1 1/2, went without shoes and a shirt in Malibu, Calif. alongside his maternal grandmother and baby sister Vida, 4 months, on Thursday (May 13).

Earlier this month, we saw grandma and Levi out for a walk in their sunny Malibu neighborhood.

Levi and Vida’s parents are Matthew McConaughey, who is often photographed shirtless, and model mom Camila Alves.

Do you let your kids go barefoot?

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com


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  1. Natalie

    With all that beautiful long hair he looks like a young Mowgli from the Jungle Book!! x

  2. BRA - Carolina

    Depending on the place, of course ! Natalie I agree with you … so cute

  3. Sarah G.

    George, George, George of the Jungle.

  4. Cabos

    If this was Suri there would be riot here already.

  5. Anonymous

    He looks like a young cave man like from the Gieco commercials!! Really though, he is just adorable and so sweet looking.

  6. Anonymous

    of course yes. i walk barefoot whenever i can!
    Levi is so cute!!!! he remainds me my childhood times!


    I think there’s a time and place to be barefoot. I hate wearing shoes…but I wouldn’t take a walk down the street with no shoes nor would I let my kids……And that was so my first thought that he looked like Mowgli:)

  8. antigoniem

    Gosh, it’s like he’s been 1 for the longest time.

  9. Anonymous

    Ok so he’s walking on a street without shoes, but when Suri was barefoot in a store, everybody was talking about how horrible Tom and Katie are…Double Standard Much?

  10. SG

    I love this little boy. Levi is my personal favorite. So adorable!!!

  11. Anonymous

    More bad parents. What idiot parent would let their 2 year old walk in the street barefoot??? What if he cuts his foot open on glass? I guess they couldn’t care less. They both need their heads examined. This kids always looks dirty and not very well taken care of. He looks like he lives in a jungle and in dire need of a haircut and bath. But then again, his moron father doesn’t wear deodorant so personal hygiene problems run in the family. There’s really nothing cute about this kid at all.

  12. What the....

    I don’t know which pictures bother me the most – this kid who ALWAYS looks dirty and unkempt or Suri – with her high heels and makeup.

  13. Anonymous

    He is barefoot and that woman is wearing uggs..interesting..

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