Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick’s Gorgeous Girls

So cute! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick‘s twin daughters, Loretta and Tabitha (pink shirt), were spotted enjoying an afternoon at the park with their nanny in New York City today (May 13). The Broderick sisters, who turn 1 next month, doubled up on a swing and took their turn on the slide.

Earlier this morning, we saw papa and big brother James Wilke walking to school.

SJP recently confessed her regrets signing on to do the second Sex and the City film in Morocco, which separated her from the twins for two months. Reportedly, the 45-year-old mother of three came close to walking off the set and flying home to be with her newborn daughters.

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  1. BRA - Carolina

    They’re so gorgeous to have these two cuties ! I love SJP and Matt’s family. And look, Marion Loretta have teeth, so sweet … the girls are growing up so fast …

  2. Anonymous

    beautiful babies! So sweet!

  3. CDionFan21

    These totally brightened up my day!

  4. popsykl

    i just love these babies

  5. natasha

    So Sarah Jessica Parker is their mother…but someone else gave birth to them and someone else is raising them?

  6. Anonymous

    No one else is raising them. They have a nanny like many other familes that have a lot going on and need some outside help. No one can say that Matthew and SJP are not hands on parents.

  7. sj

    So cute and funny. Tabitha has Matthew’s identical face, eyes and expression. Loretta seems to have SJP’s bubbly personality. Adorable.

  8. Jonna

    Not trying to be rude here, but do you guys think that these kids are SJP’s biokids? They don’t look like her one bit.

    • CDionFan21

      Loretta looks just like James and Tabitha looks just like Matthew, of course they are her biological kids.

      • Robyn

        I don’t know whether they are or not, and don’t really care, but there’s no way you can definitively say “of course they are her biological kids”. You actually have no idea and there certainly isn’t the strong resemblance you’re claiming at this point in their young lives. Will it develop? Don’t know that either.

  9. Sophia

    Um, what, Jonna? Just because she didn’t physically give birth to them that shouldn’t mean you have any reason to doubt whether or not they’re her biological children. Of course they are!
    And what precious little girls they are! Every time I see a photo of them it brings a smile to my face, because they are just so beautiful and they seem so happy and lovely 🙂

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