Christina Aguilera’s Father Is A “Stranger” To Her

Christina Aguilera is a doting mom to 2-year-old son Max with husband Jordan Bratman, has a successful music career, and recently added actress to her resume. Though the singer appears to have a good head on her shoulders, her upbringing was a challenge, having been raised by a physically and emotionally abusive father. In an interview with Latina magazine via US Weekly, the Beautiful singer opened up about her “nonexistent” relationship with her father.

Aguilera recalled the struggles that her mother had to face before leaving her dad when she was 7, saying,

To remember the chaos that [my mother] went through, the abuse, I don’t know how she did it. But it’s amazing how much you can trick your mind into surviving when you have to.”

Though she feels there is “no reason” for a relationship with her father at this point, Aguilera says, “There’s always room for forgiveness. And I do forgive–but you grow up and make choices for your family.”

She also gives credit where credit is due, dishing on husband Jordan Bratman’s role in the situation, “Jordy was the calm in the storm when everybody else was driving me crazy.” She added, “I had a lot of older people around me who were conniving–and these people do that so you cling to them. He was the person who reached down, pulled me out and made me see reason. I’m very lucky to have him.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Why does she always bring this up? We’ve heard this story a millioooooon times.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps the interviewer asked the question, celebs don’t just pick topics out of thin air when they are being interviewed for a magazine. Whenever a celebrity, any celebrity is promoting a new projects all of the interviews come out similarly because they are consistently answering the same questions. Christina’s relationship or nonexistent relationship with her father obviously had a profound effect on her upbringing (as someone who had a very similar type of relationship with my own father I can attest to this fact) and most likely had a big part in making her who she is, she is talking a lot about how her own son inspired her newest record and if it wasn’t for Max there wouldn’t be a Bionic, she most likely made a lot of decisions when chosing her husband and building her own family that resulted of realizations about her own childhood with her father, as anyone in a similar situation would do. If you really think about it this discussion is completely relavent, and if you are no longer interested don’t read interviews with Christina, because I am sure (like I mentioned before having been in a similar situation) she is still healing from her father’s behaviors.

  2. Anonymous

    WHO CARES???!!!!!!!!!!!

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