Kate Gosselin Calls Herself A Referee For Her Eight Kids

It’s not easy being a single mom, with eight kids. Just ask Kate Gosselin, who blogged about all the schemes and tricks she has to go through in order to keep the troops in line.

Kate compares herself to a referee:””Help! Where is my referee uniform???? Honestly, this is every minute of every day in my house with eight kids!!” There’s no mention of her equally famous ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, who was spotted at a bar in Maryland this week, working as a celebrity bartender.

But, even through all the chaos, there’s still positive moments for Kate’s clan. Kate writes,” There are the sweet moments of love and compassion to balance these never-ending stressful encounters, but for some reason, these unloving loud outbursts are what I tend to remember.”

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  • lukebandit

    sweet moments?? uh, like throwing a towel at your tup who just got out of the freezing water of the mcmansion backyard pool, so TLC could get their birthday party on film. Instead of having it at the skating rink, or an arcade? no, those kids are going to be miracles if they make it to 18.

  • justmom

    she just realized this now?
    i know having to deal with eight kids can get you very intense at times but kate these kids are yours. it’s not about dealing with them it’s about getting dirty with them if you have to. play along with them. it can be quite fun you know? pure joy. she needs to try a different way to bond with her children. getting her hair did and nails done is nonsense when you have 8 children (once a month sure i that seems more sensible), more importantly she needs to roll around on that 100 acre backyard she’s got with the kids. it really isn’t too late for her to do things differently. kids are very forgiving. she’s really gotta let go of that ice queen act she’s got going on. really..and especially with her OWN children. sooner the better b/c the older they get damn its hard to get anything passed them. she needs to be a pillar for these children. all mothers are channels of blessings for their young. just gotta let go of the selfishness and really leave the old life behind..

  • oldsgirl99

    i think she is doing a really fine job i wish i would have known who she was before my kid got the way he is. maybe i could have learned a little more but thanks to Kate i dont have to pick up my kids clothes he takes them to his laundry basket in his bedroom. SO THANK YOU KATE I’AM VERY APPRECIATIVE OF YOUR SHOW.I can’t wait for the NEW show to come out in June……………Kate plus 8. I think I’m going to love it even better than Jon and Kate plus 8. But I’m sure my husband CAN wait because he hates the whole thing. But I just cant help it, I’ve seen most of the episodes and I still watch (what most call re-runs) them over and over. I LOVE KATE AND THE KIDS.

  • Ellen

    I think she spoke what many other mothers of more than one child often feel how somedays it seems like you all you do is referee.

  • Anonymous

    Boo freaking hoo. You have 8 kids. You also have nannies and housekeepers and a cook. Shut up already. I wish this horrible woman would just go away.

  • Renee

    I know its hard having children of the same or close age. I had three all one year apart. The most lasting memories are of the days I sprawled out on the floor with them and we wrestled and laughed! I remember the silly games and cooking and making a mess in the kitchen! They are now young adults and often talk about the fun we all had when they were growing up. As far as Kate, there are mixed feelings. YES it is hard work! You have to MAKE time to spend with your kids. I do not mean watching THEM play while you are on the phone, or texting. The kids will resent being ignored later. My kids wore clothes from Walmart, Sears, and other discount department stores. We had a modest house, and dependable economical cars. I made sure they had what they needed first. If I had extra for a hair cut great, but nails done and tanning PLEASE! Had I had the money to even keep up with all that, I would have missed out on fun time with the kids. I could have had a bigger home, but would have had to work longer, could have had fine jewelry, again would have had to work longer hours. All the fancy stuff will be gone and forgotten, and those are the memories I believe these children will have. They have staged, filmed, events, instead of authentic family time. This is the thing I see. I wish I could say to Kate, wake up and see what is in front of you. Sell the house for something you can afford by working less, skip the tanning and other irrelevant items that take you away from them. You wouldn’t need a nanny as you could be with your Blessings!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!
      I agree with you one hundred %.
      My mother made sure me and my siblings had a great childhood. I was blessed with some wonderful childhood remembers. Now that I’m much older I can really appreciate what my mother did to make sure we where happy. Many of my cousins wanted to spend time at our house because their mothers where out getting their hair and nails done. My mother was taking us to the park or movies. We always had a few cousins with us. When ever they see my mother these days, most of them give my mother a great big hug.

  • CDionFan21

    Good grief people take a chill pill.

  • Single mom

    Every single time it is mentioned that Kate is a SINGLE MOM, I want to scream. She gets child support and the kids HAVE A FATHER. She is an INSULT to real single moms everywhere.

  • GA Mom 0f 5

    I admire that Kate is finding other avenues to earn money to support her kids well, but kids don’t really care about all the pricey toys. I’m a married mom of 5, but I’m pretty sure I work a lot harder than this woman has ever been portrayed on TV. I do all the education (home schooling), cooking home cooked meals, all the cleaning, all the laundry, etc. plus all the driving to music lessons and such. She needs to realize that while she’s single, she’s not a single mom. He husband takes his turn. Those kids are well cared for, giving her the time to pursue jobs away from her home state, something that most of us will never ever get to do. She has a charmed life, and needs to see it and appreciate it. Her only claim to fame is giving birth to two sets of multiples. I do admire her for sticking to her beliefs and not choosing “selective reduction” of her pregnancy, and I do admire that they are not using any state or federal funding to support themselves. Other than that, they’re a normal family, and one child will always be acting out. I feel blessed if my kids take turns acting up!! Go back to being normal, and give your kids more of yourself. You can never be too loving, or spend too much time with your children. They grow up fast, and both parents need to realize that all the crapola they put out there will be still in cyberspace for those kids to find some day. Lie low, take care of your kids, and enjoy them every minute!!

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