Tom Cruise: If Suri “Wants To Wear It, She Wears It”

Five years after his infamous couch jumping incident, a much more subdued Tom Cruise appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday. “Life is very good,” Tom told the talk show queen. “Kids are growing up, love my wife … five years that we’ve been together, Suri is four.”

Tom went on to gush about his adorable 4-year-old fashionista:

She likes to dress herself and wears whatever she wants to wear. She wants to wear it, she wears it… a girl wants to wear what she wants to wear. I’m not gonna tell her different. She’s got great taste.” In fact, he adds, “She tells me what to wear.”

Suri, who’s been spotted in everything from Burberry, to pajamas and fluffy slipper, to a Spanish flamenco dress and heels, “is such a happy, easy, fun girl,” Tom said. The 47-year-old Top Gun dad added that Suri isn’t negatively affected by the paparazzi. “She just deals with it. We don’t make it a problem. You get used to it after so long. We don’t get nervous about it. Katie’s a very relaxed person, and you just deal with it.”

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The Knight and Day star also talked about son Connor, 15, and daughter Bella, 17, his kids with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

“Bella has a very strong sense of herself…She’s a good girl, so whoever she likes, it’s cool.”

Is Connor romantic like dad? “He’s pretty smart so I just listen,…And I also tell him, you know, he’s got plenty of time for that.”

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  • Janna

    Good for them. Fighting with a 4-year old about what she *should* wear (according to some) is a waste of time. Let her decide. Clothing is such a personal, short-term decision, she *should* be allowed to pick out her own clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Bad parenting. She obviously calls the shots but I guess that’s the way it is with Scientology – there’s no discipline whatsoever. She’ll be making her own decisions too when it comes to things more important than clothes. Spoiled little brat.

    • Anonymous

      You know you and some of the other commentators remind me of little Hitlers. If you wanted to train something get a pet. Then you can drag them around dress them up like little dolls. Tell them when to sit, when to stand, when to heel. Arf arf. OMG they actually do grow up and can actually make their OWN decisions on their lives that’s what human’s do imagine that! You are an idiot.

      I bet if someone drag anyone of you around and treated you like you treat your kids you’d be knocking them into next week, but a kid can’t do that because you beat them into submission and starve them by sending them to their room without supper.

      Why don’t you try treating them as a human being and guide them not train them like you would a dog.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just so terrible when children pick out their own clothes. I can’t imagine what it will be like when we each have to deal with her personally.

    • Anonymous

      I bet your mom still dresses you huh? And I bet your 40 something kid can’t get dressed by themselves and still has to have you tie their shoes for them too.

      And how will you personally be dealing with her? Do you know her personally?

      Gad save me from idiotic comments from hominids like you.

  • Kediia

    My parents would chose my clothes until I was 8-9 …
    So …

  • Anonymous

    So annoying!! I’m always shocked when I see this kid. Scary to think about what she will be like as a teen! Oh and by the way, she’s not that cute!

  • Anonymous

    you’re so limited! all of you!!

  • CDionFan21

    Wow way to try and cover up for her being spoiled and not being told she has to do what she’s told. They are making excuses for Suri’s bratty behavior.

  • Anonymous

    oh come on people just calm down, I have 2 girls and they choose they´re clothes. And i know many girls who want to do that too, and I don´t think they r spoild brats. And it´s kind of funny how everybody says it´s ok for Shiloh Pitt to choose her clothes and look like a boy but it´s not ok for Suri to choose her clothes. Kind of ironic isn´t it.

  • Aliana

    I really don’t understand why it’s such a big deal that she decides what she wants to wear. Who cares! Lots of little kids do! We just don’t get to hear about them because they’re parents aren’t constantly in the media.

  • Sophia

    What on earth is the problem with a kid picking her own clothes? So many children do that, it’s actually really cute to see what they come up with. How does this make her a “brat” or make Tom and Katie “bad parents”? Some people I will never understand…

  • Shirilicious

    You know, she can only pick what her parents are buying her. And from the ridiculous outfits I’ve seen on this kid neither Tom nor his robot wife know how to appropriately dress a little child.
    And “Katie’s a very relaxed person”? Really? Is that why her jaw is always so clenched together?

  • NYC Mommy

    I dont find it a problem for children to pick their own clothing WITHIN guidelines set by you THE PARENT… (example… winter clothes in winter and summer clothes in summer play clothes for playing and church clothes for church). If the kid did not have so many inappropriate items in her wardrobe this would not be an issue (i.e. high heels and lipstick). Also I would NEVER allow my children to leave the house in their pajamas and slippers. Slippers are for the house and not for city streets. So yes, children can pick their own clothes but they should be weather and activity appropriate. In case of Tom and Suri… I looks like a case of the inmate running the aslyum. Parents need to gain control of their family back.

  • NYC Mommy

    oops last line should read… It looks like a case of the inmate running the aslyum. Parents need to gain control of their family back. INSTEAD OF I looks…

  • Cords

    There are a lot of conflicting opinions, so here goes mine. My son is 15 going on 16 next month and he picks his own clothes NOW! I bought his clothes I did not ask his opinion on what he wanted to wear and then buy it…I picked out his clothes not him, especially not at 2-6 yrs old. I find it does not promote individualism as most of you think it does, she is 2 yrs old for crying out loud what can she possibly know about being an individual, or knowing her own mind…SHE IS A CHILD!!! I feel that a child is a child and they need a helping hand in growing…as a teen she/he can make their own statement, but as a child they will be just that…a CHILD!

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