Emily Mortimer Talks Motherhood And Diaper Cream

Actress Emily Mortimer recently sat down with Babble to talk about her two children, and getting her body back into shape after her latest pregnancy.

On her husband’s role around the house:
“When my last baby was being born, my husband was doing a play so he didn’t get up in the night very often since he was in the thick of an intense and very brilliant performance. He’s more than made up for it now. He’s very peaceful and sweet. May very cleverly saves all her best smiles for him, so he’s fallen madly in love.”

On her favorite baby products:
“Jurlique baby cream for diaper rash. It’s wonderful and smells of lavender. It’s brilliant. I’ve been putting it on everyone and everywhere. I put it on my son’s lips, and he was so pissed that I was putting diaper rash cream on his lips, but it completely worked. I had a zit which I squeezed, and I put it on there and it worked. Everyone in the house is being smothered by the Jurlique diaper rash cream.”

Continue reading the interview with Emily at Babble.

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  • Anonymous

    lol thats funny. id be pissed too if my mom put diaper rash on my lips,although i find it odd i too have a pimple and would like to go buy Jurlique to get rid of this thing lol

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